Ragini ka Sanskar (3shots) shot-2

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shot 1

Ragsan r sitting on their fav spot..ragini rested her head on sanskar shoulder nd they entangled their fingers…
Ragini:when will u tell to ur mom about us..
Sanskar:i was waiting for right time..
Ragini:when will it come..i cant be stay away frm u..
Sanskar:what if my mom said no…

Ragini:i will make her agree
Sanskar:what if my mom already choosed girl for me..
Ragini:i will kill her..u r mine..u r only my sanskar..ragini ka sanskar..
Sanskar smiles nd hugged her nd says im only yours..i will talk to mom tomorrow…
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:u forgot something
Sanskar:yesterday u promised me..give my kiss
Ragini:first u talk with aunty..then u will get..
Sanskar:no..i want now only..

Sanskar pouts..ragini smiles nd kissed his lips..sanskar too reciprocates..they r kissing passionately. Their blissful kiss brk by raginivmbl ring…sanskar says ur mbl has no sense..ragini smiles nd lifts d mbl…after a while she cutted call..
Ragini:when u r around me..i forgot all d things..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini: today i have concert i have to go..(signing is her passion ,she likes to participate small concerts with her friends)
sanskar: u even didnt told me about it..
Ragini:i said na i forgot..u r coming na..

Ragini:xyz place..k im going..u call me when u reached there..bye..
She gives him a hugs nd rushed to her scooty nd leaves..

Sanskar comes home…nd got ready..he about to go but sujatha stopped him..
Suji:i have to go out..take me
Sanskar:where maa..i have to go somewhere..
Suji:office got over na..then where u r going..come with me..
Sanskar helplessly went with suji…they reached where suji wants to come..sanskar was surprised as it was the place wherw ragini concert will take place…
Sanskar:maa..why we r here
Suji:here some classical music concert was going on..so i want to see
Sanskar:but maa..who told u it was classical
Suji:my frnd told me..u knw na i love classical music..

Sanskar could speak..suji stops hom nd says enough of questions come with me..saying she drags him..sanskar in mind oh god i dont understand anything ,its a ragini concert that too westren..maa said it was classical..i dont knw what will happen maa see her…
They gets inside nd Seattled on seats..sanskar was thinking how to take suji frm there…
Sanskar:maa..im getting headache
Suji:k..u go home take rest

Sanskar:no maa u should also come with me..
Suji about to speak but stopped looking at stage nd murmurs this girl..sanskar eyes got widen ,he slowly turned his face nd looked at stage nd shocked to see ragini in traditional attire holding sitar…
Sanskar in mind ..ragini.. classical concert..am i dreaming..is it her plan to impress maa..but she didnt even told me…his thoughts brken by rag voice…she was singing melodiously..all r lost in her voice..sanskar was stares at her…suji was fully impressed…
At the same time camera shift to othet side of that same place..we can see one girl who was in tank top nd torned jean playing guitar passionately..it revealed to be ragini….her eyes for searching for sanskar but he was no where to be seen..she gets disappointed..but she rocked d performance….

Otherside…the girl who was look like ragini completed her performance…all r leaving…sanskar says maa u go nd sit in car..i will come in few minutes..suji nodded nd goes…sanskar searched thst girl nd founds backside on stage…he neard her nd hugs her..that girl was stood frozen…sanskar brks d hug nd says u knw u r my drama queen..i love u so much..k maa was waiting bye..saying he leaves..the girl looked at disappearing figure of sanskar with confused eyes…someone called her ragika come..(ragini look like mame is Ragika)..she goes but her mind filled with sanskar action…
In car..suji was lost im thoughts..
Sanskar:maa what r u thinking.

Suji:about that girl..i misunderstood her at mall..but she is a nice girl..
Sanskar(smiles):ha..maa do u like her..
Suji:ha sanskar..first i thought she was a modern but she was a pure traditional girl nd good talent..
Sanskar smiles nd thought something….they reached home nd had dinner…sanskar gets a ragini call..
Sanskar:bolo sweet heart
Ragini:y didnt u came to my concert
Sanskar:r u joking..i came

Ragini(in mind i think i missed to see him in that crowd):really u came na..i didnt find u anywhere
Sanskar:r u kidding me..after ur performance i hugged u na..
There was no response
Sanskar finds it was cutted..he dails again nd got d response switched off…
Here ragini who finds her phone was dead..cursed d phone nd throws it nd sleeps….
@next day
Sanskar called ragini..
Sanskar:come at xyz cafe..nd wear traditional suit

Sanskar:i want to introduce maa
Ragini:really..so u r going to say about us..
Sanskar:ha..come fast..nd dont forget to talk politely..nd one more thing ,take mom blessings..
Ragini:k baba ..i will manage..bye

After sometime..suji sanskar sits in xyz cafe…
Suji:sanskar y u took me here
Sanskar:maa i want to say something
Suji:tho bolo
Sanskar:she came(looked at the direction the way ragini was coming..she wears a blue anarkali suit)
Suji(looked at her):this girl

Ragini comes to them..she bends infront of suji for her blessings….she blessed her..ragini sits beside sanskar…suji was confused..
Sanskar:maa vo..
Ragini in mind why he was stammering without telling,ragini signs him to tell (without knowledge of suji)
Sanskar:maa..she is ragini.. i like her..nd i want to marry her..
Suji shocked..she looks at ragini who gives a nervous smile..
Suji:sanskar..so u knw eo before only..then u told me u didnt knw her in mall..so u lied to me naa..

Sanskar:no maa…whenever i saw her in temple..i started to like her..
Ragini in mind when i wore saree..i think he cooked up story..
Sanskar continues yesterday after seeing her singing i fell for her..nd i proposed her..she accepted me…u knw na i like traditional girls only like u..
Ragini in mind oh u like traditional girls only i will see u after aunty left…
Sanskar:maa u said last night..u likes her so..i thought to tell this..

Suji:ha sanskar but..i dont knw anything about her family nd all
Ragini:my parenrs r in london aunty..they will come next weak..if u want they will meet u..
Sanskar:maa..she is a good girl nd we love each other truly..agree maa
Suji(thinking some time):k..i will talk to her parents nxt weak..
Ragsan wr happy…
Sanskar:thank u so much maa..i love u..
Suji(smiles):ragini u sang very well yesterday in concert..
Ragini( thought about her performance):thank u aunty

Suji:do u knw cooking
Ragini lookes at sanskar who signs her say yes..so ragini nodded positively…they had coffee…
Suji gets a call frm ram so she went aside…ragini hugged sanskar tightly..
Sanskar:ragini all r watching us..
Ragini:i dont care..im very happy..

Sanskar:maa will come
Ragini brks d hug nd kissed his cheek..sanskar smiled at her excitement…suddenly ragini pinches sanskar..sanskar looked at her puzzled..she says u likes traditional girls na…sanskar says sorry with pout..ragini smiles..suji came nd says ur dad waiting for me at home come we should go now…suji bid bye to ragini..suji sanskar r goes..before he gets into car sanskar looked at ragini..she gives a flying kiss..sanskar smiles nd goes..

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  1. Mmp

    Ragika..omg..me.. Traditional.. Hehe..
    Awesome update lahari.. :-*
    Hope you will not break my heart in the end..:-P 😉 update soon dea..:-*

    1. Shrilatha

      Sorry ragika but we can’t let u have sanky…he is for our ragini…kidding yaar

      1. Mmp

        Hahaha…. No worries shri…I am not asking her to pair me up with sanskaar.. 😀 He is like brother to me..;-)
        I just said don’t break my heart…Please last me mennu single naa rhne dena lahari … 😛

    2. Varshni

      Hey ragika diii u are helping our ragsan to get married I guess !!!! Cupid haan ????

  2. Shrilatha

    Awesome akka…thanks ragika for getting our ragsan married

  3. Sindhura

    I hope he will marry ragini
    Instead of ragika

  4. Inu

    Superb epi

  5. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dr

  6. Dharani


  7. awesome

  8. nice post soon

  9. Asw

    Nice keep going

  10. Asra

    awesome akka….plz unite ragsan….loved it alot…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka….

  11. Omg do do Ragi 😮
    Ragini ka Sanskaar means Sanku gonna marry Ragini only.But pls dont Ragika’s heart :’-(
    Bring another hero for Ragika at the ending plsss sis :-*
    Ummmaaaa to u for Ragini-Sanskaar & Ragika-Sanskaar’s awesome scenes <3

    1. Mmp

      Thank you ani.. for ur concern 😛 .. Love you :-*

      1. Love u too Ragi :-*
        Btw which hero u want for yourself let us know 😉

      2. Mmp

        Hahaha…Its totally her choice.. I don’t have any crush on any hero.. 😛

      3. Ragi sis :’-( why r u not posting Intangible Feeling here??Jaan logi kya iss innocent bacchi ki?? :’-(

      4. Mmp

        Really sorry for the delay ani..will try to post soon..
        Btw..I had posted my new story.. Do check it.. 🙂

      5. Thank u dear :-*
        I read & commented on Do I know u,it’s awesome.I read Khatti Meethi also on watty.That is also very very cute.Loving both the ffs

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  13. A.xx

    amazing and total siyappa xx

  14. Varshni

    Wow wow wow that’s mind blowing !!!

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