Oberoi family moments (Episode 2)

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In the kitchen

Anika works worriedly in the kitchen
The kitchen is totally in hell state
All the things are messed up. ………………
Just then Shivay enters in the kitchen

Shivay : What the f**k! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
What are you make my kitchen
Anika : Shivay you ?
Shivay : No dr not me
My spirit
Anika : Why are you talking like this Shivay
Shivay : No Anika not me
You are taking like nonsense
Of course me
Anika : oooooohhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!
I taught it’s nakalchi bandar
I mean fake Shivay aka mahi
Shivay : Heyyyyy Anika
No need to think about him more
What is this Anika? ???????
You are well known aware with the fact that I don’t like all this
I tell you before also but tum kaha kisi ki sunti ho
Anika : you were going to attend meeting then how can you came so early
Shivay : YA actually my meeting is cancelled so i came so early
Anika : Ooohhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!
This meeting should be cancelled today only
My God
What to do now
Billu ji will surely kill me for making his kitchen a fish market
Shivay : Anika do you say something
Hmmmm my wife is really great
Every wife becomes happy by seeing her husband in front of her and asked not to go away from her
And see my dear wife
Aise Kya banaya h tumne

He found nothing perfect but just spoiled dishes
He smiled seeing the situation

Shivay : Today someone is showing much tari (attitude )to me
What happened now
Anika : Mujhe pata tha
Mujhe pata tha ki aap mera aise hi mazak uraenge
Ha to thik hai na I don’t know how to cook
But this is not fair ha
I tried my best
Shivay : ya ya my jhansi ki rani
I understand
Now let me help u
May i help you now
Anika : I don’t need any help from stranger
Anika Shivay Singh oberoi kisi arre garre se help ni leti
Shivay : Ooohhhhhh really
Then enjoy the moment
I am going
Anika’s pov : ooohhh my God
What are you doing Anika
If Shivay will go then you definitely become mad
Stop him Anika
Anika : Wait a minute Shivay
You want to help me na then you can
It’s oookkk
Shivay : No no
You do anything which you want
I am going in room
Anika : BAGAD BILLA again started showing tari
Shivay : Anika stop murmuring
Say clearly whatever you want to say
Anika : Help ???
Shivay : That’slike a good girl

Shivay calls the servants and ask them to clean the kitchen first
Till then they go to their room

Shivay : Anika you lost the challenge ???
Anika : you started again
Shivay : tum maan kyon ni leti ho ANIKA you lost the challenge
Come on Anika maan bhi lo
Anika : okkk oookkk I accept my defeat but
Shivay : No buts and ifs
You lost the challenge then you have to do whatever I say
Are you ready Anika
Anika : okkk I will
Say what to do
Shivay : hmmmm good but not now
Anika : then when
Anika : May we go now
Shivay : where
Anika : here on my head
Aur kaha Shivay kitchen me
Shivay : calm down baby calm down
Anika : heyyyyy you
Don’t call me that
I am not your baby
Say this to your baby when he/she will come
Shivay : hmmmm wait
Anika what did you say just now Anika
I can’t hear well
Can you please repeat your words
Anika : don’t act smart now
Shivay : okkk okkk meri maa
Let’s go
Anika : oooo hello Mr. I m not your mother
Shivay : you have problem in my every call
Please can you tell me
What can I call you
Anika : I have a very good name Anika
Call me that
Shivay : No
I’ll call you by that name only which I want
After all you are my wifey
Agar tumhe nahi pasand his to mai tumhe baby ni bulaunga
But soch lo
There are many girls who desperately want me to call them by that name
Anika : You Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi
Don’t ever try to call them so
Otherwise I will kill u
Shivay : This is not fair Anika
I have an idea
Give me a cute baby exactly like you
Then I’ll not call either you or them baby
I have my own cute child
Anika : you are gone crazy Shivay
Now let’s go to kitchen

In the kitchen
Shivay prepares Indian dishes and Anika is helping him

Shivay : Anika pass me the jar of salt

Anika is lost in her own thoughts nd handed him a bottle of sugar instead of salt
Shivay too take them and open the mouth of jar
Just he realizes what he is going to do

Shivay : Anika Anika
Anika do you hear what I am saying? ??????

Anika : ya Shivay aap kuch kah rahe the
Shivay : No dr
I was just singing song
Anika : oohhhhh then why are you stopped
Shivay : Are you lost it Anika
What do you try to do
U want my dishes to be spoiled
Anika : Aapka dimag hil vil gaya h kya kaise baatain kar rahe h
mai pagal hu kya ki aapki dish kharab karungi
Shivay : ooohhhhhh really
Then you must planned to serve sweet saag to everyone
Anika : What are you saying Shivay
MERI to kuch bhi samajh no aa raha hai

Shivay points out to the jar
Anika realizes her mistake
Anika : ooohhh sorry Shivay
Shivay : much better
Anika : wait a minute why will I say sorry
I am taking my sorry back
This is not my but your fault
Shivay : ooohhh really
Can you please show some kindness to me and explain what is my fault here ??????
Anika : Agar aap mere khayalo me ni aate to aisa ni hota
He aapki galti hai

Anika soon realizes What is she going to say
Shivay continuously glare at her and moved towards her which makes her nervous
Shivay : kya kaha tumne mai tumhare khayalo me
Anika moves back
Shivay : Anika look at me and say tum mere baare me soch rahi thi n
Anika slightly blushes and then say
Anika : No
Nothing is like that
Anika touches the wall
Shivay : Come on Anika don’t lie
Tumhari aakhai Sab kuch kah rahi hai
Anika : this is my eyes
Not a telling machine
I am saying truth
Why will I be lie ??????
I am not lying
Shivay : you are lying Anika
Anika : Shivay I think someone is calling me
I have to go
Shivay : this is very old trick ANIKA
No body is calling you so relax dr
Shivay holds her hands tightly
Anika : Shivay leave me
Dadi is calling me and Rudra have some work with you
So it’s better
You leave me
I need to go
Shivay : you again started ANIKA

A glass jug half filled with water caught her sight
Anika : Oohhhh so you don’t leave me right
Shivay : never
Anika : think once


A big thank you to everyone who commented on de previous part
I am very happy by gaining such a beautiful responses
My next part is ready but i will post it after seeing de responses on this part

Guys who missed the 1st part
Please go through it
The link is given below

This part is full of Shivika only
But the next part comprises whole oberoi family
This part becomes too long
So I stop it here only
Waiting for your reply – your AMAYAA

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      2. Amayaa

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        Heyyyyy archisha no need 2 call me di
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        LUV U too dr ???

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    1. Amayaa

      No VHM di no
      How can my Anika bhabhi accepts her defeat
      U have 2 wait for de next part
      There u got 2 know who is defeated
      Nd tadi will shown by her only
      After all she is ASSO (dialogue of Rudy in de previous part )

      I m glad that u u u
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      So I m on de way of writer
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    1. Amayaa

      Thank u very much Ahaana di
      Waise mai hu hi burner
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      I still try 2 post in English only

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    epi was awsome but i want my anika to win any ways in precap rudy and ani rocked shivaay shocked that part was satisfying megood one dear keep writing iwas eagerly waiting for this epi glad that it was posted im so happy for u keep writing

    1. Amayaa

      MERI pyari shab
      No need 2 worry
      Tum jo chahti ho vahi hoga
      Aage aage dekho hota h kya …………………????????????
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      Thank u Verna di
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      This part is for our blushing members as well as tashan members ( who like their nok – jhok including me )
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      Verna di de next 1 have omki -Shomki too
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      What an idea sir ji
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