I couldn’t sleep that night. His words kept ringing in my mind. ‘Our next meet’? What was he talking about? I kept thinking and slowly drifted to sleep.

The next morning we have promised to meet Nikki, a friend who was my room mate during my first year of college. My girl gang has four people and they are my b*t*hes. Me,Rey,Lisa and Nikki.
“REYYY!!! ADITI!!! LISA!!!” Someone called us from behind. NIKIIIIIII!!!!! We ran to her. She is a native from this city and we are meeting her after our holidays. We had a small chat in the canteen about this and that.
Nikki has her own gang in college and so she left early.

Lisa’s phone rang. Rey and I looked at each other. And we together said “Okay lisa! We will see you in room after sometime.”
Lisa attended the call and she forgot the whole world. She talks 24 hours to a guy whom she claims to be her friend and yeah we gotta believe it too.

“b*t*h! I’m going out with my CA friends. Are you coming?” Rey asked.
“Nope! I can’t see you flirting with that ugly tall nerd glass guy!” I said.
“Don’t you dare call him ugly! b*t*h! I have got better taste in guys than you! Atleast I don’t drool over some white pig! She said.
“White pig??? You dare calling my sweetheart white pig?? Shut up b*t*h! Get lost! It is getting late.” I said and she took her bag and left.

As I was about to take my bag and leave I heard some footsteps behind me.
“So we meet again” a familiar tone said. I prayed to God it shouldn’t be him. I turned around and yeah when did God ever heard me right? It was him wearing a dark blue shirt with his sleeves folded half.
” What do you want Mr.Headboy?” I asked straight looking at his eyes.
“So now you dare talk to me looking at my eyes?” he asked with that same evil smile.
“If it isn’t anything important I am leaving” I said. I don’t know where this much confidence came from. I know I was scared of him for some reason but I hate showing my weakness to people.
” Found my name?” He asked.
” Why should I? ” I snapped back.
” Lets be friends” he said.
” I don’t befriend strangers” I said.
” I ain’t a stranger” he said.
” You are a stranger to me” I said.
” Fine! Be my sister” he said.
“I can’t…”  WAIT WHAT? DID HE JUST SAY SISTER? What is he thinking in his mind? Is this the trend in this new era or what?
” Look Mr.Headboy or whatever! I am not someone who could be your sister or friend. If you wanna play find someone else.” I said.
” Okay sis! I have got some work! Will text you tonight!” He said and went.
” Text me? Is he mad or what? Let me see how he gets my number” I thought to myself.

I came to my room so tired and irritated. Lisa was still on the phone and she never noticed that I came in. It was 6 in the evening and Rey has not returned. I have not told my girl gang about this weird guy who calls me as his sister. I have to tell Rey about this because Lisa will never care about such things.

Rey came with a bright smile on her face. “Sure! That ugly nerd talked to you. It is so written on your face. Wipe off that stupid smile b*t*h” I said.
“b*t*hHHH He talked to me!!!!” She shouted and Lisa looked at her for once and continued her phone love.
” Ugh! Told the same thing rey!” I said.
Rey was telling me the entire story and I told her about that guy. “Leave it Aditi. He is just joking with you” Rey said and yeah I thought the same too. We had our dinner and I was getting ready to sleep.

I have a habit of writing quotes before I sleep. So I turned on my data and opened the mirakee app.Suddenly a whatsapp mesaage appeared on the top.

“HELLO SISTER” was all it read.



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