RagLak- Aliens at my house (chapter 4)

Thank you everyone my dears for comments and yes, I already said this is inspired from japan anime daa daa daa. Thanks for liking this ff..

Chapter starts..

Ragini shocks looking chotu who is flying in air. Suddenly a chain near Adarsh blinks with a sound.

“What..?? This terratrial object detector is blinking…!!” Thinks Adarsh and rushes out, but suddenly bumps into pari who just came. Adarsh shocks looking at her.

Pari feeling shy… “Adarsh ji..you need not show your love before everyone like this..! You can bump me when we are alone..!!”

Students start laughing. Adarsh scolds parineetha.

She hiding her face among Hands.. “hayy..adarsh ji, don’t talk silly like that in front of all… I’m getting shy..!!”

Now students laugh even more. Ragini slowly peeps out of class room while Adarsh was busy in scolding pari. Laksh follows Ragini where she is going…

Kavya who was concerned follows them secretly.

“Where are you going..??” Laksh asks Ragini.

“Chotu is here..!!”


“Yes..!! I saw him flying.. he probably followed us..!!” Ragini says.

Both runs to search chotu. Kavya misses sight of them. She sighs.

“Do they love each other..??” She thinks.

Ragini and Laksh runs out of college. They are amazed to see sanskar is eating golgappe. He was admiring at them.

“Sanskar…!” They both shouts.

He won’t respond.

“I think he forgot his name on earth..!!!” Says Laksh and calls, “sankopedia..!!”

Then sanskar turns to them. He smiles and about to float in air to come near them. Raglak shocks and goes near him. They hold his hands and make him stand on land.

“I said not to fly..!!” Laksh says.

“What are you doing here leaving chotu aside..!!!” Ragini questions.

“Chotu…??” Sanskar questions.

“Chotapedia.!!” Both shouts..!!

“Oh no..!! Where is he..??” Sanskar starts searching him here and there.

“Why did you come here btw..!!”

“Chotu was crying to see you both..so i came with him. My eyes fell on this food item. I thought to taste them..and chotu missed..!!” Sanskar tells.

Three runs to search Chotu.

“It’s not correct if we go in one direction. Let’s split…”

Three runs in three directions. Ragini goes and finds chotu struck to top of tree. His shirt was struck to tree stem. He was crying.. “daa…!!”

“Chotu…!!” Ragini shocks. Laksh just comes there searching in his direction.

“I will climb.” Ragini tell and about to go.

“No Ragini. My dad has given your responsibility to me. I can’t let you get hurt..!!” Laksh is about to go. Ragini get attracted to his words. But she,

“In same way, I have chotu’s responsibility..!! I’m his mother on earth..!!” Says Ragini.

Laksh keeps hands on her shoulders. “Then, I’m his father. I too have his responsibility..let me go..” Laksh says.

Ragini looks on with red cheeks.

Laksh climbs the tree and gets chotu into his hands. Chotu hugs Laksh and he rubs his head.

“Chotu…” Ragini shouts… chotu laughs and flies from Laksh and comes near Ragini.

Next Sanskar takes Chotu into his hands. Laksh jumps from tree… and accidentally, he falls on Ragini… she shocks.

Ragini is on floor laksh is top of her. Chotu is clapping his hands.

Sanskar closes his eyes…

Raglak has eye lock with thier cheeks turning red..

“Oh my… love on earth..!!” Sanskar says.

Raglak gets up and sets themselves, they both unison shout on sanky.. “stop..!”

“You intentionally jumped on me right laksh..!!” Ragini shouts.

“I think you are much interested on me. That’s why, you stood right below me..!!” Laksh says turning away face.

“Stop you jerk…!!!” Ragini shouts.

And area is covered with chotu’s laughs.

Precap: real form of kavya..ragini shocks.

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