Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Unites Riddhi And Srikant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudhanshu asks Siddhant to check the files and says there is everything. Siddhant says sorry and tells that I trust you fully. He says KK sent him to get file. Sudhanshu says I know KK and tells that he did wrong to send Riddhi back. He will never forgive KK. Siddhant thinks he don’t want Riddhi to return even if Anushka tries to call her back. Anushka comes to meet Ridhi and asks if Appa has no right on Srikant and asks if she felt bad as he slapped him. Riddhi tells that she has complains with Srikant. Anushka asks her to return and clear her complains. Riddhi agrees. Siddhant hears them and thinks Sweety ji saw her leaving and called me at right time. He asks Riddhi to return home. Riddhi asks when did you come? Siddhant tells that he came to talk to Sudhanshu. He tells that everyone

is missing you, but Srikant is egoistic. Anushka says he is not egoistic and tells that two people in love fight. Siddhant says I didn’t know. He says Srikant shall come here and take you, and asks her not to think. Anushka asks Siddhant to go and asks Riddhi to come. Siddhant tells Riddhi that he is Srikant’s friend and had risked his life for him. He asks her to compromise a bit and says girls shall bend down. He apologizes to her on Srikant’s behalf. Riddhi refuses to go. Siddhant hears them and smiles. Riddhi tells Anushka that she felt that there is no love left between them.

Purva comes to Karthik’s office. Karthik is stressed out. He sees her dress and asks her to sit. He asks her for coffee. Purva says you are elder than me, and also rich, but then also I feel comfortable with you. Karthik says you look good in Indian dresses more. Purva says she came to tell him that today is her last day and now he don’t need to see her in western or Indian dress. He gets sad. She says she is getting late and goes. Karthik thinks he don’t want to be physically attract towards her.

Anushka calls Riddhi and tells that Srikant fell down from the stairs. Riddhi gets worried at first, then tells that the family members are there for him. Siddhant hears Anushka and asks her what happened to him. He holds her hand and then says sorry. Anushka tells him that they all are there for Srikant. Siddhant asks if Riddhi is coming? Anushka says yes, and says she must be coming. Riddhi thinks if she shall forget her father’s insult and refuses to go. Neeta and Rao ji come there. Neeta asks Siddhant about Srikant. Siddhant says anushka is with him. Anushka comes and says she called the ambulance for him. Neeta goes to his room and calls him. Riddhi comes there running and asks where is Srikant? Sriikant comes from bathroom. Riddhi hugs him and says she was scared. Srikant asks what happened to me? Neeta questions Anushka. Anushka says I lied to you all. Riddhi slaps her and says how can you think like this about Srikant. Anushka says you came running here as you love Anna a lot and shall stay with him. Riddhi says sorry for slapping her. Anushka says I didn’t feel bad about slap and says hatred breaks and love unites. She says love can shall win over hatred. Srikant and riddhi hug each other. Siddhant recalls Gayatri’s words.

Hira calls Goel and asks him to tell the name of the person who called him there. Goel refuses to tell her and says he will not bend down again infront of KK. Hira thinks you don’t know how deep KK is. Siddhant comes to Hira and asks if she has any work with him.

Anushka thinks it is good that two love birds united, and sees the clown fish in bowl. She gets happy and thinks from where it came. She recalls her conversation with Siddhant. She thinks Siddhant brought it there.

Siddhant comes to Anushka’s room and sees her dancing in rain. He goes to her. Anushka smiles looking at her.

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  1. Fenil

    Fantabulous episode.
    Anushka Rocked Siddhant shocked.

  2. yes Anushka Rocked Siddhant shocked.

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