Shubharambh 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani takes part in the competition

Shubharambh 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Judges asking Rani to go to hospital and asks someone to take her there. Rani asks if I can take part in the competition still. The judge asks what is forcing her to take part. Rani recalls promise to Raja and tells that she doesn’t know if she can manage alone in final round, but she wants to try for the promise which she had given to Raja. The judge tells that they shall discuss this and let her know. Rani prays to God and asks him to show them some way. The judges talk among each other. The participants Mihika and Akash argue with the judges. Rani hopes that Raja is fine and calls Asha. Asha says I talked to Raja and he is taking your name, asking if you have taken part in the competition. She says he told that he won’t let anyone touch him for treatment until she returns. Rani says she will get back to her. The judge tells that they can’t let her take part alone in this finale. Mihika smiles. The judge tells that they are judges and have to follow the rules, but if audience say yes then we can’t refuse. He says who will ask them. Rani takes the mic from him and goes to talk to the audience. The judge thinks all the best Jodi no. 11.

Rani apologizes to the guests for making them wait and tells they were stuck in such a situation, goons had attacked them. She says Raja is in hospital and is extremely bad condition and I am here infront of you all. She says she wants their support and if they agree then she only she can take part in the competition. She says it was Raja’s wish that she takes part in the competition. She says this chance is requesting by a wife and not the participant. She folds her hands and asks for a chance. Mihika thinks audience might agree and thinks she shall stop her. She says according to rules, she can’t take part. Audience says we want to give chance to Raja and Rani. Rani cries happily. The judge asks the host Sweety to announce her name too. Sweety says we will begin our final rounds with our three finalist. She says your time starts now. Kirtida and Gunvant watch Rani take part in the competition and laugh, acting how she pleaded infront of audience.

Rani, Mihika and Ashish begin making the shoe with the things provided to them. Rani sees his pic in her mobile and thinks what he would have done if he was here. She thinks she doesn’t understand what to do, recalls Raja making sandal and works on her idea. She begins making the sandal. Sweety says your finale round will end in 10 seconds and says time is up. She says your time is over, and your presentation will start now. She calls Ashish on stage….Ashish shows the shoes which he made and tells that Indian shoes are always comfortable. Sweety calls next finalish Mihika. Mihika shows the shoes which she made using the stuff and says once I win, then I will have best raw materials and everywhere ther will be Mihika’s shoes. Judge appreciates her design. Sweety calls Rani on stage. Rani is nervous and goes to the stage. She asks God to help her. ho shubharambh plays….Rani dances on the stage to present her shoes….she dances on the multiple songs and finally her act comes to an end. She holds the shoes which she made and cries. The judges get emotional.

Precap: Sweety asks the audience to vote for them. Rani and Raja win the competition. Sweety congratulates them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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