Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Wins Running Race

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash gets up and runs again thinking he will prove that Indians are not coward or weak. He wins race leaving Charles behind. Charles is shocked and shouts its impossible. Sarath and Satish rejoice seeing Subhash’s victory. Richardson also shouts its impossible. Mr. Young pronounces Subhash as winner and asks Richardson to prepare Charles well for written exam. Richardson says he will not accept defeat. Janakinath says Subhash proved that Indians are not weak and even Subhash with determination can win. Subhash thanks Sameer for his guidance. Sarath asks Janakinath if he is proud of Subhash now. Janakinath says an obedient son’s duty is to make his parents proud and walks away saying Prabha must be worried for Subhash.

At home, Prabha asks maid if Subhash returned home. Sarath returns home with Subhash and informs that Subhash won race. Whole family rejoices. Prabha blesses Subhash and says she is proud of him, says she will prepare his favorite food today. Sarath says she should prepare prawns, and Rono says omlette is also Subhash’s favorite. Prabha says celebration would have been good if her another son Suresh is present with them. Sarath says he will write a letter to Suresh. Subhash asks him not to now and to write letter after he wins scholarship. Janakinath enters saying Subhash shouldn’t be happy with 1 victory, he should remember that Charles lost only once and he should make Charles mistake; he should study well and win written exam also. Next day, Tauji comes to meet Subhash and says he is happy to see his family child winning race. Subhash takes his blessings. Tauji says by now whole Cuttack knows about this news and Richardson is hurt as he is from royal family and cannot ber loss, they should be careful. Prabha says Richardson maybe from royal family, even they have their self-respect. Subhash thinks maa is right.

Anu reaches a shop which Ananth had shown and informed that swadesis meet there and she should tell if she can get kheel there. She asks shopkeeper if she can get kheel. Shopkeeper realizes its Ananth’s signal and says she should come in the night for kheel as he needs time to prepare it. Anu walks away thinking he asked her to come at night.

Subhash walks to Janakinath’s room and returns heavy books which Janakinath gave to read as punishment. He asks to ask questions now. Janakinath says he just gave them to read and learn from them. Subhash says he learnt from Robinson Crusoe’s story that one shouldn’t lose hope and keep trying until they succeed. Janakikanth thinks Subhash has high thinking. He asks Subhash to study well and come first even in scholarship exam. Subhash agrees.

Mukund provokes Richardson that Subhash insulted him by winning race against Subhash and he should take revenge. Charles enters and apologizes him. Richardson says he should win written exam at any cost. Charles nods yes and leaves. Richardson says his superior officer Anderson Fraser is coming to catch swadesis, especially Ananth, swadesis are troubling them a lot.

Precap: Maid complains Sarath that Subhash is studying day and night without sleeping and pours oil in his eyes to keep himself awake. Sarath is impressed. Charles asks Richardson to stop Subhash from attending exam at any cost.

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