Raglak ff: She is my wife Epilogue 2

“Laksh!” called Ragini.
“Shh!” said Laksh to make her silent.
“Laakkkssshhh” Whined Ragini.
“Shhhhhhh!” said Laksh stressing more this time.
“But Laksh!” said Ragini trying to say something but,
“Chuuupppp!” once again he ‘tried’ to make her keep quiet.
“No! Tell me naa!” said Ragini without giving a chance for Laksh’s try.
“Ragini, I swear! If you aren’t going to be quiet now then you will be the one who would face the consequences.” said Laksh with a smirk and mischievousness in his tone.
Ragini pouted for 2 seconds and couldn’t control her mouth anymore. So once again she started saying “Laksh! It’s been one hour and you aren’t saying where are we going, also you have blindfolded me! That’s not fair!”
But she heard no reply from Laksh; she could feel that he was enjoying irritating her. She gritted her teeth and punched his left shoulder hard…very hard with her tight fist. Laksh groaned in pain while Ragini turned her face towards the window with a suppressed smile playing on her lips. Laksh pouted.
“It’s paining wifey!” said Laksh with a cute pout.
“Let it pain! I don’t care!” said Ragini without turning to his side.
After 2-5 seconds, “Atleast now tell naa where are we going?” asked Ragini with her innocent tone.
“You are not going to be quiet, are you?” said Laksh and before even Ragini could answer she felt the car stopping. She happily thought that it’s time to remove the blindfold. But before she could remove it her hands were grabbed in a big hard hand while another hand softly grabbed her chin. In the blink of an eye a rough lips attacked her soft ones. She was shocked at first. But the slow yet passionate kiss of Laksh made her to respond with equal passion. When they felt the need of oxygen, they moved apart. Ragini was breathing heavily and so was Laksh. He released her hands and tucked her hair strands behind her ear making Ragini to blush more.
“I hope you like this consequence!” whispered Laksh making Ragini’s face to glow in crimson red. He chuckled looking at her and got down from the car while Ragini couldn’t think anything other than their kiss. Laksh moved towards Ragini’s side and carried her in bridal style. Ragini was surprised and put her hand around his neck. She didn’t dare to ask ‘where are they going?’ this time. She just waited impatiently to throw away her blindfold.
At last she felt Laksh putting her down and making her sit. Also she felt him sitting next to her. She couldn’t control mouth anymore.
“Laksh shall I remove this?” asked Ragini impatiently.
“No!” said Laksh curtly.
That’s it! Ragini lost her patience and yelled at him, “You know what, I don’t care about the consequences and I am going to remove this blindfold.”
With that she tried to open her blindfold but Laksh grabbed her hand and said “Ragini please! Wait for few more hours’ naa?”
“Hours?” said Ragini shockingly but recovered from it and said “NO WAY!”
Laksh sighed in defeat and said “Ok fine! Let me remove it.”
With that he removed her blindfold. Ragini excitedly opened her eyes but she couldn’t see anything. After blinking and bringing her eyes back to normal she realized that they were sitting in a private jet. She gasped in surprise and looked beside her to find her husband looking at her with a pout.
“Where are we going Laksh?” asked Ragini clasping her hands together.
Laksh pouted and said “You could have waited Ragini! You have ruined my surprise! You would have been more surprised when we reach our destination.”
“It’s ok! It’s ok! Now say where we are going?” asked Ragini curiously.
Laksh sighed and said “We are going to go for our cancelled honeymoon! {Remember the scene after their first marriage Laksh would have cancelled the trip of theirs’ along with Paarish’s?} (Ragini was amazed to hear it.) I know Ragini I was the one who cancelled it but I tried my best to take you there after all the problems was over. But before I could a new problem came (He refers to his sudden disappearance and sighed sadly but again came back to his cheerful mood and continued) Now! Everything is fine! And so I am taking you. (His face becomes sullen) But you being the curious cat spoiled my surprise in half way. (Ragini bites her lower lip and placed her hands on her ears and said with a puppy face “Chorry!” Laksh smiled seeing her cute gesture.) Ok you are forgiven! But I won’t say the place where we are going. Just be excited.”
Ragini pouted and Laksh goes down on his knees making Ragini more surprised. “Will you do a favor of coming along with me to enjoy our honeymoon and make new and beautiful memories wifey?”
Ragini tapped her chin like thinking while Laksh said “Ragini say quickly, my knees are paining.” {Remember this dialogue? Laksh would say it to Ragini while he was fake proposing Ragini!}
Ragini laughed softly and nodded her head. She forwarded her hand and he grabbed it and stood up. He hugged her and smiled widely when he heard “I love you Laksh!”
“I love you too Ragini!”
Few hours later,
Ragini…! *kiss on left cheek* Bachha…! *kiss on right cheek* Ragu baby! *kiss on her nose* my wifey! *kiss on her forehead* my love!
Before he could kiss on her lips Ragini pushed him away and murmured “Go away! I need to sleep.”
Laksh chuckled and murmured in her ear “Don’t you want to see our honeymoon place?”
Before Laksh knows what happened he found that he was lying on the floor with the blanket which had covered Ragini was now on him and his nose was little bit paining. He looked up at the bed and found Ragini missing. Before he could search for Ragini, his head slapped from back. He looked up to find Ragini with a fresh and excited face glaring at him.
“Sleepy head, Come on let’s go” said Ragini pulling his arms. Laksh shook his head in disbelief and stood up. Before Ragini could walk forward, she was carried in bridal style by Laksh who just winked at her then looked ahead and walked forward. Ragini was looking at him in ‘awe’. Laksh looked at her at the corner of his eyes and smirked.
“Fly may enter your pretty mouth Ragini, close it. (Ragini immediately pressed her lips in a thin line.) I know I am too hot to handle!” said Laksh sending a wink to her direction. Ragini just rolled her eyes and that’s when she noticed the place they reached. Her face glows brightly and a million dollar smile spreads on her face. She wiggled and came of her husband’s arms and cupped her cheeks in surprise. After the moment she realized the place they have reached she started to jump up and down while clapping her hand like a small kid. Laksh had a hard time to control his over excited wife.
It’s Ragini’s wish to come here. {Remember during the fake love scene Laksh would ask Ragini where does she wants to go and she cutely describes the place while he would say ‘Italy’. But when I was watching that scene I heard the word ‘Italy’ as ‘Idli’! Silly me}
As per her wish, they had gone for boat ride, art museums, churches, and popular places. Also they both had crazily tried every dish in that country and cherished their tastes in their tongues.
Few years later…
At Baadi,
Followed by…
Sharmistha and Shekhar looked at each other and muttered “Ragini” and shook their heads tiredly.
Once again the door bell roared. Sharmistha got up and opened the door. As they guessed it was Ragini. Along with her, there stood a 14 year old girl and 5 year old boy with this -_- look on their face. Ragini looked at her mother and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes. She hugged her along with her 4 month baby bump and sobbed on her shoulder. Sharmistha hugged her back and patted her back softly and asked “What happened this time?” Ragini sniffed and said “Laksh…Laksh… He… he said…” “Yes what did he said?” asked Shekhar trying to hide his tired tone. “He said ‘BYE’ dada.” said the two kids who were still standing at the door steps along with a big bag in their hands and the same bored look on their face. “So? What’s wrong in it?” asked Sharmistha in disbelief. Ragini immediately broke the hug and looked at her mother with disbelief look. “MAA… he said ‘BYE’! He never said it to me before. He would always kiss my forehead and would say ‘I will be home soon’ but TODAY…he said ‘BYE’ isn’t it obvious that I was bored to him.” She roughly cleaned her tears and suddenly became angry. “How dare he? He thinks me of boring? I am now going to teach him a lesson. I won’t go with him this time even if he begs falling on his knees. I am going to stay here till he realizes my importance in his life.” She said like she was taking oath and turned to move towards her room and the poor kids, Mishka and Krish {The little champ} followed her.
Just then from nowhere, Laksh came inside furiously taking everyone in surprise. Ragini was shocked and surprised by his arrival. He moved towards her and took her in his arms in bridal style earning a yelp from her. “No more please, only action!” he said and winked at her earning punches from her. But he was not affected by those punches. He walked towards the door not before nodding at Sharmistha and Shekhar who were so happy seeing his new action. His kids grinned and gave hi-fi to each other while following their parents. Ragini was wriggling and trying to get out of Laksh’s hold making him smirk at her. He safely put her on the passenger seat while the kids got inside the car happily waving at their grandparents “See you tomorrow dada dadi! Bye!” Hearing the word ‘BYE’, Ragini yelled at the kids “Don’t say that damn word infront of me!” They looked at their father who sighed tiredly and looked at his wife who was glaring the things outside the window. He slowly called her…
No response
No response
Ragu baby…
No response
No response
No response
No response
Sugar cane…
No response
Gulab jamun…
No response
No response
No response
Laksh sighed tiredly while the two kids were trying hard to not to burst out laughing. Laksh mumbled to himself ‘ticking bomb’ and here you go boy… Ragini immediately turned towards him and gave him a mean glare making him aware that she heard it. The two kids started to laugh seeing their father’s condition also knowing the result of saying it. Well… it was not new for them. Since the beginning of the second pregnancy, Ragini started to have severe mood swings which were worse than her first pregnancy. Laksh would always be careful on his words and actions yet sometimes something would happen which would lead in Ragini leaving MM dragging her children along with her and reaching Baadi and stay with her parents throwing her tantrums on those old people till Laksh would come and fall on his knees and ask for forgiveness even if he didn’t do anything. {Poor boy! But hey! You had made her pregnant so you have to tolerate it.:p}
One time, Ragini was hungrily eating everything that was infront of her sight. She didn’t even leave her children’s snacks. Mishka and Krish had complained about it to their father. So Laksh had gone to Ragini and asked her “Are you going to eat even the kids snacks?” Suddenly her eyes welled up with tears making him look at her concerned but before he could ask anything, a tear dropped on the floor while Ragini asked in sad tone “Are you calling me fat?” Laksh’s jaw dropped on the ground while his eyes widen in shock and fear. While the kids who were watching their parents drama from a distance, looked at each other and shook their head in disbelief. Laksh tried to explain himself “No Ragini… I just… I just asked…” But Ragini interrupted him “I am looking like a whale for you?!” She asked suddenly fuming in anger making Laksh gulp his saliva. “Listen Ragini…It’s not what you think…I just…” But Ragini interrupted him “How can you think like that? I am just eating for the baby inside me but you are accusing me for becoming FAT? How could you Laksh?” Her tear dam broke and the tears rushed down her cheeks like falls making Laksh’s condition more miserable.
Mishka looked at Krish and said like teaching a very… very… important lesson in his life “Baby boy, be careful while talking to mom, ok?” Krish frowned at her and said “I will, but before that don’t call me baby boy didi! I am a big boy! Just because you are taller than me, you cannot call me that, ok?” He said in a serious tone copying his dad. Mishka narrowed her eyes at him but still nodded at him. Their serious discussion was interrupted by the sound of ‘OUCH!’ from Laksh’s mouth. They both shifted their concentration towards them and found their mom wiggling in their Arshitha aunt’s hold while their father was caressing his poor nose and near him their Chiraag uncle was rolling on the floor while laughing at his lucky. Suddenly they both were been dragged by their mom and in no time they were out of their house and reached Baadi. Ragini was complaining to her mother about how he apparently called her ‘FAT’ while the kids were thinking ‘there is more drama to come’.
On the same day at night, Laksh was waiting nervously in his car along with Chiraag who was shooting glares at him. “You know what lucky?” Chiraag started making Laksh to look at him hopefully. “You are her damn husband! You could just walk inside the house and fall on your knees infront of her. I don’t know why are you so nervous, also I don’t know why you brought me here, I also don’t know why you are wasting my time too, I also don’t know why you are a villain of my romantic time with my wife, Arshitha.” said Chiraag dramatically while Laksh narrowed his eyes at him. Laksh started to say “I know… I know… I know… but still I don’t want to create a scene by entering into the house and facing my father-in-law and mother-in-law asking them to give permission to meet my own wife. I am just planning to get inside her room and talk to her privately. And I brought you here because I thought you would be helping me but you are just complaining on me. I don’t know what to do twinie.” He whined while running his hand on his hair and falls back into his seat. Chiraag sighed tiredly and said “Listen! You just have to man up lucky. Come on, you can do it! Go and kidnap your wife. Go… go!” Laksh nodded his head for Chiraag’s encouragement and got out of his car. He moved towards Ragini’s window and climbed on a pipe struggling a lot and finally reached her room.
There he saw his wife sitting on her bed sniffing and mumbling something under her breath… maybe cursing Laksh {Hehe…poor boy. But again, hey! She is your wife, so you have to tolerate her.}He was looking at her in awe. How couldn’t he? She was having those cute pout which will be the death of him and adding to her cuteness, her small baby bump makes him get attracted to her even more. He smiled admiringly then jumped into the room making sure he didn’t frighten her. He slowly moved towards her still she didn’t look at him. So to make his presence known to her, he tucked her hair behind her ear while sitting on her bed. Ragini was startled by his action then calmed down knowing that it was only her husband. But suddenly her anger returned back to her remembering the FAT incident. She looked at him with anger while he looked at her with love… the love he had only for her. Though his gaze sends a shiver down her spine, she didn’t show it on her face. She continued glaring at him and asked “Why are you here? What do you want? Get out of the house. Don’t think that I will come with you! You think that I won’t mind you call me as FAT? Huh? Don’t give any explanations! Now just get out of this room or else…” She continued without even giving him a chance to speak for himself but at this, he interrupted her and asked in challenging tone “Or else… what will you do?” She huffed and before she could reply he asked with a smirk “What? Cat caught your tongue?” She narrowed her eyes at him and before she could do any drama he placed his lips on hers’.
Her eyes widen in shock but he just gently kissed her making her melt into him. And so she did. She kissed him showing how much she missed him, how much she loves him. After breaking the kiss, she blushed making him smirk at her but soon it forms into an admiring smile. “You are beautiful wifey. I can never ever get bored of you. You are my forever Ragini. You are a wonderful thing that had happened to me. You made me the one who is sitting infront of you. You gave birth to my baby making me feel the most awesome feeling that only ‘dads’ would get. And now you are carrying my princess then how could I say like that? You maybe skinny or chubby, I don’t care. All I love in you is your beautiful heart that beats for me and our kids. I love you so much baby. I just…I just can’t sit there without seeing you beside me Ragini. Please come back with me bacha. I am missing you and the kids so much. Please…please…come…” He was literally begging her who was looking at him with teary eyed. She didn’t say anything, she just stood up and went towards her kids room and took the sleeping Krish in her arms while Laksh who followed her looked at her confusingly. She said “What? Don’t you want us to come home?” Laksh was happy to know that she is going to come with him. “Then pick up Mishka and let’s go home.” She said in ordering tone. Laksh happily nodded and took Mishka and went out of the house after informing to Shekhar and Sharmistha.
They reached the car and Ragini was surprised to see Chiraag there. Chiraag was excited to see Ragini. “Thank god, you had came Ragini or else he would have become Devdas and keep on rambling about you.” He said rolling his eyes making her giggle softly. Laksh sent a mean glare to his twinie and started the car. When they reached MM, Ragini took Krish in her arms and dragged the half sleeping Mishka inside the house and closed the main door leaving the other two outside. They looked at each other and looked at the locked main door and then at each other. They both quickly knocked the door asking for someone to open it. Suddenly it opened but not fully, a head peeped out of it. Chiraag and Laksh looked Ragini with pleading look but she kept a neutral face and said “I know you love me so much idiot husband but what took you so long to come and pick me? And you my husband’s so called twinie how dare you to accompany him leaving your poor wife. So you both just stay outside. It’s your punishment.” With that she closed the door and dragged the poor Arshitha who was standing behind her to receive her husband. Chiraag was having the horrified look while Laksh just sighed and got inside the car. Chiraag looked at Laksh and asked dramatically “Why the hell you have to be such a villain of my love story?” Laksh just shrugged making Chiraag even more frustrated. And that night, the poor boys have to stay in that car while Ragini slept happily in her king sized bed.
Now, present…
Laksh stopped the car at MM. Mishka and Krish ran inside to share the recent drama to their devil that is the form of a beautiful girl named Avni (Swasan’s daughter). But Ragini didn’t get outside of the car. She folded her arms to her chest and looked away when Laksh opened the door for her. He shook his head while sighing and picked her in bridal style once again earning a yelp along with soft punches from her. He reached his room and placed her like a soft flower on the bed also locked the door before she could escape from him. “Leave me!” She demanded him but he ignored it and said “Just answer this one question. Can you live without me?” He asked seriously. Ragini gasped hearing. Of course everyone knows the answer but she didn’t accept it. “Yes!” Laksh smirked knowing she would say that only. “Ok…let me see you would say the same after this.” Before she could understand what he was saying, she felt her lips being attacked by his’. Her eyes widen in surprise but still kissed him back with equal passion. They broke the kiss and Laksh looked at her with wide smirk while she was panting and wanting for more. “So? What you are saying now?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows. She just glared him and pulled him by his collars and placed her lips on his while mumbling “Just shut up and kiss me already!” He chuckled and kissed her back.
After the hours of intimating, Ragini was lying on his chest while playing with his hard muscles. Laksh was playing with her hair while leaving feathery kiss here and there. “You really could live without me?” Laksh asked softly. Ragini stopped her actions and looked up at his eyes. “I can’t. I might get angry on you for a while but I can’t live without you. I just can’t take you saying me bye… you have never said that before and when I heard it suddenly from you I felt like you are bored of me and you don’t want me anymore.” Her eyes welled up and looked at him sadly. Laksh kissed her eyes softly sucking all her tears. He merged his forehead with hers’ and said “I can get bored of anything but not with you Ragini. You are a treasure for me. I will be damned to let you go. God! You are such a fool wifey! I love you so much…you will be the death of me!” He said while caressing her cheeks lovingly. “Laksh…” She called his name with all her love. He smiled and kissed her forehead again. That’s when there was a loud knock on their door. Laksh groaned in annoyance while Ragini chuckled seeing his face.
They hurriedly wore their clothes and opened the door to see Avni standing with her hands folded on her chest and glaring at them. Laksh raised his eyebrows in what while she just glared from him to Ragini and asked “What took you so long to open this door?” Ragini and Laksh looked at each other and blushed not knowing what to say. Suddenly she smirked and said “So, whatever Krish said is right!” They both narrowed their eyes at her and asked “What did Krish say?” But she just stick her tongue out {Remember she did it on the day she born that too on her handsome chacha? Hehe} and ran away from them. “Avni… Avni… Stop you little devil!” Laksh shouted and ran after her while Ragini went in search of Krish.
Krish was sitting and playing with Mishka and Arun {Remember this kid?} in the garden. Well, you can say that he was running with his little legs while they both were trying to catch that little bundle of joy. “Krish” Ragini’s voice stopped them. Krish looked at her and found that Avni had said something. So he did what his little mind said to him. Run away. He ran inside the house in search of his knight in shining armor, his father. Ragini ordered Mishka and Arun to catch him who were already tired but didn’t dare to say no because they know the consequence.
Krish at last found Laksh. He was caging Avni in his arms while pulling her cheeks. She was wiggling to run away from him. Krish ran to his father and pulled his shirt to get his attention. When Laksh looked at him, he let go of Avni and caught him. “You little champ! What did you told to that devil?” He asked with fake glare. Krish pouted and said “I just said you will be kissing mummy whenever she is angry.” Ragini who had just come inside heard it and let out a gasp while Arun and Mishka looked at each other and giggled softly. Laksh’s eyes widen and asked “Who had said like this to you?” Krish looked innocently at Laksh and said “Avni didi said Sanskar papa will do the same to Swara mama whenever she is angry.” Laksh gasped and looked for Avni but she was nowhere in his sight. “That little devil” He muttered but got a smack on his head. He turned around to find Swara glaring at him. “Don’t call my daughter that!” By now Sanskar, Chiraag and Arshitha had also come to see the usual drama. Laksh glared back at Swara and asked “You know what she is teaching my son? Well you would have no idea about it. She was teaching my son about your little romances with my brother.” Swasan gasped and looked at each other. “And so I am saying one good advice. Close your damn doors before doing anything!” Laksh said dramatically earning laughter from everyone. Swasan’s cheeks burned in embarrassment while Swara shouted loudly “Where is that little brat?” “Behind Sanskar papa!” said Krish smirking at his sister who was shooting glares at him. Everyone turned towards her and chased her while Ragini and Arshitha were sitting and laughing at them. {Note the point that Arshitha is 8 months pregnant with Chiraag’s and hers’ first child.) The elders were looking at them and thanked god for everything.
Laksh looked at Ragini and winked at her making her blush. He grinned and kissed the cheeks of Krish while looking at her. She blushed ever more. Well…whatever may happen, how old they get, he can’t stop teasing her…after all ‘She is my wife’ thought Laksh and continued chasing.
Finally…I completed this. My second work. God! I can’t express how happy I am now. Before that… hello to everyone and yes I am still alive for those who were thinking ‘is she dead or gone to coma’ *just kidding* I am happy because I have been dragging this work for more than a year. And you guys had so much patience to support me, I am so grateful to you guys. Without you all…I wouldn’t be here. Thank you *from the depth of my heart* you guys are amazing! And sorry for sudden disappearance, it’s due to some personal issues. It is not like I am going to update my works regularly from now on. I still need some time. I hope you would understand and support me.
Hey! This is the longest chapter of this book. It has about 4,551 words. Uff! So I deserve big comments right? Here you go… answer the questions below {It sounds like that in question paper right?}
 What’s your first reaction when you saw that I have updated this book?
 Did you expect that I would write this big?
 What you felt seeing Ragini’s tantrums?
 Do you feel bad for Laksh?
 Which is your favorite scene in this part?
 Which is your favorite part in this whole book?
 Krish’s scenes are less and you are going to complain about it? {Please don’t}
 Hey, Arshitha and Chiraag are together! What do you feel about them?
 Have you ever felt of hugging me for any chapter?
 Have you ever felt of killing me for any chapter?
 Who is your favorite character…Ragini or Laksh…choose any one!
 Which character you admired other than Raglak?
 Have you ever read this book again when I haven’t update any chapter? {This is too much but still I wanted to know.}
 You guys have ever felt that I was showing partiality to only one main character?
So…say bye to ‘She is my wife’.
Some os are on the way…stay happy…keep smiling and take care guys….
Love you all!

  1. Hallo harinipriya, myself krepa I am new here. Looks into your writing skills you are a awesome writer. I am a silent reader. When ever I got the time I will read the updates. You took lots of time to come back. I am surprised. I didn’t expect that you would write this big. I felt really amazed to see ragini tantrums and I really feel bad for laksh. My favorite part in this whole book is laksh determination to get ragini back in his life. Krish’s scenes are less but it okay. Happy for arshitha and chiraag l really felt to hugging you so many times. I felt some time killing you for making ragini cry my favorite character is ragini. Other than RagLak I love chiraag and arshitha. Yes many times read this book again when you haven’t update i didn’t felt any partiality in any character. I wrote this much to encourage you because you are a awesome writer my little effort makes you feel happy than I am satisfied tomorrow my exams are going start then also I wrote this only for you so please reply me back and come back soon love you

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