RadhaKrishn 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Opens Eyes After Seeing Krishna

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Balram taunts Krishna that he has to not use miracle and meet Radha. Krishna cries. Balram’s biological mother Rohini walks in punishes him to do sit ups. Yashoda walks in and asks not to punish her Balram. They then go out to meet Gokul wasis/citizens. A lady asks Yashoda to show Kanha/Krishna’s face. Yashoda shows Krishna’s smiling face. Lady says Kanha has such a charming face. Yashoda keeps Krishna in cradle and starts dancing with citizens. Nandlal, Rohini and everyone join them and dance. Kans’ puppet demoness Putana walks in there and smirks at Krishna. She silently picks Krishna and walks away into jungle. She then br*ast-feeds Krishna saying she killed many babies on maharaj Kans’ order.

Yashoda realizes her Kanha is missing and informs Nandlal

and others. They hear Putana shouting in pain and rush into jungle and are shocked to see Krishna with Putana. Yashoda panics and pleads to save her baby. Krishna smiles at Balram. Balram asks if he will do same as he is thinking, he just joked. Krisha thrusts his feet on ground and flies high in sky with Putana. Putana thinks how she is flying without trying. Putuna then falls into Radha’s house in Barsana. Balram says Kanha reached Radha’s house. Vrishbhan and Kirtida are busy celebrating with guests when Putana calls down into their home. Vrishbhan says this is a demoness Krishna crawls up and sits on dead Putana smiling. Vrishbhan picks him. Putana disintegrates into ashes. Vrishbhan says this baby escaped somehow, his father must be somewhere in Barsana, let us find them. He walks towards door with Krishna when Radha in cradle turns at Krishna. Krishna cries. Kirtida says this baby must be hungry, she will console him while Vrishbhan can go and find baby’s father. Virshbhan hands over Krishna to her. Krishna stops crying. Kirtida looks surprised and makes Krishna sleep next to Radha in cradle. Krishna reminisces Radha feeding her butter. Radha touches her butter smeared hands on Krishna’s lips. Krishna touches Radha’s eyes. Radha opens eyes. Nandlal and Yashoda come and take back Krishna to Gokul. Voiceover says everyone think Radha opened eyes coincidentally, but they don’t know Radha fulfilled her promise of seeing Krishna on earth first.

Time passes by, Vrishnabhan showers his fatherhood on Radha. Krishna reminisces Radha each momement in Gokul away from her and plays bansuri/flute. Radha hears bansuri sound and thinks why she is attracting to this sound, who plays it. Post 16 years, grown up Krishna continues playing bansuri. Balram walks to him and snatches bansuri and says he cannot understand his love for Radha, he loves him so much and remembers her each movement, but never met her in 16 years, though Radha has lost her memory, he remembers everything, why don’t he go and meet Radha. Radha says to make his love pious, he has to wait for some more time, each day is like a century for him. Balram says Radha is in Barsana and he is in Golkul, he is talking it is easy like breaking pot with pebble. Krishna picks peebble and thorws it saying it is easier than breaking pot. Stone flies at Kans’ havan venue falls on pot which Kans is holding, breaking it. Krishna says thanks for letting him meet Radha..

Precap: Krishna tells a girl that he loves a girl from Barsana. She ass what is her name. Krishna says Radha. Radha and Krishna meet after 16 years.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. At last Radharani opened her eyes and we got to see sumedh

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