SWASAN, Marry Me or My Mom Will Sad SS (part 1) by Mica

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Bismillah, Hi i’m back to bore you all again..My thanks to Arshu, Kaku and her sister
for their awesome information,..
Chanu, Sheebu, Navu, Shanu,.. i’m back Huh! why on earth you disturb my sleep πŸ™
btw, it’s Arshu’s birthday, so Happy birthday to Her, wish you everlasting happy life
please read AUTHOR”S NOTE in the end..now let’s start..

Marry Me or My Mom Will Sad

Dadi sat on couch in living room, her hand busy with TV remote while gazing TV screen
and grumbled about something. Sanskar, who just arrived from office, couldn’t hold his
smile to see his dadi’s condition. He took a small run to her, threw himself to the
couch next to her, hugged side her and pecked her cheek.
“My cute dadi! why does so upset ? did Tanu disturb Pragya again ?” Sanskar’s eyes fixed
to TV screen.

“It’s better than all stupid cooking programs, showing only recipe for fish, fish and
only fish! Bengalan favorite! yuck!” Dadi grumbled, pressed the button of remote in
frustration.” I warn you! dare no to marry bengalan girl! they are so disgusting you
know!” Dadi turned her face to sanskar, giving her stern look.
“Me? marry to Bengalan ? no manner, to much noise, to much color, filthy, eww! never
Dadi!” sanskar made a face.
“That’s my boy! many good Marwadi girls there for you!” Dadi brushed his hair. They
chuckled together.

“Mom! please don’t spoil Sanskar’s mind! every people are same!” Sujatha spoke in protest,
she brought snack and put it on table, in front of the duo.
“Mom! Dadi is rite! can you imagine to have a daughter in law with her fish smell ha ?”
Sanskar said litle bit loud in disgusted face, Dadi only nodded vigorously to Sujatha.

“Nahi! i prefer to imagine you fall in love to Bengali girl!” Sujatha said teasingly,
made them yelled in unison, “Mooom/Sujathaa!”
Sujatha chuckled and walked away to kitchen, continued her work. She served the dish on
dining table as it’s dinner time.Sanskar left his dadi, went upstairs toward his room to
freshen up than back to downstairs to get dinner along with Dadi and his mom.

“Sanskaar! when you will go to Kolkatta ?” Sujatha asked, they enjoyed the dinner just
three, as Uttara, Sanskar’s younger sister was staying at hostel, meanwhile Parineetha
didi and Adarsh lived at other city along with their children and Laksh, Sanskar’s elder
brother went to London with his wife Ragini for a week. Ram Prashad, their father, passed
away few years ago.

“Tomorrow evening mom, why ?” Sanskar stuffed his meal.
“Are you packing already? should i go with you ? “sujatha’s voice sound worried and
“Mom! stop worrying me! i can take care of myself, it just matter for 6 month!” Sanskar
gave assured smile to Sujatha, ” You know na i can cook too!” he added.

“Hmm… i don’t know Sanskar, really i wish you have wife to take care of you!” Sujatha
took a deep breath. Uh no! it’s begin again! Sanskar’s mind yelled to hear word “wife”
from his mother’s mouth.
“I wish you find your future wife there Sanskar! a cultural girl, calm, full manner just
lookalike your Ragini bhabhi, a marwadi!” Dadi spoke in between, joined hand with her
daughter, made Sanskar want to bang his head to heard.

“So why you didn’t marry me to Ragini bhabhi ? “Sanskar asked casually, teased his dadi.
“What you say! Ragini loves your bhai so much!” Dadi surprised with Sanskar’s word, by a
thought that he was serious, Sanskar couldn’t help to tease more
“Hah ya! poor Ragini bhabhi! Laksh bhai doesn’t even show his deep love to her na ? so,
better she leav….” Sanskar’s word incomplete as he felt a hand pulled his ear and
twisted it.
“What do you thing ha ? if a husband unromantic then his wife can get affair with random
guys or her brother in law ? do you think Ragini that characterless ?”Dadi said in anger,
her hand still twisted sanskar’s ear.

“Aww dadii!! it’s paining! stop it please! i’m only joking!” Sanskar pleaded. Dadi left
his ear and grumbled, “Never say that again!”
“i’m only joking dadi, even i don’t want her or any shy calm girl, i want a bubbly, witty
girl, lil bit modern but full of value.” Sanskar in confident tone,” is it OK dadi? mom?”
“That’s my good boy! i have no objection with lil bit modern as long as with value!”
dadi looked satisfied with sanskar’s answer.

“Sometime, there is no criteria once you fall in love beta!” Sujatha smiled wisely, then
she leaned her head to Sanskar, whispered to him,”But i don’t have any objection either,
even if she is bengalin .” winked. Sanskar widened his eyes, yelled in low voice “mom!
stop teasing me !”


Next day after tomorrow, morning.
Sanskar stood in front of a lift, waited the door lift to open when his phone rang. His
mother picture and name flashed on the screen, he smiled and attended the call.
Sanskar : Hallo Mom! i’m standing in front of lift at my apartment now!

OS :Oh, you got apartment already ?how’s the condition ? is that a good and save place ?

sanskar :Big and quite cool one! i saw big market near by and park, sport center too
everything just perfect mom!

OS : It’s sound good!

Sanskar :Yups! so please stop worrying about me, OK ?

OS :Worrying their children is mother nature Sanskar!
well you can start to find me a daughter in law then! (laughing)

TING! the door lift opened, Sanskar’s eyes noticed something that made him suddenly in
frozen to see the scenery inside the lift, his mouth opened, there was a girl stood but
then walked away from the lift.His eyes followed her very move, he was out of sense,
whispered “She is here mom!”

OS : Who is there Sanskar ? you meet someone ?

There was no any response from Sanskar’s side, He just stood as statue, his eyes still
followed to the very each movement of the girl while she was busy to help an old lady who
struggle with some bags, entered inside the lift.
“thank you Swara beta!” the old lady said with grateful smile.
“you are welcome aunty, take care!” she smiled to her and moved away from the lift. The
smile still printed on her face when she turned to Sanskar which made Sanskar felt

Swara felt surprise to see a boy standing in front of the lift, holding phone, unaware
that the lift door opened and almost closed. “Hai, the lift almost closing!” she tried
to warn him, but then she became bewildered and felt uncomfortable as she saw that boy’s
gaze toward her. She made a step back, her mind came to conclusion that the boy kinda
out of sense. She swayed her hand, said “never mind, sorry! take care!”
then walked away, leaving Sanskar who still on shock avatar as Swara talked to him with
her melodious voice.

Os :hallo sanskar! hallo! who’s you meet ? you still there beta ?

His mom’s voice spanked him back to reality. He hit his forehead as he realized something.

sanskar :Oh God! wait mom!

He run after toward swara’s way until the edge of the building but her sign found nowhere.
He stopped, adjusted his breath and let out of sigh when he remembered that he left his
bags in front of lift, and her mom still online, he turned away back to lift.

sanskar : i lost her mom!

OS : lost who ? meet who ? please don’t make me confuse!

sanskar : i lost your future daughter in law! (grinned)
OS : What ? what you talking about ?

sanskar : i saw the most beautiful girl in this world mom! her big doe eyes, her bubbli
face, her lips! oh my god, mom! i think i fall in love !

OS :really! seem i will get daughter in law soon! but beta! don’t be fooled by pretty
face, how if she is not good girl, na?

Sanskar : Na mom! seem she is nice and caring person too!
you know Mom, there was an old lady beside me, waiting the lift with many bags, once she
came out from lift, she was busy to help that old lady, it’s mean she is nice na ?

OS : Is it so ? waa… she is seemed to have caring nature. so you both helped that old
lady ? it must be cute scene na ?

Sanskar:nope! when she was busy in favor, i was busy starring her πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !

OS : Whaat ? pagal!!

Sanskar: kya karu mom! she is too beautiful to ignore, eehhh the lift open mom! i
should go! i’ll call you again at evening! Bye! i love you!

OS :Bye! Take care!

Sujatha cut the call, her face showed happiness that finally there is someone which can
break her son’s ice of his heart.Hi Baghwan ji! please bless my child! Ram ji! our sanskar
grown up now! wish he get the best wife ! Sujatha prayed, a slightly happy smile which of
wish and hope printed on her face.

Sanskar’s condition had no differences with his mom, his heart was blooming and carried
undescrible feeling. He determined to search and find out the girl who made his heart
turned upside down ever since.


There was almost five days of sanskar’s effort to search Swara between his hectic schedule
at office, his adjustment of his apartment and her mom’s call which content only about
that girl or she loved to address her as her future daughter in law, but all of the effort
went in vain. And the most irritated was his mother’s words, she loved to make Sanskar
being more frustrated, as somehow her words made Sanskar loose hope on his love.

“Maybe she doesn’t live at your building, Sanskar!” or ” Maybe she was a visitor or
courier? ” she said to him when Sanskar told her that he couldn’t find her at the whole
apartment, or the question “how if she is married woman ?”,even thought Sanskar gave
explanation that she didn’t wear mangalsutra or sindoor those time. But in the end, she
never forget to wish him to meet his lady love soon. Such a nice mother.

Saturday morning, sanskar decided to visit the market to spent his weekend morning and
fulfil his empty refrigerator. He needed to cook homemade food for himself.
He stood in front of market gate, observed the surrounding when his eyes spotted someone
His lady love was walking with her beautiful face gracefully, some people seemed to greet
her, made her to have never ending smile to them.

His heart started to beat faster than ever, there was no boundary of happiness as finally
he found her, his heart beat, his love. He took fast step toward Swara’s way with happy
face, but for next some moment he realized that Swara’s destination made him to numb and
lost breath, cursed in his silent anger “Damn it! she is a bengalan ?damn it! damn it!
damn it!” as he saw Swara went to SEA FOOD SECTION.

He felt suffocated and paralyzed, his leg had no power to stand more. He took a sit
on a bench to calm his heart down. Dida’s face, his swore, his hatred and his new found
love feeling revolved around his mind, he cursed god to give him love feeling to someone
he hates the most. How cruel and miserable his fate.

After sometime, Sanskar heard some noise from middle of market, His curiosity mind dragged
him toward the crowd only to see an aunty scolding a little girl so badly. Learned the
situation for awhile, he knew that the aunty scolding this kid for crushed into her and
her bag fallen down in a mess in the middle of that kid’s run and catch games with her friend.
Sanskar was so angry to see how rudely an elder to scolding the cute little girl and made
her crying badly.

Sanskar walked onto her with rage but stopped in the middle as suddenly there was a girl
who walked closer to the aunty, bend down and collected her fruits, vegetables and others
which shattered on ground due the falling bag. His anger grew more and murmured ” stupid
bengali girl!”.

When swara walked, passed by his side, he couldn’t hold his anger no longer and yelled at
her, “hi you! stop there!”
Swara turned to him feeling surprise,”you called me, Sir ?”
“Yeah you! what was you doing there ha ?” he pointed to the place of aunty-little girl’s
“What was i doing ?” swara confused, “Oh i just help that aunty, why ?”
“Why ? you asked me why ? how can you help a rude and sadist person who treat a kid like
a shit ?” sanskar roared, poured all frustration on her, made Swara startled.”huh! no
doubt! stupid act from manner less Bengalan.” sanskar added mockingly.

That’s it, felt insult, Swara’s face turned in red of anger. she pointed her finger on
him “Look Mr..!”
“sanskar! sanskar maheswary!” Sanskar snapped in attitude.
“Whatever!!” Swara in ignorance, “i don’t know what wrong with you but yess i’m bengalan
and i proud of it, and kinda info, my stupid act is called affection contagious theory!”

“Theory ?? what kind rubbish you talking about ha ?” Sanskar insulted her more by his
sarcastic laugh.
“What? rubbish ? well sir! seem you know nothing about it!” Swara smiled mockingly to him,
“See there sir! my rubbish worked!” Swara pointed finger on a spot, Sanskar’s eyes
followed the direction and saw a scene which made him perplexed, both The rude aunty and
the little girl were sitting together on a bench, the rude aunty was caressing the girl’s
hair, shedding her tears and offering her an apple.

Sanskar saw the scenario without blinking his eyes for sometime,”how it can be!” he
murmured,then turned back to Swara with his full question look to her.
“You know what Sir! i don’t know what your social status, but seem your great status you
proud of doesn’t make you to be smartest person automatically! it doesn’t make you
greatest person in this world, even now, you more stupid than this Bengalan, rite ?”
Swara taunted. Sanskar started to be in furious again, “what ?”

Suddenly someone called Swara. “Swara beta! your ordered soybean on me already!”
“Really uncle ? let’s me take it then! thank you!” Swara said little loud. She turned to
Sanskar and said, “You know that i’m rite ! so, if you have so much proud of your status,
i suggest you to kiss your status ass, let’s show us your stupidity and your mannerless
action for insulting others, bye!!!” Swara left Sanskar who fumes in anger but dunno how
to retorted back to her. He stamped his foot in frustration and kicked away. He returned
to his apartment, forgetting about the shopping matter.


At his room, Sanskar poured his anger by throwing everything, between his broken heart,
his anger to her insult yet he knew that she was right about her statement somehow. Her
face and her words echoed on his mind over and over. Later he fall sleep due tiredness
and frustration.

After few hours, Sanskar’s sleep disturbed by his phone sound. He lifted it at lazy move

sanskar :Morning mom!

OS :what morning ? it’s afternoon Sanskar! have your lunch already ?

Sanskar :Haaa ? it’s afternoon ? omg! i don’t even have my breakfast.

OS :what ? how can you be so careless about your health sanskar ?
The lunch time is over but you didn’t have your breakfast yet ? how if you fall sick ha ?

Sanskar :Mom please, it’s only today, it’s because that girl i missed my food.

OS :what girl ? you searched her again ? did you find her ?

Sanskar :Not only find her! in fact we argued and fought this morning, huh!

OS : You fought with her ? how come beta?

Sanskar :It’s because of you mom! you wish me to fall in love to Bengalan girl na!
now it’s happen, huh! and she called me stupid!

OS :Waaa, your beautiful girl is bengalan ? but She called you stupid for what?
wait! don’t say that you insulted her ?

Sanskar :Hmmm..she deserved that (He told Sujatha the whole incident, but for his surprised,
instead of getting angry, he heard loud of laugh from Sujatha )
Mom! your son suffering and there you laughing ? how could you!

OS: hahhaha…she served you right, beta! seem she is best for you!

Sanskar : Mom! she is rude..

OS :she was rude as her reaction for your insult, rite ? don’t blame other reaction for
your fault action, infact her words is rite, you knew it, didn’t you ?

Sanskar : yeaaahh i knew it, but still she is rude girl

OS :but she has big doe eyes, bubbly face, and her lips, omg!!
(Sujatha copied Sanskar’s words those day)

Sanskar : Absolutely mom! (in dreaming tone, imagining Swara’s face, but later jerked)
huh whatever! better i have my food, i’m hungry now!

OS : OK ! but beta, i wish her words can change your mind, rethinking again.
and don’t neglect your health!

Sanskar : OK mom! bye! love you…

They cut the call. On a side, Sujatha was somehow happy about Sanskar, wished that his
arrogance will gone. For years she witnessed how her mom spoiled sanskar with her
arrogancy value on society, made Sanskar to be an arrogant jerk, disrespect and underestimate
others, and it turned worst by their position being one of richest family at Mumbai, as
none have guts to go against sanskar and his deed. But then, there was a girl which can
make Sanskar in defeat. Sujatha couldn’t help herself to praying that someday destiny
will lead that girl and her Sanskar to live together.

Sanskar throw away his phone on bed, then went to washroom to freshen up. He was ready
with his casual t-shirt after sometime to went out for food when suddenly there was a
delicious smell snapped his nose. He inhaled it yet wondered the source, the sniffed nose
lead him to his opened window at his kitchen. he looked out side the window, his face
was to and fro yet his nose took a deep breath to inhale, “hmmmmm, it’s soo yummy! what
kind of food is it ? ugh this delicious come from there ?” he took a conclusion as the
smell getting stronger from below his room. “i should visit there asked the recipe someday!”
he murmured and grabbed the car key.


Day passed, sanskar tried spend much time engrossing at work to divert his mind from the
girl and that shameful incident.
Late evening, Sanskar went home with grocery on his baggage as he stopped on a mall on
his way from office. He decided that from now on, he should make homemade food orelse his
mom wouldn’t stop scolding him.

He put the grocery on kitchen once he arrived at apartment. After freshen up, he engaged
to his laptop as he had pending work to complete. Sanskar didn’t realize that hours passed
until he heard growl from his tummy, he was so starving.
“omg! it’s almost midnite ?” his mind surprised when he checked his watch. He walked to
kitchen, started his another passion, cooking session. He put the ingredient he need on
table when something pulled his attention,” this delicious smell again ? ” he inhaled
it deeply then walked toward the window, he looked down only to see a light was there,
from the room rite below his room, the source of that delicious smell.
“this is made me more hungry”, he smiled and walked back to his table that full of
ingredient, he counted it and in verge of starting when he realized that he missed the
most important thing, the salt.

“Damn it! how will i search salt at midnite?” He hit his forehead in frustration, but
suddenly his lips curved into a big smile,” why don’t i ask salt to my neighbor below so
i can ask that aunty or whatever she is the recipe of that delicious food ? ” Sanskar
locked the door, rushed to lift cabin and press 2nd floor button.

Knock! Knock! Sanskar waited for a while when the door opened.
“I’m sorry to….you!!! ” His eyes widened in shock to see the person which opened the
door, nevertheless, the same condition happened to the person, she was shocked to see
him, and yelled the same word “youuu!” along with him.

“What are you doing here ?” she asked sarcastically after sometime, “are you stalking me ?”
“Stalking you? what nonsense! ” Sanskar’s voice little bit loud made her face turned in
fume, but lately he realized something, said in low voice,”Look really i don’t know that
it’s your flat, Ms Swara ….!”
“How do you know my name ?” Swara snapped on curiosity
“I heard that uncle called your name those morning!” Sanskar grinned, he brushed his hair
slightly. “nevermind, i came here actually to ask you salt!”
“Salt ? how lame excuse! so now you ask salt from bengalin also ? “Swara could help but
taunted him, she was somehow still upset.
“See now, you are the one who taunting me!” Sanskar said lil bit uncomfortable.
“It’s you who…..!” Swara replied back but stopped by Sanskar’s word, “Sorry!!”
Swara surprised to hear his apology, she saw the guilty feeling on his face and genuine
on his eyes, her anger reduced, “It’s OK!” She let out a sigh.

“Thank you!” sanskar never had such relief feeling kinda this moment since few days of
incident, he smiled to her, his heart somewhat happy.
The silence moment hold them as they shared eye lock, an understanding one.
“Well, can i ask you salt ? i really need it!” Sanskar tried to break the awkwardness.
Swara hit forehead, “ugh sorry! sure! come in, let me get it for you!” they went inside,
Swara asked Sanskar to sit on couch by her gesture, then she started took step to her
kitchen,when she heard Sanskar said to her “can you give me the recipe of this delicious
food also ? ” Sanskar inhaled the air with -yummy mode on his face.
“You know what? this delicious smell made me more hungry.” he added as he saw something
strange on swara’s face, she saw him in disbelief look, he wondered what happened to her.
In the middle of his thought suddenly his tummy made a sound, “See! even my stomach agree
with me!” he tried to crack a joke.

“But it’s fish cuisine recipe!” Swara finally spoke.
“What ? is this so ?” He startled, whispered in low voice, “how come! i mean the fish
smell…., ” he let his sentences incomplete as he too perplexed but seem Swara understood.
“That’s why people say don’t judge book by it’s cover!” She chuckled and shook her head
to see Sanskar’s condition, then left him to getting salt.

After Swara departure, sanskar looked around about learning the surrounding of Swara’s flat.
It was so neat, clean, artistic and soo…orange. He was somewhat feel weird as orange
color can be so beautiful also. He didn’t know the reason of his admission of this
colorful room, it’s because of his new perspective or because Swara’s smile face which
made him mesmerized since his arrival on this flat.

“Here this salt you need!” swara’s voice made Sanskar little bit surprised as he was still
admiring Swara’s flat. He turned to her.
“Oh thank you!” He accepted the salt can Swara handed over him.” Orange ha ? ” His’s gaze
swept the flat’s wall, “it’s so beautiful”
“Thank you!” swara smiled to the compliment, “and so colorful as bengali.”
sanskar’s face turned to embarrassed and guilty mode, “please don’t mention it again! i’m
really sorry!”
“What ?” Swara felt guilty as Sanskar misunderstood her, “oh please don’t misunderstand me!
i just want to tell you that bengali people love colors, it’s one of our uniqueness!”
“Oh ! i thought you…” Sanskar felt relief.
“Naa… i’m proud to be Bengali, some people said that Bengali are big mess in color or
noise, and i agree, because Bengali love color and sound, we enjoy the beauty of life na!”
Swara said in proudly manner.
“Hmmm… that’s Bengali’s trademark, then ? ” sanskar said.
“Exactly! and it’s not a sin, to have much color, to love so much sound, even to eat fish,
as we eat it for grateful feeling to God’s bless on our environment!”
swara blabbered to Sanskar unnoticed that sanskar’s face turned to uncomfortable one.
swara’s statement gave a punch to him, to his previous persfective about bengali’s culture
and society.

GOt no response from Sanskar made swara paid attention to his uncomfortable state. It’s
made Swara tried to divert the topic.
“but you know what ? i choose orange color was not because i’m bengali but because i love
the color and as a chef !”
“Is it ? you are a chief ? what relation between chef and orange ? ” Sanskar surprised
then looked Swara’s face which somehow bright up, made him felt comfort.
“Don’t you know that orange color increasing appetite ?” Swara asked teasingly.
“Really ? i dunno that! seem i still more stupid than you!” then both burst out laughing.
Sanskar got mesmerized to see swara who laughing wholeheartedly. suddenly his stomach
grow again, both giggled to hear it.
“Woah! your wall really affecting me also! seem i have to back soon orelse my stomach
will angry!” He stood up from couch, “thank you again for salt” he waved the tiny salt
can on his hand. His heart lil bit disappointed as it wanted to stay with Swara little
longer, but it will be impolite somehow.

“You are welcome!” swara stood and walked toward entrance door along with Sanskar.
“by the way, my name is Sanskar!” he forwaded his hand to swara.
“I knew it!” Swara chuckled, accepted Sanskar’s handshake, but Sanskar gave her surprised
look, “You introduced yourself those day, remember ? ” Swara reminded, made him to
remember it. Sanskar nodes his head after sometimes, “Ooh!” started to take a step.

“But wait! did you cook already or about start to cook ?” Swara asked, stopping Sanskar.
“about start to cook, why ?”
“Well, i mean it’s getting late and your stomach sound too starving also, how if…. you
take my food ?” Swara in hesitation.
“Really!!” Sanskar in excitement, why not! the girl he loves invited him for dinner ?
nothing can be more expected than this.”waa, maybe it’s time for me to taste fish!”
his eyes lite up.
“What? “Swara surprised, “No no! i won’t give you fish, huh! i’m not that crazy host
to give a forbidden food for my guest na! i have veget food from my new recipe! wait!”
Swara turned back to walked to the kitchen, her hand gestured Sanskar to sit again.

After sometime, Swara back with bowl on her hand, she put it on table in front of Sanskar.
sanskar smelled the deliciousness from it.
“You can return the bowl whenever you have time.”
“Hmmm…. can i eat it here ? i mean it’s better if we eat dinner together than alone,
rite ? moreover i want to ask you about something!” Sanskar gave an advice in hesitation,
being afraid that Swara will reject it.
“Oh OK! i like that idea! let me prepare it then!”
“Can i help you!” sanskar in excitement.
“sure!” then both went to kitchen to take food and beverages along with plate and others.
Swara prepared food, meanwhile sanskar was the one who brought the plates.

“Swara, why didn’t you get afraid to invite a stranger for dinner ? ” sanskar spoked
lil loudly as Swara at kitchen, meanwhile he was busy arrange plate on table.
“Did i invite you ?” swara answered teasingly, She walked to dining table bringing bowls.
“Huh Ok! i admitted that it was me who asked, but that’s not the answer na!” Sanskar
protested in pout. Swara amused.
“Well a person who had concern about a kid’s pain, seem he has value and norm no matter
how arrogant he is!” Swara answered with smile. sanskar somehow embarrased.
But Swara’s mind told something else, I don’t know Sanskar! i feel so comfortable with
you, i feel something different with you! she didn’t even understand her feeling.

“Don’t be so sure about me! maybe i was just acting those time!” Sanskar said naughtily.
“Don’t underestimate me also, i have a loud voice to scream!” Swara retored back, sticked
her tongue to him, he only shook his head, astonished ” an advantage to be a Bengalin ?”
“Exactly!” Swara laughed, both sat as the preparation complete.
“this is another advantages to be a bengalin, a delicious food named Aloo Posto!”She
served the food on his plate.
“I heard the name but never taste it!” He took a spoonful of it, stuffed on his mouth
” omg! it’s delicious!” Sanskar said in bright smile.
“I told you!” Swara said proudly, “Why you never taste it, it’s veg food na ? ”
“My dadi forbid us to touch everything related to others, especially bengali matter, she
is to proud to be marwadi!” Sanskar let out a sigh, there was a slight of guilty and pain
on his face.Swara noticed it, “Oh! so do you want ask me about what ? ” she lashed out a
question, brought sanskar out of his world.

Sanskar seemed to be confuse with Swara’s question, put a thought for a while, suddenly
he smiled sheepily reminded something, “I just to curious about that theory!”
“what Theory? “swara’s perplexed.
“Your theory,mmm…affection contageus theory! believe me i searched and googled, but i
found nothing!” he sighed, felt dissapointment but more of that, he somehow feel stupid.
“That theory ? of course you won’t find it anywhere!” Swara surpressed her laugh.
“Why ?”
“Because i only made it up !” She innoncently spilled her secret out, stuffed meal on
her mouth not to let her laugh burts.
“Whaaaattt ?? no way! you lied, rite ?” Sanskar gaze her in speechless look, Swara shook
her head in no in amusement.”Damn it! you fooled mee ??” Sanskar amused in disbelief,
“but it’s really worked!”
“Actually i got that idea from TV.” Swara grinned, “on Brain Games program, there was
mentioned that the neutron of brain can be affected even from a tiny movement of affection,
wether only from simple smile or just a polite action moreover to someone who has anger
to someone else, the anger will reduced somehow.”
“So you applied that theory those rude aunty as trial ? ” sanskar asked yet guessed, his
mind wondered how smart this girl.
“yeah, seem my helping hand divert her anger, and slowly i told her that she hurt a kid,
for my surprise, the aunty melted,” Swara in disbelief tone, “No need to yelled or made
her felt insulted by our action, she indeed changed, God! it’s just awesome trick, rite ? ”
Swara still in surprised tone.
“yeah and the most awesome thing, it fooled the great Sanskar Maheswary!” and both giggled,
Sanskar couldn’t believe how stupid he had been.

“you wanna try this ? ” swara offered something on pots after sometime their giggled gone.
“It’s my new recipe, Tofu soup, simple soup but the special is the tofu itself. please
try it and give me advice”
Sanskar accepted a bowl which Swara handed over to him, he took a spoonful of it to his
mouth, he tasted and chewed it for sometimes, “Omg!! it’s so delicious, the tofu is
sweet, soft and moist, how it’s happen?”
“Really ? thank you! i made it myself using organic soybean, with rite process the
sweetness will appeared.” Swara explained, felt happy for Sanskar’s compliment. The spark
on her eyes brought another spark on Sanskar’s heart.

They continued and enjoyed the dinner, blended in the conversation by shared their own
story in between.
“Woaah it’s superb, my tummy so full, the food is so delicious and the most important thing,
it’s free!” Sanskar hold his belly, and brushed it, Swara only chuckled to see his act.
“Well it’s free now but tomorrow you should pay for it ” Swara said teasingly.
“Huh! stingy! but can i replaced by wash the dishes ?” Sanskar pout and pleaded.
“You can start now as practice.” Swara chuckled, both collected the dirty dishes then moved
to kitchen, put them at wastafel.

Swara began tap the shower after put the detergent to the dishes when she remembered
something, “Sanskar! are you sure that you stay at room, right above me ?”
“Yup’s i’m sure, i count it! why ?”
“Hmmm…all starts make a sense now! can you please not overloaded your bathtub when open
the shower ?”
“Why ? what’s wrong ?” Sanskar confused.
“let me show you!” Swara moved from there followed by Sanskar to the bathroom.
“Look at there!” She pointed to bathroom’s ceiling which drenched in water.” Seem the pipe
is broken, It’s leaked and my bathroom got flooded everytime you open your shower or your
bathtub overload, i reported it to the manager already but the plumber took holiday for
a week.”
“Oh my god! sorry i dunno that!” Sanskar walked closer to leak point then checked for
awhile, “well i can repair it for you!”
“Whaattt ? are you sure ?” Swara looked at him in disbelief, Sanskar nodded in convinced
“Huh! are you a plumber ooor plumber ? ” Swara asked jokingly, Sanskar chuckled.
“I’m become plumber only for you!” Sanskar’s statement earned slighty blush to Swara, “But
you should pay me with another delicious dinner, what say!” He played his eyebrows.
“Whaattt! huh! it’s soo expensive! better i hired uncle Mohan to do it!” Swara shocked
fakely and pouted.
“But you won’t get a handsome plumber as me !” Sanskar said dramatically.
“Damn it! you are right!” both giggled. They walked back to kitchen, finished washing
dishes session.

“Seem i have to go now orelse our neighbor will get another topic for gossip!” Sanskar
dried his hand with tissue then walked away from kitchen followed by Swara who bit laugh
to hear Sanskar’s words.
“Again thank you for dinner and this salt, will see you tomorrow afternoon, OK?” Sanskar
stood at doorset, Swara nodded, “Ugh don’t forget the food!” Sanskar added, Swara murmured
“Bhukaad” then chuckled.
“Good night and sweet dream.” Sanskar waved his hand and walked away brought his happiness
face.”Good night!” Swara closed the door.

Sanskar walked at corridor in light steps remembering the recent happy happening which made
him to remember his mother also.
“Hmmm it’s too late to call mom! she must be sleep now!” he blabbered to himself while
checking the phone, he put his phone on pocket decided that he will call her tomorrow
morning to give her this good news, the happy news of him. He was sure that he will get
the sweetest dream tonight.


PRECAP : Ms Swara, wait and watch this Sujatha Maheswary!
Dare you to play my son’s feeling!!!

AUTHOR NOTE : I extremely sorry for inappropriate words i use for Bengalin,
as i need it for portrait the hatred feeling of Dadi and Sanskar, i didn’t mean to
hurt you all….sorry for everything
sorry for grammatical error and spelling mistakes…..LOVE YOU ALL
btw, do watch Brain Games Program, it’s really awesome

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