Raglak os: The day before divorce {Part 2}

This os is from the serial track. It starts before the night when Ragini’s truth is revealed to everyone. Ragini wanted to start a fresh life and for that she had to send Swara out of MM. But for that she had to unite her parents by telling the truth to everyone. And so she told her truth…but only to her parents and grandparents. They were shocked and said from now she is no one to them. Before leaving she got the promise from them that they won’t say anything about this to Laksh or to his family. They also agreed. Seeing their parents united, Swara confessed that it’s a fake marriage with Sanskar and moved to her parents’ house though she had started to feel something for Sanskar. She didn’t say the reason. And everyone didn’t want to ask ‘why’ making Ragini’s plan easy.

Though she was sad that her parents disowned her, she thought she had Laksh forever so she doesn’t need to be sad. But still she misses them. She was in her room lost in her own thoughts that’s when she felt a hand creep on her waist. She was shocked and about to move away but that person holds her closely and whispered “Shh…It’s me.” She sighed knowing that it’s only her husband. After Swara went out of MM, the house became normal without any drama or cat and mice fight. Laksh decided to move on with Ragini. So they will be having some innocent kisses on cheeks, back hug, harmless flirting and like that. Ragini was happy that atleast everything is going on like she wished. But it is always known that silence is the sign of storm And the storm came in the form of Sujatha. She wanted both Swaragini to be out of the house. Since Ragini had threatened Sujatha by mentioning Sanskar before, she decided to throw her out of the house. So she decided to expose her. She had already recorded the last conversation she had with her parents. And there… her truth is revealed to everyone. Family members decided to get them divorce. Ragini didn’t go to her parents instead she went inside her room, which would become Laksh’s room after their divorce. She entered the room and found it was beautifully decorated. She remembered what happened that evening before her truth was exposed.

Laksh back hugged Ragini and whispered “Shh…It’s me.” Ragini smiled shyly. She was so happy in his arms. She felt safe and protected with him. She always wished it and now it’s happening which she couldn’t believe. It was like a dream that was felt so real but couldn’t accept that it’s all real. On other side Laksh was feeling calm and content with her in his arms. He never felt like this before. He just wanted to secure it to himself forever. So he decided to make this night a memorable night for both of them. He smiled thinking how would she react knowing his plans for the night. That’s when someone knocked on the door and asked Ragini to come quickly. Laksh immediately sent her out and decorated the whole room himself {like Ragini did in the serial.} and waited to have his wife all for himself, but that’s when the ugly truth came out.

Seeing the beautiful decorations, new set of tears formed in her eyes and sat on the bed with a thud not knowing what to do. She wanted this to happen, she wanted to start a new life with her husband but everything is changed, now he is going to be her soon to be ex husband and adding to her misery these decorations are like mocking her that she will never get Laksh’s love.

Laksh was the most affected one by the disclosure of Ragini’s truth. He had never ever thought that his so called innocent wife would do such evil things that too to her sister. But what made him mad was she had fooled him. She may not have got his love, but she got his trust. He trusted her completely and blindly. He fought for her thinking that Swasan were trying to defame his soon to be ex wife. He thought he should give her the rights she deserved. He even made his mind to start a new journey with her. He didn’t know whether he loves her or not. All he knows that Ragini is his destiny. But he never thought that she would use his trust selfishly and break it into million pieces. He was shattered. He thought only about ‘she breaks his trust’. But he never thought ‘why’ she did EVERYTHING. If at all he had thought he would have known that it was all for HIM, her soon to be ex husband.

He entered the room and saw his soon to be ex wife sitting on the bed like she was lost in her own thoughts. He just rolled his eyes and thought she is thinking another plan to show herself that she is innocent. He was about to walk towards the restroom but his wrist was held by her soft hand which made him stiff feeling the soft skin on his’. He slowly turned around and found that she was already looking at him. Her eyes flared with love and determination. He could feel what that intense gaze is doing to him yet he locked it up and looked at her with cold eyes trying to frighten her. But she neither leaves his hand nor moved her eyes from his’. “What?” His tone holds the coldness but she ignored it and continued staring at him. He didn’t make a move to remove her hand.

He just kept on gazing her eyes, which he had never done before; maybe due to the guiltiness that he still loves someone even after married or so he thought, or maybe he wanted to ignore it so that he won’t fall for her. But seeing the love she has for him and its intensity, the closeness and a soft skin contact, everything is sending a shiver inside his rigid body. He could feel that his body was tensing in her touch. He didn’t want to feel them yet his body felt it without his damn permission. ‘Traitor’ he scolded his own body. Now feeling these many reactions, he didn’t want to stand there and do something which he might regret tomorrow morning. So he tried to move away from her hold but she didn’t leave him. She just tightened her grip. “I want you” Her voice came out without holding its usual softness but it had such intensity that it made his heart flip. “What?” His voice came out in whisper. “Make love to me Laksh; only once, on this day, the day before our divorce.” Her voice held pleading. It made adrenaline rush inside his body. His breathe became heavy due to the abnormal beat of his heart. He took deep breathe to control his heart also to stable his mind to think clearly, atleast this time. “You know what you are saying?” He asked like he was making sure he heard her correctly. “I know. I am asking only one time Laksh. I am still your wife.” She said making him know what she wants. “You are ordering me.” He said while narrowing his eyes at her to mask his emotions of his heart. “No, I am requesting you Laksh. Please atleast let this wish of mine to be granted. Please.” She pleaded.

Before he could think more, she placed her soft lips on his’ throwing her shyness away. She didn’t know how to kiss so she just pressed her lips hard on him gripping his collars in her tight fist. He wanted to push her, fight with her, scold her and punish her. Yet… his lips moved on its’ own. The feeling of her nectarous soft lips on his rough lips for the first time, he couldn’t control the urge inside him. He had already planned to make her his’ in a different way but he never thought that they would be doing it at this situation. He slowly pulled away from her and looked into her eyes again. It had love… for him, lust… for him, pain… because of him. He closed his eyes and moved forward and kissed her again. This time it’s not a gentle one. It was full of hunger, hunger to know where these kisses lead them. He just blocked everything away. His all thoughts were on where all his hands will be roaming on her soft skin.

After the passionate love making, Ragini falls into a deep slumber while Laksh was running his fingers in her silky hair. He sighed feeling calm…completed…satisfied…peaceful…content… safe…happy! He looked at her face. He remembered what all she had done. At this calm state, his mind works and asks the question ‘WHY?’ ‘Why did she do them?’ His content heart replied ‘Only for you idiot, isn’t it obvious that she loves you more than she loves herself?’ And so he felt it, being loved by someone… not by a stranger… but by his own wife. He had never felt these things at one time and now he feels it, so she doesn’t want it to go. He didn’t know if these things are called as love but he do knows that he should not let this go. He should hold it tightly to himself and for that he should have her in his arms forever. Yes! He decided…whatever may happen, he is not going to leave her, his wife!

Next day morning… Laksh woke up with a content smile on his face. It was the best sleep he had ever had. He sleepily turns towards Ragini’s side and looked for her. But her side was empty. He frowned and moved towards restroom hoping that she was taking bath. But she wasn’t there. He then went down to the kitchen. But she wasn’t there. He searched the whole house. BUT SHE WASN’T THERE. He asked his family members for her. They were all surprised and shocked to see him searching for his soon to be ex wife. But they replied that they didn’t saw her. Sujatha taunted that she might have ran away because her real face was shown to the world. Laksh fisted his hand but didn’t say anything. He went out and pressed the accelerator of his car in search of his wife or say… love!

Ragini was sitting on a beach. Her legs were folded to her chest and chin was placed on top of knees. She was continuously staring at the ground with puffy eyes but with a bright smile on her lips. There on the sand ‘his’ name was written… Laksh! She finally felt what it was being loved from last night. She gave herself to him and she didn’t regret it any moment. It was a night full of passion… according to her it’s making love. Though his hands are rough, his touches were so soft like she would break if he goes little rough on her. With his each and every touch she felt how much he cared for her. She felt being loved. She felt completed. It was like all her dreams, wishes came true. Her smile didn’t fade. It would only increase whenever she remembers the last night. She thinks that she would be really lucky if at all she feels this feeling forever with him. But she knows that she had messed up. So she didn’t want to ask more. If she was asked to die at this second, she would happily accept it. She doesn’t want more. She don’t even want to know what Laksh thinks of her now, but she knows one thing… he wants to be free from her. Only this thing brings tears to her eyes. She didn’t know what to do next. She just kept staring at his name while the waves give tune to her happily dancing heart which reminding the last night.

Laksh searched for Ragini wherever he knows. But he couldn’t find her. Losing of someone who is close to the heart is the most terrific feeling in the world. Laksh felt it. His heart was sinking in depression when he couldn’t find her. He doesn’t even know that his eyes were already tearing. He was like a thirsty man searching for water, like a fish out of water, like a rich man searching for happiness, like a poor man longing for an opportunity. Finally something clicked his memory. “I would always love to go to beach whenever I was sad or happy.” Her words rang in his ear. He immediately turned his car towards the beach.

Ragini didn’t know how long she has been sitting like that. Suddenly she felt a cold shiver down her spine. She looked aside to find some shadows moving towards. That’s when she realized that it had become dark and she was still sitting in the same place. She looked up to find the owner of the shadows. A group of drunken men were looking at her with bad intentions also passing nasty comments on her. She gave them a disgust look and stood up from there. She just wanted to run away when someone was about to touch her but suddenly from nowhere Laksh jumped infront of her and gave them a warning look. Ragini was amazed to see Laksh there also confused about why he was here. Maybe he wanted her sign in the divorce papers. She thought to herself and sighed sadly that’s when she heard his cold tone saying “Back Off! She is my wife. Dare not to touch her.” But those men just laughed and one among them said “Well, tonight she is going to be everyone’s wife. (He looked at Ragini and said) Come on babe… satisfy your husbands’ needs” Ragini shivered hearing his disgusting comments. That man started to laugh along with his group but suddenly fell unconscious on the ground with blood pouring out from his mouth and nose. Laughter died immediately, those men looked at him then at Laksh who was breathing heavily giving murderous look to the one on the ground. Those men then looked at his hands to find that man’s blood dropping from them. They were scared and ran away from that place.

Laksh jumped on the one who was still on the ground unconsciously and kicked his face with his tight fist. Ragini was bewildered to see Laksh’s such behavior. She ran towards him and tried to pull him off from that man. But she couldn’t. Laksh was fuming in uncontrollable anger. He continuously kicked him without caring about Ragini’s protest. “LAKSH… STOP… Please stop!” Her voice stopped him. She was crying that Laksh might kill him in anger. Hearing her cries he immediately stood up and faced her. All his anger fades away. Seeing her infront of him after a long day of searching, he felt happy. He felt like he had got his heart back. But he didn’t do anything. He just took her hand and held it tightly like if he loosens the grip she might go away from him. He dragged her towards the car and drove to MM. Throughout the drive; he didn’t speak a word to her. Ragini was trying to ask something but just shut herself seeing him.

Finally they reached MM. Laksh again held her hand tightly and took inside. Everyone was surprised to see Laksh with Ragini. Ragini was not ready to face them after last night but Laksh didn’t mind it. He said “Ragini is my wife. Divorcing her or starting a family with her, it’s entirely MY wish! I don’t want anyone’s advice on this matter. So now I decided that she is going to stay with me by my side, FOREVER. I hope you all understand it and accept her with her flaws. I know it may take time but please don’t ignore her. If at all you would give cold shoulder or taunt her in my absence then give it to me too. Because I am the reason she did everything. So if she gets a punishment, then I should also get it. I hope you all understand it.” With that he moved towards his room without waiting for any reply and of course dragging his wife along with him.

After reaching the room, he sighed and sat on the bed. He didn’t look at her from the moment he started to drive from beach. But he knows that she was looking at him now and then. Even now he could feel her intense stare. Ragini was in awe seeing the Laksh infront of her. He was not the Laksh she had known from the start. This Laksh had many difference from him and of course they are all good difference. Seeing him standing for her, made her heart flatter. She had never in her wild dreams imagined it. And this feeling is overwhelming her. Tears formed in her eyes. She wanted to confront him but he just stood and went to the restroom to fresh up. She waited for him. She had many unanswered questions. She wanted the answers from him. So she waited for him. But when he came out he just went directly to his bed without giving a damn to Ragini. She sighed and went to fresh up.

Ragini was nervously playing with her fingers. She didn’t know where to sleep. She was confused if she should sleep near him or on the couch. She wanted the damn answers but he was giving her cold shoulder. So she slowly took the pillow and blanket for herself and moved towards the couch. “Where are you going?” His voice gave goosebumps to her. She timidly turned and said without looking at him “To sleep.” She heard the footsteps nearing her. But she didn’t look up. She doesn’t know why. She became more nervous when she saw his feet infront of her yet she didn’t look up.

“Look at me!” He ordered her. But she didn’t. He moved his hand to her chin and made her eyes to lock with his’. “I said look at me! You were looking at me like a meat last night but now why are you crawling away from me?” He asked coldly. Ragini gasped but didn’t answer him. “What became shy all of a sudden? Oh come on Ragini! You were like a feisty cat last night.” Now his tone was full of mischievous making Ragini to think ‘Is he a bipolar?’ but didn’t say it loud. Instead she blushed and tried to look away but he moved close to her and held her by her waist earning a soft gasp from her. “You know how much I missed you? I was searching for you like a crazy person. I searched for you everywhere, but I couldn’t find you. You know, you made me cry too. Why? Why did you leave me? Huh? Don’t you feel anything last night? Didn’t you feel what I felt for you last night? Didn’t you get what I was trying to show you last night? Huh? Tell me damn it! You just left me like…” He looked away as he doesn’t want to say anything bad and hurt her. He closed his eyes to let go of his tears. He didn’t want to hide them. After all she is going to live with him throughout his life, so she can see him at any state. His each and every word was like arrow to her heart. She didn’t expect that he would be affected this much because of her sudden disappearance. He was standing infront of her and expressing his vulnerable state to her. It enlightened her. He was also feeling the same that she is feeling for him. Before she could say anything, his lips met hers’. She was startled at first but then responded to him. His kiss became more dominating making her moan his name. He left her lips and attacked her neck while filling her fragrance in his lungs. Her hands moved towards his hair and tucked them pulling him more to her. His hands moved down her curves and picked her up. He then moved towards their bed and placed her like a flower.

Clothes are abandoned on the floor. Sweat was running from their body and fell on the messed bed. Chests were moving up and down taking more air to calm down. Lying in each other’s arms Ragini and Laksh just closed their eyes feeling the completeness. It was nothing like last night. It was full of expressing how much they loved each other. Laksh looked at Ragini with all his love on her while Ragini looked at him in awe. “I…I…don’t know when exactly I had fallen for you. But all I know is I had fallen very hardly for you, Ragini. I love you Ragini. I love you. I love you so much. So much that it hurts when you leave me. Please…please don’t leave me.” With that he hugged her tightly and hid his face in her neck. His tears dropped on her neck assuring that whatever he said now was all true. She always wanted this. She wanted her husband to accept her with all her flaws. And now she found him. She was inside his arms having the most wonderful feeling that her love was being reciprocated. Tears brimmed in her eyes and sobs too came out. She hugged him back smiling with tears and whispered “I love you too Laksh.” Her words pumped the happiness in his heart. He broke the hug and looked into her eyes while she too did the same and said “I love you Laksh. I love you so much. Thank you for coming into my life.”

Though the family members didn’t accept Ragini wholeheartedly, they didn’t hurt her or ignore her for Laksh. But as day passed… the hatred, past everything had fade away and they started to live happily as one family. Swara and Sanskar married in real as they realized their love for each other. Laksh had never stopped to love his wife. He would always do something to let her know that she is very much important to him. And at present Ragini is waiting to give a big surprise for her husband. She was decorating the room like he did for her.

Suddenly he came and back hugged her. He inhaled her fragrance and let out a soft sigh making Ragini blush. “You look so beautiful.” He said in whispery tone sending shivers to her body. He looked around and found the room being decorated like a bride. He turned her around and raised his eyebrow for the decorations. She just smiled shyly and held his hand and took him to the bed. She made him sit and she sat on his lap and hugged him tightly. Laksh didn’t know what she was planning but he didn’t complain about it as she was already making him feel happy. He smiled and hugged her closely to himself. She slowly pulled away from him and took his hand and placed it on her stomach earning a confused face from him. She giggled and slowly leaned to his ear and whispered “We are pregnant!” Her words made his eyes widen in surprise. He pulled her away to look at her face. She was biting her lower lip nervously thinking about how he would react. But to her utter surprise, his eyes became teary. She was shocked and was about to wipe them away but he didn’t let her. He just hugged like his life depends on her. “Thank you…” He said softly. He pulled away and kissed her lips gently. “Thank you for making me the happiest man in this world. I love you Ragini.” He said with love which made her feel happy and content. “We love you too Laksh.” She said making him chuckle with tears in his eyes.


If at all these had happened in serial, then it would have became a blockbuster hit, isn’t it? But…that’s ok! So how is this os? It’s not preplanned. Just wrote what I thought immediately. If there are any mistakes please forgive me.

Keep smiling…love you all!

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