Star cross love abhigya (episode 30) last part

Here goes the last shot
Someone was descending the stairs that persons face is revealed its a small girl wearing a white frock with a tiara on her head she was looking like an angel she came running towards abhigya she hugged abhi saying papa abhi took her in his arms n kissed her forehead ur looking so beautiful angel she said because im the daughter of u na .then a sound came all saw upstairs it was a little boy showing his back. All were eager to see his face all shouted come on rockstar that boy turned he was wearing a black top n faded jeans with wristband n dogtag on his neck with a coolers a n band on his head descended the stairs.the rockstar tune plays the boy said oye figgy forgot me na pragya picked him up saying no how could I forget my rockstar he said u always forget me when standing beside ur husband.all laughed.pragya said abhi yes they r our abhigya little angels pratya n abhiram.OK all r confused right how twins were born when I said she lost her one child so let’s travel to their past.

Fb now pragya was on verge of delivery all were taking care of her like a queen.ranveer n ishu too returned all were happily chatting when pragya screamed suddenly her water broke it was 3 days bfr the date of delivery.all rushed to hospital .abhi too came there all were tensed doctor came out abhi asked doctor my wife doc said she’s in a critical condition so pls sign the formalities abhi was shocked when he saw those words that hosp is not responsible if anything happen to his wife or child he signed it making his heart a stone all prayed fr pragya when all heard sound of a baby crying followed by another cry from pragya ward all were happy the doc said congrats abhi u have twins one boy n one girl all were happy nurse came n gave the babies in his hands.abhi was feeling heavenly his heart pumping louder with joy he was having his babies in his hands he dreamed they’ll reach age of 26 they achieve great things n they’d tk of their parents he daydreamed about them he was happy all blessed the baby n admired them abhi gave them to his parents n went to doc cabin.

doc said that pragya was carrying triplets but one child was hidden from view that why they thought it was twins so pragya lost one of her baby. Abhi was happy but sad at the loss of his child he thanked the doc n went he bought sweets n distributed to whole hospital all blessed his children abhis family was seeing this they were pragya her babies n all were Happy pragya forgot all her pain seeing her children’s smile she thought she could undergo any kind of difficult fr this angelic smile. Now we r celebrating the fifth birthday of these angels all were smiling n singing happy birthday to u pragya n abhi happy birthday to u they cut the cake n fed each it was a lovely I was capturing this moments n they fed all screen freezes over their happy faces .

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I have an idea of continuing this ff with their children if its okk tell me if so then I’ll update it from 1 Feb bye guys love u all once again.bye

  1. love u to sweetness plzzzz u should continue okay love u loads keep going waiting for next part soon

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks Lopez I’ll continue soon.

  2. sema super cute lovely ff

    love u so much with lot of kiss 4 u dear……….

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    Suprb darlu so cute and iam so happy tat u ll continue it waiting fr it love u??????

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    Why you stopped…I say you should continue…

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  5. Awesome ending sweet heart each and every scene is superb twin kids with beautiful family such a sweet episode it is a lovable ff waiting for your other stories

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      Thanks Dr minu I’m going to ctn it dr

  6. Asmithaa

    Superb my dear Princess… but I didn’t think that u will end this soon.. I am going to miss this???.. I hope that u will come back with a new ff… love u soo much.. ?????. This ff was so interesting and awesome.. u rocked it.. I liked each and every update of this ff.. love u I was a smooth end.. And I didn’t except the twist.. U rocked it dear… ??????????????

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my Dr aasmitha di love u too as some said I’m going to ctn this ff di so don’t worry I love u di

  7. Loved it to the core

  8. Prabhi

    Do continue

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      Thanks I’ll continue prabhi

  9. Prathi

    Awww Princess that was cute please do continue wanna see some lil rock star’s masti…

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  10. Awesome angel??
    Do continue it?
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  11. B_Ani

    super dear…but u ended it? so sad…but i am glad that u r continuing it. no questions. u hv to continue.
    love u…
    btw, tell me ur bday dear.

  12. Princesskrisha

    Thanks ani darling I’ll continue it n my birthday is finished it was on Jan 11

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    Hey Krishu 🙂 How are u? Long time no see again! Anyway awesome story krishu and why are u asking if I can continue….there is no question in this u have tooo! no other option dear…so sorry 😛 And Also belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE U GET ALL THE HAPPINESS AND OPPORTUNITIES U DESERVE! 🙂 🙂 lots of love and care from ur weirdo friend! 😛

  14. Beautiful ending my angel..loved the each and every scenes..awww soooooo cute dear…u should continue….love you baby?????…come back soon…take care?

  15. Sethidisha002

    ya plz continue i love to read it

  16. Hey u forgot. one thing u said right u tell about abhi bro in coming episode but u didn’t mention about abhi bro

  17. Awesome update krisha….nice ending….abhigya kids are very cute….pls continue further if you have enough time…. waiting for that….take care dear….

  18. Cone back with another ff soon.
    Loved the twins. Happy ending. Thanks fir mentioning my name. I am only 15 so I think you r my di

  19. Maya

    All the best for your competitions!!?? Happy belated birthday?? and this was a splendid update!!! Waiting for the continuation sis??
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