Ragsan .. A bond beyond bounds (Chapter 1)

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Ragsan… A bond beyond bounds…

So hello everyone ….I am writing here after a long time… Hope everyone would like and encourage me with ur votes and comments…

Chapter 1: confessions

So my story begins when it’s swalak’s wedding..

Ragini and swara leave for the temple…

“Ragini I can’t believe.. it’s my marriage today.. I know u must be hurt.. but I am sorry…I had no control.. u know from my childhood I needed a sister.. and when I got one and that as u.. I betrayed her.. I am sorry … ” Says swara as a drop of tear escapes from her eye..

” Swara… ” Saying this ragini hugged her sister… Whom she had planned to kill..

” Oh god.. what was I about to do.. no ragini u can’t be that selfish… U have got a mother and a sister after so many struggles… And for just ur love who do not loves u back.. u can’t harm them.. no ..” ragini thinks.

“Swara I want to tell u something” says ragini.

” Haan bolo ragini” asks swara.

Ragini speaks about all what she has done till now from giving her drugs to everything..

“I am sorry swara .. I know u can’t forgive me after this. “. Ragini speaks.

“Ragini how can u????” Swara says

” I am sorry ” ragini replies

Swara sits down crying…

“Ragini… ” She exclaims..

“Swara.. so..sorry..” ragini pleads.

“No ragini, I think I was wrong.. I could not think of my sister.. I became selfish ragini.. u loved laksh and I just asked u to …” Swara started crying..

” No swara.. no … U and laksh are meant to be together.. for forever.. .. I was wrong who tried to snatch ur happiness…” Saying this ragini hugs swara.

” Now stand up swara.. we have to go maheshwari’s would be arriving anytime” says ragini.

” Ragini r u sure” asks swara.

“Ofcourse Buddhu” says ragini..

Both of them left for home..

At gadodias..

Sumi: where were u 2.. u took long.. now ragini get swara ready ..

Ragini; ji maa .. hum apni ko swara ko aise sajaenge ki sab dekhte reh jaenge …

Sumi; nagar Na lage meri betiyo ko..

Swaragini smiles…

Ragini was helping swara.. when she received a call..

” Ragini .. u haven’t done anything to swara right” asks the person

” No sanskar ji.. after all she is my sister my life” says ragini.

” Good…I wanted to talk to u but not herr.. when I will come there” says sanskar.

” Ok sanskar ji” she cuts the call.

“U were talking to sanskar right” asks swara.

” Hmm.. he has realised he was wrong swara.” Ragini says.

” Swara I think I should tell the truth to everyone.” Asks ragini.

” No ragini .. u will not .. let things be like how they r..” swara said.

” But then it will be difficult for u “ragini continued.

” I will handle ” says swara..

” Now promise me I won’t tell this to anyone” swara continues ..

” Okay ” ragini replies.

“Achha now see my hair r not setting properly.. help me ” swara shouts.

” Let me see” ragini says.

Ragini helps swara to dress up and swara looks beautiful in her attire.

Ragini then goes and dresses up

Maheshwari’s arrive at gadodias..

Everyone welcomes the baraati ..

The bandit starts the rituals..

Ragini brings swara down.

Laksh gets mesmerised seeing swara…

Ragini’s eyes searches for sanskar… Then she sees him at a corner. She goes near him.

Ragini: sanskar ji u wanted to talk..

Sanskar: yes ragini.. I am going to tell my parents and family about all drama I did…but remember u were not involved in anything.

Ragini: but that’s not true.

Sanskar; no ragini I don’t want to trouble u with this.

Ragini: but..

Sanskar: no but.. just support me.

Saying this sanskar leaves..

Ragini stands puzzled.. she is confused why sanskar wants to save her.

The marriage takes place and swalak are married.

Sanskar: maa

Everyone looks at him

Sanskar: maa .. Papa.. badi maa. I am alright..

Everyone is stunned..

Sanskar describes everything to them..

Dp: how can u do this sanskar..

Sanskar; I am sorry bade Papa.. I ..I ..

Dp comes and hugs him..

Dp: when u have so many things in ur mind why didn’t u talked to me my child.. u needed not to take so much pain..

Sujata; my child is back.. aaj Ghana hi shiny din h jiji..

Saying this they take swara after her bidaai.

Before leaving..

Sanskar comes to ragini

Sanskar: see everything got solved..

Ragini; u know I am very happy today.

Sanskar; me too.

Ragini; thanks sanskar ji..apne Hume galat Karne se rok liya

Sanskar: pehli baat toh thanks ki koi zaroorat nhi h.. and secondly ragini stop this ji .

Ragini; MATLAB

Sanskar; MATLAB sirf sanskar.

Ragini; ok sanskar.

Sanskar; friends.

Ragini; I thought we already were.

Sanskar; gr8 then.. bye..

Ragini; bye…

Galtiya insaan ko kamzor banae zaroori nhi..

Darr insaan ko kam sake ye zaroori nhi..

Zaroori h .. humara bharosa Zindagi par..

Zaroori h humara pyaar parivaar ke liye..

Zindagi mushkilo mein aksar daal deti h..

Zindagi apno se aksar door Kar deti h..

Mai bhi khadi hu.. jahan tum they Kabhi..

Toh kyun na akele ladne se achha Saath ho Jaye.

Gam ko bhi Khushi Ka raasta dikhaae…”


Precap ; a new start …

So here I end with my first chapter.. hope u people would like it and give me a chance..?

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  1. Nice. I love ragsan. Come back soon

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      Thanks.. would update it soon.. if response satisfies me…. Else u can read this on wattpad … Under my Id… riyasmiles0012

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    U r posting dis story on wattpad also no?

    1. Riyasmiles

      Yup… Have u read this.. so glad…

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