Raglak – wait what (Episode 1)


A new guy arrived in Mumbai englateraa college and man he is so adorable and uff his adae… anyways his name is laksh maheshwari and he is the guy who got scholarship here.

Laksh walks looking down as he don’t understand anything when he suddenly bumps into someone they both fell and paper that the person was folding fell and is everywhere , the person is girl , name ragini gadodiya

This girl has the attitude of well i can’t describe , she is the girl that sometimes even the boys are scared of …

ragini – hey do god gave you eyes ? uffi even have to find that new boy , did you saw him ?
laksh while standing up – uhh i am the new boy
ragini – ohh (she looks from up to down the classic hipster style)
laksh – anyways so you must be ragini right ?
ragini – yes i am ragini gadodiya
laksh – ohh (looks from upto down – she wore tight skinny jeans and skinny top ,)
ragini looks at him – don’t judge me if i am a marwari doesn’t mean that i have to wear the ghagra and choli

laksh – lol
ragini – i am litreally and deadly serious , ok now come with me , your all the classes are like same leaving chemistry and art class , i got the timetable for you (she passes to him) (laksh looks at it while walking) and the first perios is english , this school is really welcoming you know , everyone is nice and calm
laksh thinks – expect you , you speak way too much
laksj – shall we go to class now …

ragini – nope today you are getting no classes we are going to roam around the whole school and i will show you who is who and what is where so you don’t get confused , but i would still be there with you for a whole week so that you get company and if you want you can join our group
laksh – ok ……………..wait do you want me to join the group full of girls ?
ragini – what ? no in my group we have 6 boys and 5 girls including me anyways …. but yeah ok first we have to go to the office
laksh thinks – now i have to deal with this over talketive girl for a week
ragini – what did you say ?
laksh – nothing

ragini – i heard it……….over talketive girl …yoou don’t have to deal with me mister (she gets annoyed) i am just being welcoming to you but off course you have to ruin the mood first the papers and now this just sooo good and that on your first day well nice greeting
laksh – i didn’t meant to upset you

ragini – ok you can go and get another tour mate
she starts to walk off laksh hold her hand , she turns and looked at him
laksh – see i am really sorry i know i was really rude but you know what i would be more than happy if i can hang out with you and your group

ragini turns back and look at his dark brown eyes which are glowing inside the glasses he is wearing , she then looks at the hand he is holding of her , that touch gave her chills , she has kissed guys too but never got that feeling why was that happening with her , she jerks the hand a bit and nods and showed him the whole school

All her friends come and they have a great time together , as the school year begins they both become close , the feeling ragini had from the first day , she was feeling for him falling in him ….they were more than friends , she knew it , he knew it the whole school knew it and why not they were sooo close .
time passes by and they were just getting closer and closer ……..

ragini was sitting hanging out with her best friend swara
ragini – yrr swara i really wanna see that movie ,what to do ?
swara – then go watch it na
ragini – noo ,my mom dada is like go study mid terms are coming and i wanna watch a movie , ye bahubali 2 ko abhi hi realease honi thi kya ?
swara – its ok , i will pay ok?
ragini – ok lets go watch
swara – now?
ragini -yes
swara -ok then

They went inside and got the biggest shock in the world …….


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