(RagLak) Storm of love-teaser

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In a dark room, where all things are scattered..
A girl is sitting on floor leaning to wall. She is in bridal attire. She is shivering with fear. She was in sweat completely.
She then feels a warm hand on her hand.
He: ragini, don’t be scared. I’m with you.

Even his heart his beating fast. Because he too knew that it is going to be their last day in life.

Ragini shivering: Laksh….I don’t want to die..!!
She cries.

Laksh keeps his hand on her cheek. He is also in groom attire. They both are just married. They have ghat bandhan also.

Ragini touches her mangal sutr.
Ragini: I dreamt a lot… to start a new life with you, to have a lovely life with you, to have cute kids….

Laksh: even I dreamt that Ragini…let’s hope it fulfills.

Then they hear gun bullets sounds out of the hall. Ragini clutches Laksh’s shirt in fear. Laksh hugs her.

Laksh and Ragini are just married in that 5 star hotel in presence of all their family members. But, just then terrorists started their attack on hotel. They have killed many people. Shekar before dying keeps Ragini’s hand in Laksh’s hand to save her. they both run into a dark room crying looking at the dead bodies of all their family members.
Terrorists are desperately searching for any people who left.

That’s what happened.

Ragini is still crying.

Ragini trembling in crying tone: why..? why this all happened..??

Laksh wipes his tears.

Laksh: Ragini, now there is no time to cry..! we got only few minutes. Let’s be brave in our last seconds of life..!

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: what’s your final wish..??

Ragini: we can’t fulfill any of our dreams now..! but, at least we can kiss right.

Laksh looks at her.

Ragini keeps looking.

Both have deep eye lock. The guns sound from out keep increasing. But…both of their heart beat sounds is overcoming that sound.

Both moves closer so that their breaths touch each other. Intensity in their breath increases. Both have inch gap among their lips. Both noses touch. They close their eyes.

Laksh runs his hand on her waist. She rubs her hand in his head, other one on neck.
Both have a passionate lip lock.

The gun sounds are reflecting in hotel.
He bends to her neck and kiss her neck. Ragini keeps rubbing his head. They both keep face to face again..

Laksh: I love you Ragini…
Ragini hugs him tight.
Ragini: I love you Laksh…

Both bring their faces opposite again to kiss. They move closer…but…

The doors open with a bang..!!!

The bullets sound..!!!

Everything is dark…!!!!

Will the promise made on their marriage gets completed..? Will the unsatisfied wishes will fulfill..??

Storm of love…. Continues….

/*sorry if it’s sad guys…but it is just the teaser.*/ tell me how’s it…
this can be ff or ts.

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  1. Aasthu

    Hey Astra!!!!!!!!!!!!! make it a ss…..does it have happy ending?????

    1. Astra

      yes..it has happy ending. thank u dear..

  2. Fats

    Wow, great teaser. I’m sure like all your other stories, I will also love this one. The kiss between RagLak was such an emotional yet beautiful moment. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot fats..

  3. Sindhura

    Ss its nice

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  4. awesome awesome what a concept yaar how do u get this plzzzz next part soon don’t be late eagerly waiting plzz don’t stop in middle

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  5. awesome nice mind blowing superb outstanding u r such awesome writer and u people are writing for raglak and thank u thank u thank u so much all raglak ff ts ss os and yaa plzzzz keep on writing and keep raglak alive and yaa I must say raglak ff ts as is getting decreasing but u people keep them and prove that Temish fan love them so much what so ever the situation and I hope that most of raglak ff reach till 50 plzz guys the writer update regularly don’t be late update daily or alternate day but plzzzz don’t stop or leave in middle as I saw. many raglak ff doesn’t have end thank u once again for ur precious time

  6. Amazing promo

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  7. Raglakholic

    Emandi pedda writer garu!!!!
    Meeku asalu idi nyayam ga vunda???
    Maa lanti padi pillalni ala story teaser icchi vadileyatam emaina baguntunda???
    Aa asalu baguntunda??
    Meere cheppandi
    Maaku enta exciting ga vuntundi meeru ala cliffhanger lo vadilesta
    Kocham aina maa gurinchi alochinchali kada
    Ade ola full part iste bagundedi
    Kaani pedda writer garu meeru naaku adyayam chesarandi
    Ee sari full part peddaga icchi nyayam cheyyali
    Ok na???
    Lekapothe nenu strike chestaanu
    Tondaraga next update ivvandi
    Mee chinni writer

    1. Astra

      tondarga pettalantava…. tappada…sare..pettesta… try chesta…chusta…. haha..thanx dear

      1. Raglakholic

        Avanni naaku teliyadu
        Etti paristitulalonu naaku urgent ga update kavali

  8. What an interesting teaser Astra. It’s really interesting and eagerly waiting for first episode.

    1. Astra

      thank you ammu…

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  9. Asra

    astu what a teaser yar….it’s so interesting…it’s a unique concept…loved it…waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

    1. Astra

      thank u so much dear…

  10. Chala bagundi..plz new previous ff Peru chapara

    1. Astra

      my married life ff present going on..

  11. Super interesting….

    1. Astra

      thank you tani

  12. IQRA222

    awesome loved the teaser

    1. Astra

      thank you dear

  13. Dharani

    awesome astra very interesting teaser waiting for the next update

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..

  14. A.xx

    AMazing yar Astra u r superb i love ur story lines xx

    1. Astra

      thank you dear…

  15. Ragz_teju


    1. Astra

      thank you

  16. Excellent sis

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  17. Darshini

    Sorry asthu…for being late…
    You rocked it…
    It’s amazing dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  18. Akshata

    its so emotional, update soon

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear…

  19. Jazzy

    omg amazingggg story yaar will they survive or a new birth !!???

    1. Astra

      haha…hope you have found it out by now…

  20. Hemalattha

    Nice and interesting.

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear

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