Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 23)

Hello Ishbaazis,
How are u? Loving the track or not.and i made daksh positive. So lets start

Episode starts with Everyone getting ready to the party. Anika is dressed super cutely  and is dazzling in it.
She then comes down  where she finds Shivaay who is already waiting for her. Shivaay is mesmerised. Anika comes and asks how is she? Shivaay says she is amazing and says that he didn’t see anyone this good. Anika blushes. Rudy comes there and says Bhaiyya you are flirting with my bhabi. Sowmya asks Rudra to shutup and says him not to tease her jiju.

Lalit comes nd asks who is jiju? Rudra says Shivaay Bhaiyya. Rudra thinks what he said and  closes his mouth . Lalit is shocked and ask what? Shivaay holds his head .Om again comes and handles the situation and says it’s JIO, jio sim. Lalit asks then y rudra said Shivayy bhaiyya. Om looks Rudra seriously and says did you say even that. He then turns to Lalit and say that according to Rudra ,Shivaay is Jio sim for us because Shivaay gives Rudra unlimited pocket money. Lalit looks convinced and ask where are they going? Prinku says party. Lalit goes.

Om scoldes Rudra for his babbling. Rudra says Sumo is responsible for that and they again start fighting.Anika takes Rudra side and Shivaay takes Soumya side and they both start fighting instead of Rudra and Soumya. Om stops them and all leave for party.

All go to the restaurant. Ishaana and Randhwana come to the party. Randhwana starts staring Prinku , Ishaana says control bhaiyya. Randhwana diverts topic. Om thanks Ishaana for coming. Anika calls Daksh as he didnot come until now. But before that Daksh comes there and meets everyone. Annika scolds him for being late. They all sit for dinner and in whole scene Shivaay and Anika are looking at each other romantically and Daksh is upset. Prinku and Randhawan are staring each other. Om and Ishaana are chatting. Rudra and Sumo are fighting like always.

After the dinner Anika says everyone that Daksh is leaving India. Shivaay is shocked to hear it. Everyone show their concern to Daksh and ask him not to go. Daksh says he should as he can’t live hear anymore with pain. Everyone looks surprised. Daksh says it’s about his father. Every one leaves from there except Shivaay and Daksh. Shivaay asks Daksh if he is going because of Anika and him. Daksh says no. Shivaay says I understand but it is Anika’s decision. Daksh asks Shivaay  not to give any explanation and says that Shivaay is so lucky to get someone like Annika.He warns Shivaay that if he hurts Annika anytime in his life then he will kill him and goes. Shivaay smiles.  Shivaay then goes to Anika and hugs her. Anika looks surprised. He says to her that he is lucky to have her and kisses her.

On the other hand Randhwana and Prinku are talking to each other. Randhwana says I didn’t thought that your brother will propose to someone. Prinku says that if anyone finds their truelove then they should propose. Randhwana romantically asks if she found it. Prinku blushes and says that maybe and runs from there. Randhwana smiles. Ishaana comes from back and says Did u find ur true love? Randhwana unknowingly says think so but then understands what he said and takes Ishaana from there.

Early in the morning Anika is sleeping and Shivaay sneaks into her room. He tries to wakeup Anika but Anika is still sleeping . He shouts in her ear Annika. Annika gets up with a jerk and asks what, what happend.  Shivaay says good morning. Anika shouts that will anyone say good morning in this way. Shivaay says what can I do ur sleeping like a log. Annika asks what is he doing here. Shivaay says her to get ready. Anika asks y? Shivaay says he will say later and asks her to get ready fast and goes. Annika gets ready and comes. Shivaay then takes her in his car. He takes her to airport and makes her meet Daksh who is waiting for his flight to London. Annika is so happy and is also sad to meet him

Even Daksh is equally happy and sad ,they both hug eachother for one last time and Daksh thanks Shivaay for getting Anika to the airport and while going he asks him to remember his warning of last night and goes. Annika hugs Shivaay and thanks him.

Precap: Ishkara meet, sundari plan

  1. Shivika

    Amazing……..loved it yr… nyc of daksh and shivaay and a pretty well understanding

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      U love me or the script

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    Awesome like always

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  5. Wonderfull episode dear. Loved it ?.

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    Amazing yaar

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    Nice dear… N thnx for making daksh positive

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    It was nice harshitha

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  17. Someone tweet to change anikas dress code to sari at the time of her love confession on ishqbaaz hashtag on twitter

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    Superb…. Lovely episode.

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