Shakti 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Preeto refuse to accept Lavneet as Gulabo

Shakti 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman getting shocked seeing Lavneet sitting on the bed and addressing herself as Gulabo. He holds her hand and asks her to leave from his house. Harak Singh stops Harman and asks what happened? He says she is your Gulabo. He asks what are you doing? Everyone looks on surprised. Harman says I am kicking her out. Harak Singh says she is Gulabo. Harman says she is a betrayal girl and Khushi caught her red handed as she tried to fool me. Harak Singh says she is your Gulabo, your wife. Harman says she is not my Gulabo and asks Lavneet to leave. He closes the door. Harak Singh asks Harman why do he trust Khushi and not trust on him. Harman says Khushi and I have taken care of each other even though we lost our memory. Lavneet thinks I will not accept defeat and knocks on the door. Raavi

asks who is Khushi? Harak Singh scolds her and asks Harman why did you throw her out. Harman says she shall not come infront of me. Harak Singh says may be Khushi tried to take advantage of you. Harman says she lost her memory and you think she is fooling me. He asks for proofs. Harak Singh says first my bahu will come inside, and opens the door and takes her inside. He says I thought my son will get happy seeing you, but road side girl has blinded him and says he will remember you.

Lavneet says I will not stay with him till he regards me as his wife and asks him to give her a chance to prove that she is his wife. She goes inside. Shanno tells Veeran that Harak Singh must have planned everything. Lavneet brings photo album and shows the pics in which she is sitting with Harman. It is a morphed pics. She says I got you admitted in the hospital. Harman asks if these pics are real. Lavneet says don’t regard these moments as fake. Lavneet and Harak Singh recall getting the pics morphed. Lavneet says Khushi is fraud and wants to kidnap you and take money from you. Harman says then why did she call me on TV. Lavneet says if she wanted to help you then would have searched for your home and wouldn’t have misguided you. Harak Singh says may be she had planned those attacks on you.

Soumya does puja. Sameer comes and says he wants to get engaged to her soon and wants to marry soon too. Soumya says everything is happening fast and says she needs time. Sameer says even your parents want this. Preeto comes and says how to believe you? Harak Singh shows the photo album. Preeto says if she is bahu of the house then she has to give test. She says she has to write on paper. Shanno brings paper. Preeto asks Lavneet to write everyone’s names. Harak Singh asks do you remember everyone’s names. Preeto says I remember, my husband’s name is Harak Singh and says I remember everyone’s names, but forgot faces. Lavneet writes on the paper and gives to Preeto. Preeto reads it surprisingly. She goes out of house , followed by Harman. Lavneet says I wrote a random names, I didn’t know if she remembers. Harak Singh says she is mentally unstable and don’t remember any names. Preeto goes to temple and keeps the paper there. She says she couldn’t remember anything. She asks God to tell her if she is bahu of the house or not? Just then paper flies away.

Sameer’s mum tells Soumya that she can understand what she is going through and says Sameer is not listening and insisting for engagement, and asks her to tell him that she will do engagement after few months. Soumya says Sameer said that my mummy papa wanted me to marry him and I agreed thinking I am fulfilling their last wish. Sameer’s mum says you are right and asks her to keep the condition to invite Jolly for the engagement. She says you will feel good. She thinks when you meet him, then will realize that you are Harman’s Gulabo and then your black reflection will go away from my house. Soumya nods.

Preeto comes home and asks all fake people to come out. She says they are all fake. Harman says I don’t want to stay in this house with fake people. Veeran stops him. Varun says this is your house. Harman says you all are fake. Lavneet stops him and says you didn’t know how I stayed without you and says I won’t let you go anywhere. Harman asks her to stick this filmy drama to someone else.

Harman requests Harak Singh to make him meet Khushi once and says if she tells that I am Harman then I will accept. Soumya asks Sameer to invite Jolly for their engagement else she will not get engaged. Later Harak Singh informs Harman that Khushi is found and today is her engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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