Raglak ff : Tere liye (promo) by Aahana

Hi everyone thanks for the comments. I am very happy with the response for intro. Thanks everyone. I will update it on Thursday for sure and this is the first promo of this ff. And it is also my first promo in telly updates

Laksh : papa i think u all should go back.
Janvi : bhai my holidays are not completed
Laksh : janvi, we got a new case and i don’t want u all to be in risk. So u all are going tomorrow. I will do the arrangements
DP and AP : ok beta

Oh my god, hell with this traffic (laksh)
Laksh POV
She is so innocent and cute. Caring for the injured puppy. Let me speak to her
I missed her

In the airport
Laksh : she is an angel, now i will meet her
After sometime
Oh god i missed her again

I am jogging after a long time. It’s a kind of stress buster for me.
Suddenly he collides with her. She is running. She without seeing him runs away saying sorry
He was about to follow her but some goons catches her and takes away

Today it became late. he sees the watch and time is 2:00 AM (midnight)
Santosh calls him and he stops the car to speak. while speaking he sees someone lost conscious and fell on the road
Laksh : i will call u later santosh
He gets down and goes near the person and turns the face.
He gets shocked seeing the person

So who is the girl that laksh is referring is she ragini or some other. i tried writing a promo and for the first time i wrote it. So pardon me if there are any mistakes. I thought to create some interest in u all by giving this promo. Please comment and also give suggestions to write promos. This is trial actually

  1. ragini loved

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  2. A.xx

    Amazing and I think it was ragu xx

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  3. Sindhura

    I hope it ragu

    1. Thanks di and it is ragu only

  4. Awesome

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  7. Interesting, what happened to ragu

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  8. Awesome promo

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  9. Cute aahana, waiting for first part

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  10. Loved it…..
    It was Ragini….

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  11. IQRA222

    Aweaome i think the girl was ragoo

    1. Thanks and it is ragu

  12. I think its rag no one else plzzzz next part soon

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  13. its amazing superb outstanding mindblowing speechless plzzzz its a request to all raglak ff writer plzzzz write guys bcoz now raglak ff is so less and decreasing and all those who are writing also stop in middle and some are ending there ff ts ss os plzz guys start new raglak and write but plzz don’t end it soon or leave in middle bcoz all raglak ff are keep raglak alive and plzz try to post new and if ur writing keep writing regular don’t stop in middle plzz guys waiting for raglak ff writer to show write more as possible reach 100 and thanks who are writing this from crazy Temish fan who dont have writting skill but love to read

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  15. Interesting promo and eagerly waiting for first episode

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    Interesting promo aahana
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon dear

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