love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 16)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the next epi of ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous”.hope you all gonna like it. Thanx for your support, appreciation and comments. Let’s start the epi.

Next day
Sanskar woke up and get ready after having bath he has worn white deep neck tee with light brown denim and blazer. Than he went to make breakfast for him. He was having his bf when he get a call from his senior.
Senior : hii, sanskar.
Sanskar : jai hind sir how may I help you.
Senior : are you still in Delhi? Or you left the place.
Sanskar : sir I am in Delhi only. Anything important.
Senior : sanskar we had get an info that in xyz place. some gang is kidnapping the girl than after drugging them. they are driving s*x racket. Their is a trannie of our in those girl who had gather the all info and she will help you their to free those girls and catching the real culprits.
Sanskar : ok sir but, how will I contact her? Senior : this is her contact no. 9856****** and her name is miss tejaswi. You can get other info’s from her so take care and all the best for your new mission.
Sanskar : thanks sir and I’ll complete the mission successfully bye have a good day sir. Than they hung up the call. Sanskar had his bf and he call tejaswi.

At call.
Sanskar : hello am I talking to miss tejaswi.
Tejaswi : yes I am tejaswi speaking. Who are you?
Sanskar : actually I am seeing the mission about xyz place. Will u pls email me all the details about the mission.
Tejaswi : ok officer I will. Anything else.
Sanskar : hmm actually will you plz tell me how will I identify u their in those girl.
Tejaswi : let it be their is no need of that we will contact through phone if it will be important to meet I will contact you so chill officer. Than she hung up the call. Tejaswi send the email to sanskar. Sanskar check the all info she had told him to came to the place at 8:00 pm.

@ xyz place
@ 8:00pm
Sanskar enter inside the place. that place was fully crowded. People were dancing and drinking he went inside. And start searching here and their when he reach at a place where is so many room. Every room which have curtains all around and contain a bed in mid and girls was lying on the bed halfly unconsciouse. When he was checking the room just than a guard stops him.
Guard : who r you? And why are you going inside every room. Just go from here.
Sanskar : hey how dare you stop me I had spend money for this and tell me in which room my girl is?
Guard : sir about whom you are talking tell me the name or room no. which ur agent had told u only than I can help you. Otherwise you may leave from here. Now sanskar get confuse what to do? he think that tejaswi will be here also as she had tell me. But did she had tell her real name. no, she will be that much intelligent to hide her real name. Hmm now what should I do?

Guard : sir, what happened tell me?
Sanskar : actually I forget the room no. And I didn’t ask her name. I had seen her pic only wait I’ll ask about it and tell you. Guard get doubt on him.
Guard : ok sir u can. Sanskar went aside and msg tejaswi and tell him the happening and ask about that is she had tell her real name or fake name? And the room no. Than tejaswi replied that she had tell her name jassi and she is at room no. 112. Sanskar went back to guard and ask about jassi. Guard take him to room and than he enter inside and bolted the door. He saw a girl sitting their in navey blue colour hoddie and white colour jeggi.
Sanskar : so, u r tejaswi? Their was very dim light inside so, he was not able to see her face.
Tejaswi : yupp I m tejaswi.

Sanskar : why didn’t u tell me befor about all this. I think because of all this he may had doubt on me.
Tejaswi : that is what I want?
Sanskar : why you want so?
Tejaswi : you see as he had doubt on you he will tell about the main person of the group as I get to know he is here tonight. Than I’m sure he will send some goons here who will be coming here in some second than we will beat them. Than the main culprit will come with his bodyguards. Than we will catch him.
Sanskar : do you think it will be that easy?
Tejaswi : I m not a fool ok I had inform sir he will send his trusted officer here for helping us but we have to complete stage one ok.
Sanskar : u r not that much fool as i think gud going by the way nice plan. Now we should wait for the goons. Wait I have one work. He types something in his phone.
Tejaswi : what r u doing?

Sanskar : nthng much I was msging my frends to enter the rooms and stop those idiots to send those girls from here and take them all to one room.
Tejaswi : ok now we should be ready for first stage. And do one thing pls cover your mouth first.
Sanskar : why, what happened?
Tejaswi : just do it man. He was covering his mouth just than they heard knocking sound.
Tejaswi : so ready for the stage one.
She opens the door. And seven to eight people enter inside. Sanskar was hidden behind the door he than hit two goons with stick they fell down then two goons went to him when one of them hit sanskar on his abdomen. Sanskar bented. And he kick one of them and hit another on his face and their tejaswi went toward a drawer and took out the spry bottle and spry it on left three goons and they fell down. Here sanskar has beaten the goons badly than tejaswi went toward them and spry on their face and they also fell down. They take them all toward the bed and than was tieing when sanskar asked her.

Sanskar : what was their in that bottle?
Tejaswi : what else chloroform yr. See if we spry blacks paper than it will be affected only for some moment Than they will again start fighting. But because of chloroform they will be unconscious for at least three hour so no danger. See I m too smart isn’t I.
Sanskar : oh really if had enough praising session than pls call sir and ask when those officers will reach.
Tejaswi : ok yr I’m calling u take a chill pill. By the way u r arguing with me as if u know me from much time.
Sanskar : pls will u call.
Tejaswi : ok I m calling sir. She went aside to call. And here sanskar start thinking.
Sanskar : she was telling right I m behaving with her as if I know her from much time. Actually I m behaving just like I used to behave with Ragini.
After call tejaswi come toward him.
Tejaswi : sanskar, sir told that officers is on the way they will reach in 5 minutes. Now i think the leader will be coming so get ready for the last stage.
Sanskar : yupp let’s do it.
Just than a man with some bouncer type people come inside.

Leader : who the hell r u? And why did u came here? How dare u? What did u think of urself, hero hmm?
Sanskar : i don’t think ur that much dumb that u don’t know why i m here? No problm i will tell u i came here to rescue the girls and get u aressted. And about daring am much more daring from it.
Than the leader sign his goons. They attack on sanskar and tejaswi. Sanskar pick up the stick with which he had beaten goons before. He start beating goons when one of them took stick from his hand and start beating him and he was also fighting back. here tejaswi also spred the spry on four goons but spry got finished as she was using it from when she was here to make unconsiouse those people come to her room. Than she also start fighting but as they are much in no. so, goons overpowered both tejaswi and sanskar. Just than officers come and after some fighting they arrested all them. They send both tejaswi and sanskar to hospital for treatment and rescued all girls.

@ hospital
As tejaswi had got little wound doctor descharged him. So she went to meet sanskar but as he was injured badly he was unconsciouse. At that time a nurse come inside so tejaswi told her smthing and went from their. After some hour sanskar gain consiouse he remembered all thing and at last he remembered that he had shown ragini befor falling unconsious.
So, friends this is diksha signing off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous”. Hope u all will like it and thanx a lot for it comments, support and appreciation

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    1. Diksha

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    NIce is Ragini actually Tejasswi xx

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    1. Diksha

      thanx for comment and i m glad u like it

    1. Diksha

      thanx alot for appreciation and comment i m glad u like it.

    1. Diksha

      thanx alot for ur precious comment and support. i m glad u like it.

    1. Diksha

      i m glad u like it thanx for ur precious comment, support and appreciation. thanx again

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