Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 66

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Hey guys! This next part is a little short but I thought when I upload next, which will be on Friday I’ll give you a nice long and interesting part! Hope you enjoy it! The support and love is overwhelming! ❤ my heart really feels a warmth as I read the comments! Thank you for being such a great bunch! The bestest audience ever! EVEEEERRR!!! ?❤?????
Please comment and let me know what you think of this next part! Sorry for any mistakes and typos! Loads of love and hugs and kisses and all the good stuff! ☺???????❤???????

Part 66:

Kunal was sitting on the bed. He had his eyes closed and then heard the door open, he thought it was the Doctor.
Kunal: Doctor, did they leave?
Meghna: Why would they Kunal?
Kunal opened his eyes and saw Meghna standing at the door.
Kunal: Meghna, you’re not meant to be here. I told the doctor…
Meghna: That you didn’t want to see anyone, I know but here I am.
Kunal: Please leave Meghna, please.
Meghna walked to Kunal and stood next to him.

Meghna: I’m not going anywhere.
Kunal broke down.
Meghna hugged him, he had his face on her stomach (you know that kinda hug because Kunal is sitting and Meghna is standing)
Meghna: Kunal.
She held his head.

Kunal: Meghna, I’m weak and helpless.
Meghna let go and sat next to him and held his hand: No Kunal, you’re not.
Kunal: I know it’s temporary but I don’t want to be around you all like a burden…
Meghna put her hand to Kunals lips and nodded no.
Meghna: Don’t say things like that Kunal.
Kunal smiled: Meghna, I love you.

Meghna: I love you too.
Kunal: I can’t see anyone else now.
Meghna: Yes you can, this family is your strength, we all hold each other up.
Kunal: You’re right.
Meghna: Should I call them?

Kunal: Yes.
Everyone came in to see Kunal, he looked at everyone’s concern and then looked at his two innocent children in his arms.
Slowly everyone was leaving the room.
Naina: Karan, Do you two go home get some rest and shower up. I’ll sit with Jeeju.
Nirmala: Haan, Meghna you can come back later.
Meghna: Okay.
Karan: I need some shut eye.
Kunal: See you later.
Kunal was still in the same position, everyone left but Naina sat with Kunal on the chair.
Kunal; Naina? Is everything okay?
Naina: Han Jeeju, everything is fine. I’m happy you’re okay.
Kunal smiled: Me too.
Naina: Jeeju, I know it’s going to sound weird but how did it feel getting shot. I mean you see it films and everything.

Kunal: The rush of adrenaline makes you forget how you feel as the bullet shoots you but the after math is pretty painful, I guess it’s a good thing I fell unconscious otherwise it would’ve really hurt.
They laughed.
Naina: Jeeju, I can and can’t believe what you did.

Kunal: I had to Naina, she went to save you two and I had to save all three of you.
Naina: We’re lucky to have you.
Kunal: I lucky to have you guys as well, I know I’m in this state but it’s worth having you guys with me, by my side.
Naina held Kunals hand: We’ll always be with you Jeeju.
Kunal: Thank you Naina.

It was 3 pm, Meghna came back on the hospital, she went to Kunals room and saw Naina and Kunal playing cards. She smiled seeing them two.
Kunal saw Meghna at the door.
Kunal: You’re back so soon?

Naina: Did you sleep Di?
Meghna: Best 2 hours nap.
Kunal: Good, now come and sit with me, Naina has been winning all the games and I need my lucky charm.
Meghna sat next to Kunal on the bed.
Naina: Not fair! Now you’ll definitely win.
They laughed.
Naina smiled as she saw her sister and brother-in-law sitting hapoily together.
Naina: I’m going to get some coffee, you guys want any?
Meghna: No thanks Chiku.
Kunal: Me neither, thanks Naina.

Naina smiled and walked out. She headed towards the coffee machine and felt like someone was following her. She turned around and saw nobody there.
Naina: Strange.
She got her coffee and then felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist.
Karan: Hi.

Naina smiled and then turned around to see Karan.
Naina: Hi.
Karan: How are you holding up?
Naina: I’m perfectly fine, how are you?
Karan: I’ve missed you.
Naina: I missed you too.
Karan: How about we sit down together for a while?

Naina: Sure.
They headed to the cafeteria and sat down, Karan held Naina left hand while Naina drank the coffee with her right hand. They were talking and laughing.
Karan: Don’t want to bring the mood down but they’re both gone away for good.
Naina: Trishna and Nikhil?
Karan: Yeah, Nikhil is going for life on attempted to murder whole Trishna is going away for 25 years.
Naina: I see.
Naina was a little worried yet relieved.

Karan: Hey.
Naina looked up at Karan.
Karan: Everything will be fine.
Naina smiled: Thanks.
Karan: Thanks? For what?
Naina: For being with Di yesterday.
Karan: She’s my Bhabi as well you know.

Naina smiled: I know. Thanks for being here with me now as well.
Karan: I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Naina: Let’s go back to Di and Jeeju, they’ll be wondering where I went.
Karan: Let’s go.
They walked hand in hand to Kunals room.


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