Ragini ka Sanskar (3shots) shot-1

Hiii friends..lahari here with ragsan OS…its my 10th story on ragsan..thank u so much for ur encouragement friends…

@xyz mall
Ragini came shopping with her friends..suddenly her eyes fell on one man who was looling dashing in black suit..ragini runs , jumps on him nd hugs him tightly…the man was shocked nd his mother who was behind him widened her eyes..
Mother(shouts):sanskar(he is our sanky only) what is this
Sanskar(brks d hug): i dont knw anything mom..nd u(to ragini) what is this all ha..who r u..dont u have manners(angrily)
Ragini(bites her nails):vo..vo
Suji:what vo..vo..dont u have shame..behave like a girl
Ragini:sry aunty..ur son is great business man na..im a bigggg fan of him..suddenly seeing him i cant control..sry..sry mr sanskar maheswari
saying she goes..
Suji:sanskar stay away frm this type of girls..see her dress(rag wore denim short nd sleeveless top)..u knw na i hate this type of girls..shameless girl..
Sanskar:leave it mom
Suji:she make my mood karab
Sanskar:forget about that..come..

Ragini going to fitting room holding a dress..she gets inside nd about close but someone stopped nd entered inside nd closed d door..ragini looks at him angrily..his face revealed to be sanskar…
Ragini:who r u..this is girls changing room..dont u have manners
Sanskar:sry baba..mujhe maaf kardo
[They wr in love]
Ragini(she hits him with her hands):u shouted on me angrily..idiot
Sanskar(stops her holding her hands nd hugs her):u knw it was fake..why u hugged me that too infront of my mom..
Ragini:it has been i weak u left London leaving me here..i missed u so much(she tightened her grip)..u told whenever u land here ,meet me only..but u..(she brks d hug nd pouts angrily)
Sanskar(smiles nd encircled his both hands around her waist):2hrs back only i landed here..i got tired so i slept..evening only i woke up nd got ready to meet u..but my mom stopped me nd askd to come shopping with her..i called u but ,u didnt pickup my call..
Ragini(bites her toungue):i forgot my mbl at home
Sanskar:k leave it..so u missed me
Ragini(encircles her both hands around his neck):sooo much..
Sanskar:me too
Ragini:i knw
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:btw what my sasuma is (suji)saying

Sanskar:im trying how to convince mom..but u gave me twist..u knw na she dont like modern girls…nd that incident..i dont knw now how to convince her..
Ragini:dnt wry im with u he na..she will agree
Sanskar:hope so
Ragini:k..then go..i have to try this dress
Sanskar:k try it..y should i go..i will help u
Ragini:no i dont need ur help..go
Ragini:k atleast close ur eyes..
Ragini( gets change):now open
Sanskar( sees she was in red lehenga):y did u take lehenga
Ragini:my friends forced me to take..she showed her back nd asks him to close these buttons
Sanskar:u only said u dont want help..
Ragini:k sry..close buttons..my hands r not reaching there
Sanskar:let them open for sometime
Sanskar:ur back looking se*y
Ragini(hits him):r u closing r not
Ragini:r u sure

Sanskar nodded..ragini opens d door nd peeps into d room nd asks to one lady who was near her..aunty can u help me..she was sujatha only..suji glared at her..ragini.. plz aunty..sanskar too peeps to see is she really calling someone r not..he sees suji coming towards them..sanskar drags ragini inside nd closed d door…suji murmurs pagal ladki…
Sanskar:r u mad
Ragini:what i did..i want help so i called her
Sanskar turns her nd closed buttons..she smiles nd wears her dupatta…
Ragini:how im looking
Ragini(smiles):i will show to my friends..saying she about go,sanskar stopped her holding her hand..
Ragini signs him what…sanskar says let me hug u once…ragini smiles..they hug eo tightly..sanskar says really i missed u so much…he brk d kiss nd kissed her forehead..ragini smiles nd pecks his lips nd runs out leaving shocked sanskar..he smiles touching his lips nd comes out without noticing anyone…
Sanskar comes to suji..
Suji:sanskar where wr u..im searching for u..
Sanskar:vo..mom i got a call frm office.
So i went aside to talk..
After a they leaves..

At night ragini gets sanskar call…
Sanskar:i got an idea to impress mom
Sanskar(told plan):wear saree nd come temple at morning 7am
Ragini:anything for u
Snskar(smiles):love u..gud nyt
Ragini:gud nyt
Sanskar:dont forget..sharp 7am
Ragini:teeke baba..bye um sleepy

Sanskar took suji to temple as per ragsan plan…sanskar searches ragini finally he found her..she wears yellow color saree with long plated braid..looking pakka traditional…sanskar smiles..
Suji:sanskar what r looking..come
Snskar:mom see that girl
Suji(looks at her):she is d same girl na whom we met in shopping
Sanskar:ha mom..see how traditional she is
Suji:ha..but i cant believe that she is same girl..k..leave it..come
Sanskar nodded nd they both went inside..rag came nd stands beside them but she doesnt look at sanskar..she seriously praying..sanskar murmurs drama queen..suji looked at her but ignored..after completing puja..suji sits there..giving some excuse sanskar comes to search ragini..he finds ragini sits somewhere..he goes nd tapped her shoulder…
She looks at him confused…
Sanskar:my drama queen..u r awesome..he gives a flying kiss
Rag:excuse me mr..who r u..what r u talking
Sanskar:revenge ha..
She was about speak..but stopped by suji voice..
Suji:sanskar what r u doing there
Rag gives a look nd leaves frm there..
Sanskar in mind oh she must seen mom thats only she behaved with me like that..
Suji:kya hua..what r u talking with that girl
Sanskar:vo..ma..she said sry for yesterday incident..actually her friends asks her to do like that..so did this..by the fact she is innocent nd traditional..for sake of her friends she wore that..
Sanskar:ha mom
They left…

@ragini home
Ragini was shown who was sleeping..her sleep disturbed by mbl ring..she wakesup nd sees it was sanskar…she says shit i forgot yo go temple nd slept like kumbakarna…
Sanskar(thought she was saying sry for morning incident in temple..to tease her pretends angry):no need ur sry
Ragini:im really sry..i will not do nxt time like this..sry..i love u..umma(kiss)
Sanskar:i want directly..not on phone
Sanskar:love u too..mom calling bye…btw u r looking fab in that Saree..saying he cuts d call
Ragini says saree?..which saree..when i wore..i thinl he got dream..she smiles..

Who was she????

Hope u guys like it..actually i wrote it 2days back only but i didnt get any title what to name..i thought alot but i didnt get..finally simply i kept this title…

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