Raglak ff : Tere liye (intro) by Aahana

Hi everyone this is Aahana. I am writing another fanfiction, and it is on raglak. Hope everyone likes it. Thanks for the response you all gave to my first ff DO DIL BANDHE EK DORI SE and expecting the same response from all. Thanks Harshu di for helping me in selecting the title. Sorry for not making this ragsan ff and please don’t be angry on me. In this ff there will not be any swasan. If you all want i will introduce them but this will be purely raglak ff. Main importance will be given to them only. So now i will stop my bakbak and give you the intro. From Thursday i will start the story

Ragini Gadodia : 23 years old girl. She is alone and running the business started by her father. Chairman of Gadodia group of companies. She is cute, naughty and bubbly but also a strict businesswoman. At young age only she achieved a lot and took the business to new heights. Very strict boss but also loving boss. Everyone respects her. Hiding a news(past) from everyone and only 2 others knows it.
Laksh Maheshwari : 25 years old. Is a sincere IPS officer. Loves his family but not more than his job. Hates corruption and illegal activities. Ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of country. Head of special crime branch(it is a secret branch and not known to all, only few higher and sincere officers of police department knows about it). His family is also rich and has their own business.

DurgaPrasad Maheshwari : father of laksh. Loves his son and daughter a lot. Very jovial and friendly. He is like a friend to laksh more than a father. Handles the business.
Annapurna Maheshwari : wife of DP and mother of laksh. Housewife. Loves her family a lot but her favourite is laksh. Sometimes helps her husband in office work
Janvi Maheshwari : sister of laksh. Cute and naughty. Loves her brother a lot but likes to tease him. Still studying
RamPrasad Maheshwari : brother of DP and chachu of laksh. Helps his brother in business and loves laksh and janvi as his children.
Sujata Maheshwari : wife of RP. Loves her family a lot. Treats laksh and janvi as her children.
Ankith Maheshwari : son of sujata and RP. Loves his big bro laksh a lot. Laksh is his inspiration. Loves his family and family also pampers him a lot. Still studying but in US.
Vijayprasad Maheshwari : father of RP and DP. Loves his family a lot. Loves laksh moe and is his favourite grand kid.

Suresh Verma : legal advisor of Gadodia companies and also family friend. He is the one who knows about rags secret. Loves her as his daughter. Her well wisher.
Aayush : he is an orphan and rags brought him to her home when she was child. He was on the road with injuries when she saw him. She treats him as her brother and he too calls her di and respects her. Now he works in Gadodias company only but stays in different house(quarters allotted by office). He also knows the secret. He is the CEO of Gadodia company.
Laksh’s friends and also crime branch members
Santosh : laksh’s bestfriend and an orphan
Aadarsh-Swetha – married couple
Vinay-Puja –married couple
Payal (already engaged but not ready to marry)
All of them that is together their batch consists of 7 members and all 6 except laksh stays in police quarters. Laksh stays in his house (its big) and all their secret meetings are done there only.
A maid (malati) : works in laks’s house. She is a good lady and cooks for laksh and goes to her home.
Laksh stays alone and family visits him during Janvi’s holidays.
Few other characters will be introduced later
Hope everyone liked the intro. If you want to give suggestions please give and if you all don’t like it inform me. I will try to change the story line. I will continue as soon as possible. I will give a promo on Tuesday.
Thank you everyone

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