Making memories of US by Lasya (Episode 6) (Last part)

Episode: 6
Episode starts with naira and Karthik drinking coffee together!
“After a long time… we are having coffee together like this! I’m very happy!” Karthik confessed to his wife!
“Me too…. Karthik…after a long time we are spending peaceful time…” His wife, Naira replied!
And after a long time we are going to school mamma and papa! Kanya and Niral shouted in grief!
Karthik and Naira turned back to see them!
“My dear, Niral, Today you don’t want to go to school?”
“Yes papa, I don’t want to!”
“Then what about you Kanya?”
“Me too mamma, I don’t want to go!”
“If you don’t go to school then how will you get knowledge? You must go to school” Naira started convincing them softly!
“Yes Niral and Kanya! You must go to school…get educated and become famous” Karthik continued!
“Papa, only today we will not go! Please…” Kanya said pouting
“Yes mamma! Please only today.” Niral added up
“No…Niral already you both …”
“Naira, let them stay in home for today” Karthik interrupted!
“But Karthik… they are on leave since last two weeks”
“Very funny, Naira, they are just U.K.G and First grade! Come on Naira, today It’s Friday, tomorrow it’s Saturday and then Sunday… obviously Saturdays and Sundays are holidays for them… them enjoy for three more days… they will go from Monday!”
“Hm… okay! But you must go to school on Monday!” Naira said pointing Kanya and Niral
“Okay mamma! Promise!” They both hugged her.
“Then what about me?” Karthik too hugged them!

“You know Mishti! You looked amazing in all the functions… especially on the day of marriage… I controlled myself a lot” Said Koushik over phone call with mishti!
“Even you Koushik… I felt like I’m lucky to get you! And at the time when you argued with Bhai for shoes at that time… I felt like…” said Mishti other side of the phone call!
“Ah… you felt like?”
“Err… I felt like…”
“Yes… you felt like?”
“Um…Um… I felt like…”
“Hello, Hello Mishti your voice is breaking! I can’t hear you!”
“Hey! Koushik, Are you there? I can’t hear you!”
————- Call Ended—————
“Damn it! Should the signal go weak… now only?” shouted Koushik in frustration!
“Oh… No! Poor signal!” pouted mishti!

“Gayu look at these pictures… you are gorgeous here!” said Mishkat showing some pictures to Gayu!
“Ha-ha! I know Mishkat!”
“Gayu… see this one… love birds…they are, aren’t they?”
“Yes! How cute they are! They are indeed love birds Mishkat! Koushik and Mishti make a good pair!”
“Mishkat… I think they should get engaged soon!”
“No…No… Gayu… Koushik and Mishti are too young… Think about them later! First think about us”
“What should I think about us?”
“Gayu, we are married three long years ago! But still we don’t have Kids!”
“Mishkat, Are you sure?”
“Of course, Gayu”
“I love you Mishkat!”
“I love you too! Gayu… this word is enough for me to do anything!”
They both Hug each other!

“Naksh, you said that you will take me to shopping today…” shouted keerthi dragging the file in Naksh’s hand.
“What? When did I say that? I never said that” said Naksh taking back the file
“So… you will not take me to shopping today?”
After listening this he closed the file looking at her and said
“Keerthi, till day before yesterday you did your marriage shopping right? Then now what do you want?”
Saying this he again went busy in checking the file
“Hm… what a husband I got god! We are married day before yesterday and today you started checking your office file?”
“Keerthi… do you think I’m that crazy about office work than my newly wedded wife?”
“Then what are you checking?”
“Oh! Stupid! This is the file which contains information about all the romantic places of world… I’m checking them so that we can plan for our Honeymoon!”
“Wow! I’m sorry… let me see even”
They both sat beside each other and went busy in confirming their Honeymoon place

“So! Why my cutie pie sad?” Karthik asked Kanya!
“I’m bored papa! Nobody is playing with me” she said sniffing!
Listening to her answer Naira and Niral also came near her!
“Okay then what is my little sister expecting from her brother, mother and father” Niral asked Kanya!
“Bhai… I want you all to play Home-Home with me” she said adjusting her Kitchen set!
“WHAT? Home-Home?” Karthik exclaimed
“Yes, papa…Please” she pouted
“Papa…for Kanya’s sake we will do please”
“Okay!” Karthik agreed!
Enlightened Kanya explains the whole story to her family
“Okay! Now listen I and Mamma will work at home and prepare food for you both….and you both should go to office… then mamma will call you to come soon… you both will come home soon and then after you come home I’ll give you Tea and snacks after eating them you should get fresh and we will serve you dinner and we all will have it…okay?”
“Okay!” everyone agree!

In game!
Mamma did Papa and Bhai woke up? They are getting late to office right?
Yes…Kanya they woke up! You Prepare some tea to them I’ll pack their lunch boxes…okay?
Okay mamma!
Kanya pretends like she is preparing Tea in her kitchen set and naira too pretends as if she is packing lunch for Karthik and Niral!
Where Karthik and Niral come and sit on the Dining table
Kanya… is tea ready?
Yes papa! Ready!
She brings two cups and two glasses Mango juice filled in it
She serves two cups to Naira and Karthik where as one glass to Niral and other one for her!
Four of them take a sip!
Wow! Tea is so good Kanya! Karthik, Naira and Niral stated!
Ha-ha! Thank you!
They continue their game! As she said above!
Later after finishing Kanya thanks three of them!
“Thanks Papa, mamma and bhai for playing with me! Bahut mazaa ayah hena!”
“ha Cutie! Bahut!”
Four of them share adorable family hug!

A leap of one year!
That was the day of rakshbandhan!
That was day of naming ceremony of Mishkat and Gayu’s baby boy!
That was the day of Koushik and Mishti’s engagement!
And that was the day after the families learnt the good news that keerthi is pregnant!
Then! Gayu and Mishkat named their son as Viral!
Mishti and Koushik exchanged their rings!
Everybody gave blessings to keerthi and Naksh
And congratulated all the four lovely pairs along with their kids!
Later Kanya tied Rakhi’s to Niral and Viral!
Gayu, Naira and mishti tied to Naksh!
And keerthi tied to Karthik, Koushik and Mishkat!
And finally they made their memories of these by taking some pictures!
And the story filled full of happiness! And came to an End!

Hey guys! Thanks everyone who supported me for this fan fiction and thanks for all the readers and regular readers!
Actually, I ended up this because I did not have any story to continue!
And thank you for one and all that supported me!
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Thank you!
This is lasya!
Signing off!

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