Raglak- This is my land- part 2

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Hi friends, hope you all remembered this ff.. if not, refer the teaser and 1st episode once.. they are v. Small..

Part 1

Part 2:

Around the barren lands, where there is not even a sample of greenery…
Some fences are laid. Some people are shouting,
“the digging have to be stopped…!! give our lands back..!!”
But, a person is sitting in a chair, who was comfortably under umbrella.
“Sahil sir.. those people..!!”
Some man says. Sahil removes goggles and looks at him.
“just do the work..! everything is on our side..!” says Sahil.

“No..! it is not..!!”
They hear a voice.

All look at that side. Shekar comes in between all.
“The court has put the orders to stop further digging here, still it’s decided who’s this land belongs to..!”
Sahil gets up in frustration, “these are my lands..!!”
Shekar: that’s what court says soon sahil..! till then,….

Sahil beats the chair back and leaves from the place in his car followed by many cars.

One farmer asks Shekar,
“Nothing has happened from these many years..! what can happen now..?”

Shekar with hopeful eyes: happens..!! a miracle will happen..! soon a new hope will come to give your all lands back to you….

Screen shifts to a waterfall area… where a boy is standing who’s white over coat is waving due to wind…

He raises his face up and small water droplets fall on his face. He breaths all fresh air deep into his heart….
(His face is shown as Laksh)

“The waters.. plants.. animals… this environment.. is the treasure of this mother land. This is beautiful gift of the nature to us. Wow, you are looking beautiful nature..!! i love you..
I love you Nature….”
Shouts Laksh, his voice is resonated in that valley.

Then he hears a girl’s voice…
“I love you…”
Laksh amazes and looks around. Then he hears the same voice humming a music,
‘aaa..aa..aaa..’ in Indian classical music.

Laksh holds his bag and goes further forward to see who is the owner of that beautiful voice.

Then a girl is shown who is wearing a white long skirt and blue shirt. She is in between sun flower garden, Laksh looks at her slightly in between from flowers.

{guys, after many days.. be ready to face my song..}

She sings,
“the colours have made canvas…
Which turned beautiful nature..”
She makes her anklets sounds matching to the birds chirping. Her hairs are waving to the cold wind.

“or the nature has given the colors..?
To paint the whole universe..?”
That girl keeps moving this side and that side, Laksh peeps through the flowers to look at that face.

“the whole charm is magic of nature..”
She jumps up stretching her arms,
“I love you… nature…!!”
She sings and moves sunflowers from her face…. and her face is shown as Ragini.

Laksh amazes looking at her.

“oh butterfly, o’ my peacock…
Come and dance with me….
Oh nightingale, o’ my parrot..
Sing the beauty of nature with me…!!”

Ragini takes a round and keeps running in that green plain grass holding her skirt… with the un beatable majestic smile… (imagine any soft music)

Ragini runs near a river and sits wetting her legs in water… Laksh looks at her soft waving legs in water lovingly… which has thin anklets.
Ragini then sings again,

“these cool waters,
These fresh winds…
Aren’t the gifts of nature..?”
(yes, they are..!)
She stands and runs behind the rabbits..

“the green crops, trees
Is the gift of land…
The flowers which make us smile…
Of course the gift of land…”
She plays with the flowers around. Laksh keeps looking at her in a smile.

Ragini sits on a swing and keeps swinging… she sings,
“I love nature… i love u nature..”

Then Laksh comes forward clapping his hands. Ragini stops singing and looks at him.

“wow.. wow..wow.. what a song what a song..!! it’s beautiful just as you..” says Laskh and Ragini snaps at him.
“i mean, beautiful as nature..”

Ragini without saying anything takes her back pack which she kept aside and keeps going. Laksh also holds his bag,
“hey, i said something… say thanks at least..”

Ragini: what will u do if i say thanks..? next you will ask my name… after that, you will ask my place.. later you will sit in the same bus which i catch… i know about boys like you. As soon as a beautiful girl comes across.. you guys start flirting.

Laksh: hello miss, i’m not like that….
Ragini: whatever… (setting her hair)

Just a bus comes, Ragini takes that bus and even Laksh comes into that.

Ragini: see, you are following me…
Laksh: excuse me, even i have to take this bus..
Ragini: whatever..!!

Ragini sits at window seat, and she stares outside. Laksh sits beside her.

Ragini: hey..!! y r u sitting beside me..??
Laksh: miss, this is not ur grand father’s property. I will sit as no seats are empty…
Ragini: whatever..!!! (she says slowly) “if chance comes, that’s enough for this boys..!!”

Ragini keeps murmuring, Laskh looks at her cute face which is even more pretty in anger. He smiles.

Their journey was continuing in between those hills and crops…

Screen shifts to some experiment laboratory…

Different chemicals are shown in different test tubes… so many are working there with white coats.

“Science has advanced a lot today. This world does need technology to go ahead. It’s not sand which takes world forward. It’s only science..! we shall continue our experiments. Let’s not be afraid of any green army red army or white army..!!” says one guy with his workers.

“Yes Sanskar sir. You are right..!” they says.

Sanskar nods his head and keeps going. His face is shown determined and studious.
He gets a phone call,
“Sanskar beta, come home naa.. it’s already two days.” Asks Ap from other side.

Sanskar: mom, we are going to do this experiment now. If this is success, i will come and eat kheer prepared by you..
(he says in smile)
Ap smiles, wishes him good luck and cuts the call.

Sanskar goes to experiment area. “ready..?” he asks.
“yes sir..!” someone says.
“go ahead..!!” he says and presses some button.

From a metallic huge box like thing, a rocket kind of thing comes out and it shoots up in sky….
“this power is enough to dig the land more as possible” says Sanskar.
(this experiment exclusively discovered by Astra.. hehe, guys, i don’t know science much)

That rocket shows much light in the sky, which is seen by Laksh and Ragini in the bus.
(they r near to that place)

Ragini: wow, it’s beautiful…
Laksh looks at Ragini: not more than you…
Ragini looks at him again..
Laksh: i mean nature..!!

Ragini looks at those lightings… but Laksh is looking at her.

Screen freezes on Raglak’s smiling face and sanskar’s determined face.

Precap: 1st meeting of Ragini and Sanksar. Laksh following Ragini..

How was the epi… ? don’t forget about song…

With love from

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  1. IQRA222

    astruuu di where were you
    you know i missed you so much
    and your fanfics
    and coming to the part let me say it was wonderful song was awesome raglak meet was heavenly and sanky entry is nice
    can’t wait for the next part

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear… me too missed you all a lot. from today i will be regular with any of my updates… astra is back..

      1. IQRA222

        yippie so the great astru di is back i am very happy <3

  2. Hi what’s up

    1. Astra

      hi… nothing much..

  3. Nice

    1. Astra

      thanks dear…

  4. Mintu

    Awesome sis..!!!! After so many days reading ur ff sis…Its interesting..!! Ur experiment is nice which u discovered.. Hehe..!! Song is amazing..!! Waiting for ur feeling is our language ff dear.. Post it soon

    1. Astra

      thank you so much mintu dear… i will update soon that one also…

  5. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend and song is very nice

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dear..

  6. Hey Astra.. long time no see ? & missed ur ffs…
    Experiment is Cool ?

    1. Astra

      thank you so much yar…

  7. Sindhura


    1. Astra

      thanks dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks dear..

  8. Interesting episode. I really miss u and ur stories. Where are u? Come back soon and post ur other ffs. Raglak scenes are superb

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot ammu.. sorry for making u wait.. i too missed u all.. now i will be regular..

  9. Lovely7

    Amazing sis

    1. Astra

      thanks dear..


    1. Astra

      thank you

  11. Dharani


    1. Astra

      thanks dear…

  12. Asw

    After long this ff is updated ? amazing & songs too keep going

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  13. Awesome

    1. Astra

      thanks sherin

  14. Vyshalivyshu56778


    1. Astra

      thanks dear

  15. Akshata

    jo karega acchha kaam,
    use milegi ragini inaam,
    jaldi jaldi karo sanlak apni tayyari,
    kahi ragini na ho jaye kisi aur ke naam????? lol,
    awesome chappy, missing you so much……

    1. Astra

      hahhaha… to know more just keep tuned to TU.. the astra channel… thanks dear….

  16. Asra

    awesome astu dear….am sry for late comment dear…am little busy….what a experiment dear….and song s like u amazing….eagerly waiting for ur ff’s…tkcr dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  17. A.xx

    fab xx

    1. Astra

      thank u yar..

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