(RagLak) Storm of love- part 2

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Storm of love 2

Laksh was now a family member in that new family. He never got glimpses of his past. He is just believing him as Namish the brother of Sanskar and son of Sujatha and Ram.
Laksh’s life as Namish goes on for 6 months.


Sanskar is sleeping. Suddenly a monster masked man enters the room. He slowly approaches Sanskar.
He moves his hand in Sanskar’s hair. Sanskar turns other side.
That man bends to his ear. ‘aaaaa….!!!!’ He shouts loudly in his ear.

Sanskar wakes with a jerk. That masked man is doing karate steps. Sanskar removes his mask and his face is reveled as Laksh. He was laughing at Sanskar.

‘Nami…!! You are finished now..!!!’ shouts Sanskar and chases Laksh.
Laksh runs out of room.

They are running all through the house.
Sujatha is shouting: did you start your mess today this early morning…!!

Laksh runs and holds Sujatha. Sanskar is trying to catch Laksh and he is moving Sujatha in between them.

Sujatha: stop it now…

Laksh leaves her and runs aside. At last Sanskar catches Laksh. Both are fighting as kids on the floor.

Ram is silently reading the news paper.
Laksh: papa, ask bhai to leave me.

Sanskar: why did you wake me then..!!

Laksh: how long will you sleep then..?? bhabhi has calling you from long time..!!

Sanskar: what..?? swara has called..?? give me the mobile.

Laksh was holding the mobile and denying to give it to Sanskar. The mobile gets swara call again.

Sanskar: give it nami..!!

Laksh switches off the mobile. He sarcastically winks at him.

Sanskar: you little one..!! you will also understand when you fall in love..!!

Laksh stands : what..?? this great namish falling in love..??? hahaha..!!!

Sanskar, Sujatha and Ram looks at him.

Laksh: if this Namish falls in love… the wind should blow as a storm…!!! My heart will have to beat as drums… and a smooth song should play in back groud…
Chavdi vi ka chand ho….’
Laksh keeps telling dreamily.

Ram again moves his eyes in newspaper. Sanskar goes to his room taking his cell. Sujatha beats her head and leaves to kitchen.

Laksh: why all are silent..?? are you jealous of this great lover..??

Ram: 21..!!

Laksh: what 21..??

Ram: the number of girls you have flirted till now..!!

Laksh: no papa…!!

Ram and Sujatha looks at him.

Laksh: it’s 23..!!

Sujatha: rp ji, as soon as sanskar marriage, we have to tie this Namish also. Otherwise, that 23 increases to 53..!!

Laksh: no maa..!! I will marry only my chavdivi ka chand..!!!

He sings… ‘chavdi vi ka chand ho…’ and leaves to room.

Ram: hey get ready fast..!! you have to come to office today..!!

Sujatha looks at Laksh and smiles. She never feels him as stranger but as her own son.

Later, Laksh and Sanskar goes to hospital. Laksh goes to drop Sanskar in hospital.

They reach Sanskar.

Sanskar: go straightly to office now..!! don’t make mess in middle..!! ok..??

Laksh drops his goggles a little down from his eyes and whistles a little.
Sanskar smiles and leaves.

Laksh is about to drive back… he looks at some girls.
‘wow….girls…’ he thinks and gets out of car..
He goes straightly near those girls….

Laksh: haa…excuse me..!! are you meera..??

Girl: no..!!

Laksh: no..! meera it’s you..!! how can I forget you..?? you are my childhood friend..!!

Girl: sorry. I’m not meera..!!

Laksh: oh..!! I’m very sad such a beautiful girl couldn’t be my meera..!! anyways, a small rose for you..!!

He says and gives a rose from bouquet. That girl smiles.

Sanskar looks at swara who is waiting for him.
Sanskar: swara, you here..?
Swara: actually, I was calling you from morning and you didn’t respond..
Sanskar: that nami is there na… hmm, where is he..??

Sanskar and swara looks for him,

Laksh is busily talking with other girl..

Laksh: hello miss,
Lady: I’m not miss, I’m mother…
She holds a baby.

Laksh: oh sorry aunty..!!
He runs from there and comes near Sanskar.

Swara laughing: namish, won’t you change..??

Laksh: no no honewali bhabhi, if I change, girls all will feel sad..!!

Sanskar beating his head: lucky, I said to go away calmly right..!!

Laksh: how can I go away…when so many beauties are dragging me..??
He looks at other girl…
Laksh: there she goes…

Laksh flies away…

Sanskar just smiles.

Laksh: excuse me, there is something on your face…

Lady: what..??

Laksh: it’s beauty…!!
He says and runs. Though that lady glares at him, later she smiles.

Later Laksh goes to office. He enters into office and looks a girl behind Ram.
He whistles lightly and keeps looking at her in a smirk.

That girl goes away, Ram comes near Laksh.

Ram: you are late as always..!! did you see paintings in hall..?? which one did you like..??

Laksh: I liked the girl who was behind you..??

Ram shocks. and laksh just laughs madly.

Ram: stop these things here..!! this is office and be serious..!! and she is your new PA..!

Laksh exciting: wow..!! such a beautiful PA..??

Ram: oh my boy..!! be in limit. She is very slow girl..!!

Laksh: I don’t care..!!
He goes into office.

Ram to his assistant: we have to see a new PA again. And, this time it should be a boy..!!
The assistant laughs and Ram glares at him.

The PA is entering into Laksh room with lots of files. Laksh takes files from her hand.

Laksh: oh no..! such a sensitive girl is carrying so much responsibility, are you ok miss..?

PA scaring: I’m fine sir…

Laksh smiling: scaring girls looks very beautiful…

Pa even scared: sir..??

Laksh: I said, you are beautiful..!

That girl starts crying and goes away. Laksh shocks.
Laksh: hello miss, what did I say..??

Ram: I said know, she is too sensitive. Now, your next PA will be a boy..!!

Laksh: boy..?? then I won’t come to office..!!

Ram: ya..!! sit at home and see serials with your mom..!!
Laksh glares at him.

Next day…

All family is in train.

Sujatha to Laksh: nami beta, now we are going to bride’s village for marriage. This is your brother sanskar’s marriage. Plz, don’t do any flirting work there..!! ok..??

Laksh looking at a girl who was passing by…
‘ok, maa. I will come just now…!!’ he runs behind the girl.

Sujatha: hey rama Chandra..!! when this boy will change..??

Ram: he is just doing this for fun. He is always in his limits. He know respecting girls.

Laksh just then beats some boys who were teasing that girl badly.

Ram: see, he is nice.
Then Laksh gives a rose to that girl and keeps coming back. Ram gulps in shock.

Sujatha glares at him:: yes..!! he is very nice..!!

Laksh comes: what..?? did you think I went to flirt that girl..? I went to save her..!!

Sujatha: yes..yes..! it has helped you nicely in that work..!!

Just then Janaki and Swara comes. Ram and Sujatha receives them.

Laksh hugs Janaki: maa, you are looking beautiful as always..!
Janaki beats his hand funnily.

Janaki: bhabhi ji, we have to see a girl soon for Laksh. Who ties him.

Rp: yes..!! that’s what we are thinking too.

The train starts moving.

Swara: maa, train is moving. Teju has not come yet..!!
Janaki: oh no..! I will go and see..!!

Laksh: maa, aap plz sit. It’s ‘Teju’ know. I will see..!!

Swara: namish..!! teju is not like other girls. She is…

Laksh: bhabhi..!! I know, you sit camly.. I wonder how Teju looks..!!

Laksh goes to door.

Sujatha: don’t mind anything Janaki ji. Nami is kid…!
Janaki smiles: ya…! I know..!

Laksh runs and stands at door. He is looking at both sides.
‘Teju…! Where are you..??’ he thinks.

Then he looks at a white chunni, trying to approach the train.
‘hmm..! probably, she is Teju.’ He looks keenly.

First, he looks at her legs. Which are running to catch train, those thin legs are covered with white patiyala.

Then he proceeds his eyes to top. She is wearing a light blue top which is stick to her body and a long chain is dancing on her chest. He looks further up… her hairs are falling on her shoulders.

Her lips are so pink and soft… he doesn’t understand why but, he wanted to capture those lips. Which he never felt before to any other girl. Then he looks into her eyes…
He feels those eyes have some deep relation with his eyes.

Now, he totally looks at her. she is none other than… Ragini…!!
But, he didn’t remember her. as soon as he saw her… that cool breeze keep coming… his heart starts sounding as drums…

Now, back ground song starts…
‘chavd vi ka chand ho…!!’
He keeps looking at the heavenly beauty running. She forwards her hand towards Laksh to help her.
Laksh smiles and forwards his hand. Their hands are about to meet. That girl looks at Laksh smilingly.

The screen freezes on their hands which are about to meet….

Precap: Is Ragini is Teju..???

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