You are my forever & I’m all yours (prologue)

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Sharmishtha had always raised her third child with love, after her father went away when she was little, she had to become the backbone of her daughter. She loved all her children but not as much as her younger daughter, she was special, she used to say. She took the responsibility of the house, became a businesswomen, but was that enough?

Not in the eyes of the society. Her daughter was always pampered by his sons, mother-in-law, sister and other family members and she had grown her up in with freedom​. She gave her independence, money, love, care and everything required for more than a normal living.

The heir of Gadodias was indeed no less than a princess.

Just how people told, she was a spellbounded beauty, nothing compared to her in vision. Her elder sister, though, wasn’t the same.
She was a proved nerd who had no connection with beauty.She did top 10th CBSE, but that was; in any case, a lesser achievement than winning the unofficial title of “Miss Hotness”, which her younger sister did.
No one can say them as sisters.

Rohan and Harshit, the elder and younger brothers, of the two, respectively; were dedicated. They loved their doll more than anything and purely, unaware of the dark secrets that follow.

This journey is about proving superstitions wrong, about the journey of different lives, which they have spent TOGETHER. Where they discover life, love and most importantly… Themselves
Hey guys!! How do like the prologue of my story? I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. Guess who’s the younger sister and who’s the elder one? Just so u don’t get confused, the elder one is a tomboy and officially called nerd and the younger sister is the gorgeous one n overly pampered brat. None of them is negative.
About the pairs, I have already decided it, and I’ll carry on with it no matter what. You’ll get to know to know in the next update. Please note that the story is just as important as the pair.

Kindly leave your suggestions below! ?


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  1. Sounds good… Waiting for more…

    1. Hazel

      Thanks Anjali

  2. Nice interesting

    1. Hazel

      Thanks a lot

  3. Bela

    Sounds really interesting, please do continue ye 😀

    1. Hazel

      I’m glad, thanks.

    1. Hazel

      Thank you Kat.

  4. Intresting…..update soon….

    1. Hazel

      Sure bae ?

    1. Hazel

      Thanks a ton ritu! ?

  5. Hey!!! Please make ragsan as the pair then only i’ll read.
    Swa—–san is garbage couple with no chemistry!
    And swasan ff should not be more than ragsan ff
    U better write on ragsan

    1. Hazel

      Please! No bashing!
      Wait for the pairs.

      1. Hazel

        P.S You are no one to threaten. Me.

    2. Kakali

      GARBAGE- You know what SwaSan can make garbage even heaven when they are with each other.. You have much info about what GARBAGE is! Don’t tell me you belong to that..!! Weiiiiii, All the best Garbegian..!!?

      1. Hazel

        I am sorry from his/her side.

    3. Sally_blr

      Wowwww look whose here. Yaar I missed you so much *scratching your head. Aww don’t scratch much dear. Bache Kuche Baal bhi gir jaane hai. And now in disguise. This suits you better yar. No guts to face ppl with real I’d and do annoying things not just to annoy the author but also the readers. Get some life. You know what I mean. He he. You will definitely know.

    4. excuse me…if u dont like swasan then let it be…but who the hell r u to say garbage to our swasan…if u love rag_______san…then go n worship to that non-existing pair…but dont dare to insult our matter if u accept or not swasan r real☺so dont do this comments…

      1. Hazel

        I am really sorry from his/her side.

  6. none of ur business

    Swasan Is bro sis couple
    Why is everyone writing. On them
    Move on
    That swara stole the husband of my Ragu
    Write in ragsan

    1. Hazel

      Please no bashing on my page.

      1. Mmp

        Hey dear none of ur business… I am too ragsan fan. And when I see some ragsan fan are doing bashing on a story.. I feel really sad. You like ragsan it’s good for you… Read their stories there are many if you want just pm me I’ll suggest you many stories… but you don’t have any right to tell the authors with whom pair they should write. If they make swasan as a pair and you don’t like them.. Then simply don’t read that story. But bashing them on someone’s story is really bad. All have their choices as you like ragsan some like swasan. So being a ragsan fan..I advised you don’t create mess on someone’s beautiful story.. Same advice to you too dear teju fan.. 🙂

        And hazel dear I really appreciate your reply. And yaa interesting prologue. Keep writing.. 🙂 whether it is ragsan or swasan..It’s all your happy n keep smiling always.. 🙂

      2. Hazel

        Thanks Mmp.

    2. Vyshu10

      I think u r confused with swara and ragini names….ragini is the one who called sanskar “bhaiyya” and swara is the wife of sanskar. Swara and laksh were about to get married but ragini pushed swara in river and married laksh??

      Its ok…sometimes people get confused

      1. Hazel

        M sorry from his/her side.

    3. Asra

      omg again one unknown person come to create a war…..what’s ur problem yar….if u didn’t like a pair na ignore that ff…y u read and comment bad about them….already here lots of misunderstanding with swarag fans…don’t make it big….if u don’t like thz pair don’t read…and Hazel already told na…she decided that pair Thn y u saying thz….
      and Hazel don’t bother her word…continue ur ff…tkcr dear…

      1. Hazel

        True Asra thanks

    4. Kakali

      Yes,yes,yeshhhhh.! Now It’s none of our business anymore.! ?
      It’s all about you and your doctor.!
      We can’t do anything.!
      Best wishes for your future *phata poster nikla hero.
      Keep blabbering,
      sry, i mean keep shining..!
      May ur business bless you.!!
      yooo, Ragini has sooo many Husbands dear, plz concentrate on them with popcorn..!! TC..! ?

    5. Sally_blr

      Awww shall I feel pity on you again. Please please please ek baar by mistake hi Sahi apna chehra Dikha do na. I want to scare my dumb frenz. And I had a doubt din me ithne saare fake I’d banaate banaate thak nai jaati Kya. Meri ek email ID banaate banaate halaath kharab hogayi and you create every five minute one. Training milegi please ???

  7. Aasthu

    Is the younger sister Swara???? and the elder Ragini???will you reveal the pairs here??? is it swasan and raglak or ?????when will you update???

    1. Hazel

      That is for me to know and you to guess. ?

  8. Vyshu10

    nice…hope its swasan

    1. Hazel

      Thanks you will get to know soon.

  9. Seebu_s

    nice…i would love to read this ff..if it is swasan☺
    p.s-some ppl r saying swasan r this…that…i had very gud laugh…they r best jodi n all knows that?n ppl r saying swara stole someone’s husband????ppl r out of mind…they r the one who is stealing swara’s hubby?
    sorry authour for this trouble…i cant sit quiet when anybody blamed/bashed our REAL HEAVENLY COUPLE SWASAN…

    1. Hazel

      Thanks Seebu!
      I never mind. You have the right to defend your fav.?

  10. nice dear…hope swasan? n raglak r pair

    1. Hazel

      Thanks Veena kindly wait to know

  11. Pramudi

    Seriously.. Swasan are bro sis & swara snached someone’s husband.. ??? oh my god.. ?? i’m getting doubt about the show.. Whether i watched swaragini or some other show in that time. ?

    By the way author, the plot is nice. Would like to read further if it is about swasan & raglak. Otherwise best of luck for your work.

    1. Hazel

      Thanks Pramudi, sorry for the trouble caused by some commentators.

      1. Pramudi

        Plz hazel, you don’t need to say sorry. It’s not your falt.

  12. Arshaanya

    Wud love to read if its swasan

    1. Hazel

      Will reveal soon. 🙂

  13. I think younger sis is Ragini and elder sis is swara…

    1. Hazel

      Keep guessing!

  14. Shiksha

    Hey hazel.. The prologue seems interesting… Please continue dear….if you are writing on swarag…then I think both may fit in both the characters… It all depends on how you portray ur characters… (P. S. May also include many other characters)..

    1. Hazel

      Thanks a lot Shiksha!

  15. Meera_s

    Love to read on swasan

    1. Hazel

      Thanks Meera_s

  16. Plz yaar swasan I hate rag……………….. San

  17. nice…would love to read on swasan?

  18. A.xx

    amazing and I think the younger is Rags and older is Swara as it’ll be a little bit of a twist,,unexpected loved it xx

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