RadhaKrishn 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Krishna’s Unique Experience

RadhaKrishn 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha tells Revati that Balram dau follows Brahmacharya, but he was spellbound seeing her without makeup, he will stand freeze when he sees her in makeup. Revati says she is taunting her like a friend. Radha gets her ready and praising her beauty says let us go and meet Balram Dau. Revati shyingly asks what. Radha says nothing, lets go, and thinks fire is on both side. Krishna asks Balram if he is engrasped in Revati’s thoughts. Balram says no. Krishna tells Balram that he is going to watch prem pushpa/flower which will bloom after 12 years. Balram says he can go. Krishna says even Revati is coming. Balram walks behind Krishna. Radha reaches venue with Revati and says Krishna will bring Balram anytime and they should be careful among crowd.

Krishna reaches the venue with Balram. Balram and Revati look at flowers and say they are really flowers of love. They get mesmerized in each other when Balram gets conscious and runs away. Revati asks Radha what happened to Balram. Krishna says Balram follows brahmacharya ardently, so he ran away. Revati sadly says when Balram doesn’t want to fall in love, what she can do. She thanks Radha for doing her makeup and walks away. Radha walks to Krishna, and Krishna asks if she wants to know why he did this. Radha says first let her enjoy watching flowers of love with her love and leaning on his shoulder says she wants to watch flowers with him again after 12 years. Krishna thinks he won’t be with her even after 12 months.

Radha says let us take Balram back home and holding his hands they both take him back to Barsana. In Barsana, raja Kukudni’s soldiers handover invitation letter to Nand. Nand is amazed to see wrestling invitation for Krishna. Krishna says he cannot even stand under sun, how will he fight, so he will send Balram on his behalf. He approaches Balram who is sad that being a big wrestler he couldn’t even speak in front of Revati, so he rejects Krishna’s offer. Krishna says Kausthali’s king Kukudni who is Revati’s father has sent invitation, but if Balram doesn’t want, he will reject Kukudni’s invitation. He walks out and says Balram has rejected Kukudni’s invitation and counts till 3. Balram rushes in and says he will attend and participate in wrestling match as it is a question of Barsana and Vrindavan’s dignity.

Precap: Krishna accepts wrestling challenge. Kutila challenges Krishna if he loses, he has to give bansuri to her and never play bansuri again in life.

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