RadhaKrishn 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Guides Arjun

RadhaKrishn 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells Arjun that many times Narayan had to fight with dear ones while walking on the path of dharma. He starts a story where Asurs fights with devtas for years unsuccessfully and reach Guru Shukracharya’s ashram for help where guru’s wife Kavya mata who is devi Laxmi’s mother and is very pious lets them stay in the ashram. Devtas attack ashram, but due to Kavya mata’s piousness, they fail. They then reach Kavya mata and plead her to send out asurs as they are spreading adharma hiding. Mata Kavya says asurs are her guests and she cannot send them out. In Kailash, Narayan informs devi Laxmi that he has to bear a trouble soon and is ready for that. Devtas visit Narayan and plead him for help. Narayan with Devi Laxmi reaches and requests Kavya mata to send asurs out to save dharma. Kavya mata says she cannot send asurs out until guru Shukracharya returns. Narayan says until then ages will pass on and asurs will destroy all 3 worlds. Kavya mata says then he should use his sudarshan chakra and kill her to save dharma. Devi Laxmi requests Narayan not to kill her mother. Narayan says he is helpless and has to do this to save dharma an beheads mata Kavya with his sudarshan chakra. Out of flashback, Krishna says Narayan had to bear separation from devi Laxmi after that and is still bearing that pain.

Krishna then describes the story of Narayan’s devotee Prahlad whose father Hiranyakashyap was Narayan’s enemy and tried to kill Prahlad many times, but when Prahlad requested Narayan for help, Narayan killed Hiranyakashyap and saved Prahlad. Krishna then describes Narayan’s another avatar Ram who helps his devotee Sugriva against his brother Bali was adharmi and kills Bali to regain Sugriva’s kingdom.

Arjun says during that time even Kumbukarna was there who supported adharma. Krishna says there was also Vibhishan who was Ram’s devotee and was against his own brother Ravana. He approaches his brother Kumbukarna and requests not to support Ravana as Ravana has kidnapped devi Sita with a bad intention. Kumbukarna says he is helpless as he has promised his brother to help. Out of flashback, Krishna says while Vibhishana followed his promise and dharma, Kumbukarna followed his promise and adharma, both are right in their own way. He says as he said bodies perish, but souls are immortal; everyone’s bodies changed but not soul and they all followed dharma, hence Arjun should pick his bow and follow dharma forgetting about the consequences.

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