Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi is Pari’s Boyfriend?

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi imagines walking with Pari holding her hand and stands confused. Vivek asks why is he so angry. Yogi signals that Pari wrongly told that he is still worried about Gunjan. Vivek says what is wrong in that. Yogi signals that even Roshan was with Gunjan. Surjith asks him to forget Gunjan. Rani says Pari cares for him, so he shouldn’t be so angry. Yogi continues fuming and walks away. Pari in her room gets angry reminiscing Yogi’s rude behavior with her. Khushi walks in, and Pari asks if she will not ask how is she. Khushi asks what happened to her. Pari says her brother shouted at her when she told truth. They both bond well and continue their nok jhok. Next morning, Pari walks to Yogi’s room and seeing him asleep wakes him up and confronts him for scolding her and tying bandage wrongly. She sees video running in his mobile and picks it asking if he is watching vulgar video, gets happy seeing him watching how to apply bandage video and says he can apply bandage on her hand from hereon.

Chauhan reaches Shiv’s house and nervously asks reason for calling him at this time. Shiv says he was busy chatting with department of ministry. Chauhan asks if Roshan’s job is secure or not. Shiv says of course and says Yogi is posing trouble for Gunjan. Chauhan says he will break Yogi’s legs. Shiv says no need for that, they should get Gunjan and Roshan married instead. Chauhan gets nervous and says what is a hurry for that. Shiv says they can fix wedding after 20 days. Chauhan says he needs to consult his guruji who has gone to US and will return after a few days, only then he can fix wedding. Shiv agrees.

Pari gets her mother’s video call who scolds her for not picking her call yesterday and not even greeting happy diwali. Pari says she was busy celebrating diwali with Srivastav family. Mother sees Pari’s bandaged hand and asks how did it happen. Pari explains how Prakash was burning cracker and she got injured by mistake. Mother shouts who is this Prakash, why don’t her tenors take care of her properly. Kusum with Yogi enters holding turmeric milk. Mother shouts who is this lady. Pari says she is Kusum aunty. Mother yells at Kusum if she would have let her daughter burn her hand. Kusum says Pari is also like her daughter. Mother continues yelling and asks Pari to file complaint against Prakash. Kusum walks away angrily hearing that. Pari confronts her mother. Mother seeing Yogi behind asks who is this boy now. Yogi signals that he is Pari’s boyfriend and hugs Pari. Pari gets nervous. Mother scolds Pari and insists her to change place. Pari says if she and father had taken up responsibility, she wouldn’t have been staying in someone else’s house.

Precap: Yogi gets into kitchen at night to have food. Pari serves him food. Gunjan signals family that Roshan is not coming, so she is cancelling her outing

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