Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Laila romances Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking Amma not to call anyone from her family, but call someone else from Rajjo’s family. Amma asks her to call Avdesh, Vimlesh etc…Rajjo says they are busy. Panditji asks if there is someone else in your family who will come? Rajjo says shall I call my Chacha’s daughter Laila. Amma agrees. Pandit ji goes. Beni, Kamlesh and Kat talk about their restaurant. Beni tells that he will name the restaurant Bimlesh ko Rasoi. Kamlesh says they shall have some French name and says Bimlousse . Beni agrees and asks what about the menu? Kamlesh says what you can make? Beni tells about the dishes name. kamlesh asks about French dishes name. He then says that they will name the dishes in French and tells dal’s name in French.

Happu waits at the bus stand for Laila. Laila gets down from the bus. She tells that he would have looked handsome if he had a bike. Happu tells that there will be no fear of falling down from the scooter. Laila sits on the scooter and holds him tightly. Happu thinks Rajjo never held him so tightly. Amma gets hiccups at home. Rajjo gives her shock by lying about Atbeer. Amma’s hiccups stops. She asks if Atbeer is fine. Rajjo says your hiccups are gone. Amma drinks tea. Laila comes home and hugs Amma calling her Rajesh. Rajjo says she is Rajesh. Laila hugs her and teases her asking if her husband don’t do any work that she has so many children. She then says she is joking. She teases Happu and Amma.

Amma asks who named you laila. Laila says street majnu and laughs. Later Happu gets romantic with Rajjo. Laila comes there and tells that she couldn’t sleep until she drinks tea. Happu asks her to make tea, drink and then sleep. Laila says she is scared to go in night. Happu asks Rajjo to make tea, who asks happu to make tea for Laila.

Laila takes Happu to kitchen forcibly. While she is making tea, Happu tells her that tea need at night is strange. Laila asks if he is sure that tea is needed at night and tells that she wants romance. She tells about liking a watchman and tells that she went to him and held him from backwards, and then hugged him from front and then said I love you. She hugs happu and says the same. Amma witnesses this and gets shocked. Later Dada ji asks Amma why is she awake? Amma tells that she is irritated and tells that Rajjo’s sister Laila hugged happu and said I love you repeatedly. Dada ji says your sister also told me I love you, but I never said I love you to anyone. Beni, Kat and Kamlesh call Amma to inaugurate Bimlousse restaurant. Amma asks them to work hard. Beni asks them to have food in their restaurant but by paying the money.

Precap: Kat sees Happu proposing Laila and saying I love you and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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