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Hi friends sorry couldn’t post yesterday as I was busy and thank you all for commenting and silent readers pl do comment and as I said small request to other young author’s and elder author’s do read and comment and share you views both positive and negative….jus a small request friends so do spare come time and read and support….. with no further delay here comes the next plot…

Kindly ignore typo and grammatical errors..


Scene-1 (morning)

Everything was being prepared by hustle bustle……everything is set perfectly like an high cuisine……anika was looking elegant and gorgeous as always with red color salwar and minimal makeup and even now shivay is falling for her each and everyday…no matter what how much fat she is looking with her baby bump he jus used to love her and fall for her each day….her cuteness, her language, her antics, her taadi, her love, her care and he’s less in front his love towards her…….

Anika : shivay is everything okay and fine right I don’t know whether he will be pleased with all the preparations after all it is prepared by you…..

Shivay: what the wuck!!!!!how can anyone not pleased by my hospitality…..sure he will like….

Anika: oiii bagad billa im talking about how will he like the dishes and u are talking abt hospital you are mad….totally mad……..

Shivay who got irritated by now coz his beautiful wife failed to differentiate between the real hospital and hospitality started to argue with her and gave his tuition ……

The remaining people who couldn’t tolerate with the billu billi fight shouted to their top most voice to stop them and soon they succeeded……

Tia: Shivay what is wrong with u guys???? U guys will soon become parents and even now you are fighting like kids…..grow up guyssss(said while holding her had with her hands)

Shivay: Tia I dint start she is the one who started it(said pointing towards his billi)

Anika: no it was he who started it and pointed her finger toward him.

Shivay: no its you who started it and saying so again started to fight which now irritating everyone…..soon a cute little voice filled their house…

STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(said a cut little girl in her childish voice)

Billu billi stop ur fight…….universe doesn’t like ppl who fighting like this…….

Anika: oiii universe ke beti like mom like daughter huh?????? Tia she’s jus…jus..like you…always universe universe…….
(she is none other than tia’s daughter shivika)

Shivay now lifting her in his arms planted a kiss on her cute little cheeks and said as you say my cute little devil……

With this she started to make faces coz all used to address her as devil and even her own mom address her like that hearing this she immediately got down from shivay and ran towards her dad who use to console his princess and to make her calm jus fake hi anger and warn everyone not to mess up with his cute little angel…..

Soon the little devil’s drama was disturbed by doorbell…and soon shivay composed himself and went near the door and opened it….as soon as he opened he saw a handsome boy in a black three piece suit wearing sunglasses which added much charm to his already handsome and hot looking figure…..

Shivay: Welcome Mr.Mohit Singh Shekar…..and forwarded his hand to a formal handshake and he too reciprocated it and he was welcomed inside and soon he was introduced to his family….

Shivika who saw him was little frightened coz this is the first time he is seeing someone who is a bit taller than her father and her uncle shivay so soon he went and hugged robin’s legs and closed her eyes…..this dint go unnoticed by Mohit so he went near her and bent towards her and offered her a handshake and introduced himself and offered his friendship…shivika who couldn’t deny to a now friend so she accepted and kissed his cheeks and ran away to her own world of fantasy…..

Shivay: Mr.Shekar let me introduce my family and he introduced each one present in the living except anika and Sita…

Mohit: Mr.Shiv I guess you missed someone??? I mean I heard about ur wife too and her business also where is she???

Anika entered living room with sita and mohit saw them and greeted them and he took blessings of Sita….

Mohit: hello Mrs.Shiv happy to meet you today and congrats…….hope you and your baby are doing fine….. I just wanted to meet you guys in person coz I was impressed with your works and that’s the reason for me to come here…….

Shivay: the pleasure is ours Mr.Shekar…..i think its time for breakfast and they all headed towards the dining room…..

All this while he was continuously staring at anika and sita who was serving the food and they all had some chat regarding business and some personal chat and between some laughter coz of shivika and her cute little devil antics…..

Once the breakfast is over Shivay , Robin , Mohit had some business talk and all the ladies were busy cleaning and anika was busy resting as ordered by remaining ladies…….

While the three gentle-men returning to the living area Mohit received a phn call and he excused himself and shivay and robin came back to living room and settled along with others….

Mohit was actually not talking over the phone he was shouting at some poor soul who has become a prey to his boss anger and this was noticed by others and soon they heard something breaking and it was his phone…..yup the poor phone bid goodbye to its master and fell on the ground…..all cupped their mouths and it was shivay who was shocked to see this…

Anika: Shivay today I was proved wrong….as far as I know I thought none can beat your signature style by breaking your phone….but I was wrong today I saw someone who can break his phn jus like you….heavy competition sir ji………(anika whispered to shivay)

Shivay who was hell shocked and so others came out of their shock while seeing mohit approaching them and sat along with them….

Mohit: Mr.Shiv it was a pleasure meeting you and spending some ample time after a long break and to be frank I laughed my heart out…..and the food it was awesome and some dishes tasted like my mother…she jus loves cooking and everyday used to try some new dishes…..

Shivay(coming back to normal) ha…han..haan…..Mr.Shekar it was indeed our pleasure to have you here and if you don’t mind can I ask you something????(he was curious to know how can someone copy his signature style)

Mohit: yes Mr.shiv you can go ahead…

Shivay: (before he cud ask anika held his hands and signaled him not but before he cud ask mohit spoke)

Mohit: its okay Mrs.Shiv or better say Mrs.Anu I don’t find any objection just let him ask…

Anika: it is actually Mr.Mohit what he want to ask is will you break things when you are angry or oly phone…

Mohit(surprised by the question which no one dare to ask hi she was the first one to ask though taking a deep breath he said) yes I will break things not all the things oly my phone I used to break coz I cant control my anger and in order I throw things…..it is a genetical problem where even my mother used to throw things and break her phone……so like mother like son….and by the way why u asked so????

Anika: who actually even shivay used to break his phone when he is angry and it was his unique signature style that’s y I asked so and sorry…

Mohit: Shivay????who is shivay???(asked being confused)

Anika: haan he is shivay and am anika and we are known as Shiv and Anu due to some personal reasons so I do hope you will also remember as Shiv and Anu….

Mohit was shocked listening to the names and he felt that somewhere deep inside him told that whom he was searching for and whom he was longing for is them….but he came out of his thoughts and asked for water….when anika gave him a glass he noticed the ring on her right index finger and the charm bracelet on her left hand soon he was taken aback and without anyone noticing he composed himself and saw the same ring on his right index finger and soon a smile crept on his face……after few secs he spoke..

Mohit: (smiling he said) yeah sure Mrs.Shiv it will be a top secret (said winking his eyes)

All smiled and soon mohit got up to leave as it almost 2 hrs he came here and before he leaving he turned towards Shivay and asked him

Mohit: Mr.Shiv before leaving I wanted to call you as I used to call my mom coz u remind me of her and her name so no offense huh and he closed his eyes and called him as MR. KANJI ANKHOWALA BAGAD BILLA and opened his eyes to see everyone’s jaw dropped down and shivay was totally embarrassed and he saw anika who as now in an extent to scold mohit but before that mohit apologized and said that he disclosed that his mother also hav kanji eyes like his and he used to call her as bagad billi said so he bid bye and rushed to his car still smiling……….

Anika: what the wuck?????he stole my language and my words how chepade he is….(said with puppy eyes) all broke into laughter but someone was lost in deep thinking…..

Scene-2 (evening)

Someone pressed the door bell and soon it was opened and the person standing in the doorstep shocked the one who opened the door and soon the person on the doorstep rushed inside and held that person in collar and started to yell at him….

How….how dare you u left me and how dare u left us all and how can you????yelled at him holding his collar and now started to hit him on his chest and again she started to hit him yell him…….

Soon all the ppl gathered there and was shocked to see her hitting him and all went to rescue him and it was his wife who came and stopped her from further accusing him but she was too adamant to stop it and so she shouted to the top core of her voice PRIYANKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?????STOP IT RIGHT NOW????

Prinku: (turned towards the voice and was shocked to see the person) ANIKA!!!!!!

That’s all for today guys…….. do comment both positive and negative…….

See you soon with another plot until then

Take care


Love you alllll……

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    WOW!!!! Finally I will get to see Anika and Mohit bonding….I’m eagerly waiting for Anika to meet her family..
    I’m very excited and impatient as well as curious to read your next plot…….. Well I must confess di I am addicted to your ff….. Please post as soon as possible……??????

    1. Ha ha thank you dr…..Sure even am excited to know abt the next plot and their bonding ll be known in the upcoming episodes……Am am happy that one reader is addicted and sure ll post next soon……Thank you dr…….Thank you so much…..

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