Mere Sai 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganpath In A Dilemma

Mere Sai 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj tells Vithal that a business does business for profit, but he will be in losses if he continues lending Vithal for long. Sai assures Vanraj that he won’t be in losses. Vithal says Sai knows everything, he got a job and got a big advance. He gives money to Muniraj who counts and says it is double than he gave him. Vithal says because of him, his children didn’t have to be hungry even for day and he took his help as loan, so he is returning it with interest. He thanks Muniraj for his help. Sai asks Vanraj if he will punish Muniraj even now. Vanraj says he realized the value of good deeds and apologizes Sai. Sai shares moral gyaan.

Ganpath sees Bhajan singer Ishwar coughing up blood and says vaidya is right, he shouldn’t sing in this condition. Ishwar says his forefathers and him are signing bhajans since ages and if he doesn’t sing, his family name would be at stake; if he had a son, he would have sung instead of him and continued his lineage. Ganpath reminisces his wife warning him to remember about his family’s dignity and don’t do anything which will harm it. He further reminisces his father warning him to concentrate on studies and not think of singing as a career, he warns his father that he will not let Ganpath become a singer. He further reminisces Bhosle asking him to handoever documents at Thane tomorrow and impress senior officers, else he may lose his job. Out of flashback, he thinks he is in a dilemma and don’t know whether to chose his duty or help Ishwar. He chooses latter and tells Ishwar that he will sing in his place. Ishwar says he is a policeman. Ganpath says it is his profession, but he is a good signer and to trust him. Sai smiles hearing that.

In the evening, people gather to listen Ishwar’s bhajan and get disappointed hearing that Ishwaris unwell and has gone for a vaidya’s visit, so Ganpath will sing on his behalf. They think they don’t have any choice and ask Ganpath to sing. Sai sees a plant dying and tells Champa and Lakshmi that it needs entertainment along with food and water like humans, it needs music.

Precap: People insist nervous Ganpath to start singing. Sai plays bansuri. Ganpath hears him and starts singing.

Update Credit to: MA

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