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Recap: Rithvik came to know the truth behind his sister’s marriage Kailash and Sunil decided to marry Sanchi and Anwar

Sanchi started to laugh seeing kabir’s state and turned to the bull and started to give fruits to the bull the bull started to eat the fruits calmly
Kabir lifted his face he could not see anything clearly but he can see the bull stopped in front a girl and she was giving fruits to it he was totally confused
Kabir slowly stood up seeing Kabir the bull calm face changed to furious one it started rub it’s leg in the ground
Sanchi noticed this seeing the bull’s reaction Kabir know what’s going to happen next he prepared for a long run
Sanchi took hold of kabir’s hand Kabir was stratled by this action he stopped
Sanchi- don’t run try to be calm
Kabir- ho how to be calm in this situation I don’t know who you are but pls save me from this bull he stammered
Sanchi- then do as I say be calm and relax
Kabir – ok
Sanchi- don’t stand behind me come infront of the bull
Kabir- no I can’t you are planning to kill me
Sanchi- you want to live or not
Kabir- yesss
Sanchi- then do as I say she dragged Kabir and made him stand infront of the bull
Kabir crushed sanchi’s hand with his in fear
Sanchi handed fruit to Kabir
Sanchi- give it to the bull
Kabir- no way it’s going to bite my hand that’s what you want right he murmured
Sanchi- she took hold of kabir’s hand with her brought his hand near bull’s mouth Kabir closed his eyes
After 2 sec Kabir heard some chewing sound
He opened his eyes the bull face turned calm and it was eating the fruit which was given by Kabir
Itslowly came near Kabir he just moved back
Sanchi- don’t run stand still
Kabir stood still the bull came near him and simply rubbed it’s face towards kabir’s chest
Sanchi- pat it’s head
Kabir done what she said
Sanchi- that’s it you both are friends
Kabir gave an unbelievable look
@ river shore
Apurva- wake up yar she started shake Anwar
Kids- didi we think uncle has swalloed lot of water we should take the water out we will go and call someone for help
Appurva- no need I will do it by myself she started to press anwar’s stomach water came from his mouth she rubbed anwar’s feet and legs to make him but no use he was still
One man came that way
Man- Apurva beta what happened
Apurva- chacha this man fell into the river I only saved him and took the water out but still he is not opening his eyes
Man- let me see beta I will check Apurva moved aside
The man checked Anwar all were ok why he is still not opening his eyes may be his acting
Apurva- what happened chacha
Man- all were okay but still he is not opening his eyes means something wrong we will do one thing we will hang him upside down and check if there is some water left
Anwar- coughed and slowly woke up
Apurva- chacha look he woke up
Man- my plan worked he chuckled softly TC Apurva he excused himself that he had some work
Apurva- what plan she was confused let me ask him later
Anwar- thank u for saving my life I am great full to you
Apurva- it’s ok first answer my questions who are you
Anwar told about their business trip to the village and their car breakdown issue and their meeting with village head
Apurva- oo panchayat head come I will take you to him
Anwar- wait we will take my friend with us
Apurva – ok where is he
Anwar- in the car waiting for me
Apurva- ok let’s go
Kids- di don’t go you told you will teach us swimming na
Apurva-don’t worry I will teach you guys later but sure pakka
Kids-pakka they gave hifi to Apurva
Anwar was witnessing this
Apurva-shall we go
Anwar- yeah sure
@ temple road
The bull went from there
Kabir- why it didn’t attack me
Sanchi- because you were calm
Kabir- what
Sanchi-you were not afraid of it you faced it with calmness that the reason you didn’t run
Kabir remembered what he had done before he just throwed the water bottle and it hit the bull the bull was calm that time but seeing it he started to run then only it started to chase
Sanchi waved her hand to brings back Kabir to reality
Sanchi- I could guess what you have done seeing the bull it’s ok don’t do it in future ok now come with me I will give water to wash your face and clean your clothes
Kabir just followed her without saying a word
Anwar and Apurva reached the car they couldn’t find Kabir
Anwar- Kabir where are you but no response
Apurva- where is your friend how dare you to lie to me
Anwar- noo I am not lieing Apurva
Apurva- I didn’t say my name then how you know my name
who are you say the truth she took a stick near by her
Anwar- wait a minute listen to me
@kapoors house
Kusum read the letter written by Kabir and Anwar
She handed it to Kailash ,Kailash read the letter
Kailash- don’t worry Kusum they had gone to right place
Kusum- what
Kailash- showed the name of the village they had gone
We will go there by today I will inform to Sunil about our arrival
Kusum thought it may be the destiny plan
@mishra’s house
Rithvik’s phone rang
Girl- hello doctor I am Sakshi (the girl is shown she was wearing a sky blue colour saree with lose hair and long hearings) she was looking amazing
Rithvik- where are you right now
Sakshi- I am in railway station of your village
Rithvik- wait their I will come and pick you up
Sakshi- ok doctor
Sanchi took Kabir to temple and gave water to clean his clothes and face
Kabir lifted his face and now he can clearly see the angle infront of his eyes
Kabir-Chotte stop give me the photo I didn’t see the pic clearly
Girl- bhai I know you like this girl first time your selection is super I will show this pic to ma
The girl handed the pic to Kusum
Kusum- wow she was beautiful
Kabir- give me maa
Kusum- ok take it she was about to give the pic but again the girl grabbed the pic wait I will show to papa
Kabir saw Anwar was standing few distance near the girl
Kabir- Anwar catch Isha the girl is revealed
So the girl was Isha kabir’s sister
Anwar caught Isha
Isha- Anwar bhai see back mom made samosa Anwar turned to see she used this and escaped from his grip
When she was running she got hit by the sofa and fell down
Whole family ran to her the first person was Kabir
Kabir- what happened he took Isha’s feet and examined if she got hurt
Anwar- I will call doctor
Isha- enough nothing happen to me my pyarry bros everything was alright it is just a little thing
Kabir and Anwar came near Isha their face turned to sad mood
Isha thought to change the mood
Isha I will show my bhabhi pic to you both
Suddenly Kabir lifted his head with happy face but Anwar was still in sad mood don’t worry Anwar bhai I will tell mom to make samosas his face also changed to happy mood
Isha handed the pic to Kabir
The girl in the pic was none other than Sanchi
@ end of flashes back
Sanchi waved her hand infront of Kabir
Sanchi- what happened you were always in your own dreamland
Kabir – nothing and he started to admire her beauty while she was washing her hands
Suddenly someone hit Kabir
Kabir fell on Sanchi Kabir is on top of Sanchi they had an eyelock
Near by them the man who hit them also fell down and on top of him there was a girl they were none other than Anwar and Apurva they also shared a eyelock
@railway station
Random man came near Sakshi and questioned her
Man- who are you ,you seemed to be new
Sakshi- I .. she stammered
Rithvik came to the station
Sakshi- doctor
Rithvik took hold of her hand and replied you don’t need to answer to this stupid villagers these people only know to badmouth about others
Rithvik with Sakshi started to drive back to Mishra’s house

Villagers started to gossip about Rithvik and Sakshi

Precap- confusion

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