Siddhi Vinayak 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi decides to play the drama for more time

Siddhi Vinayak 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari is thinking in her room. Will that girl accomplish what I am expecting her to in one night? Nothing should go wrong. I cannot imagine the consequences! She lies down to sleep.

Vin and Siddhi are in car. They get stuck in traffic. Vin complains about the traffic but finds Siddhi lost in her own thoughts. He shakes her out of her reverie. What are you thinking? She feels that their problems will decrease slowly. Our love has been through many tests. I hope our love wont have to face any more tests. He assures her it wont happen. She tells him that she does everything for both of them, for their family. He knows it is true. Why are you saying this suddenly? She says I felt like saying it today. Promise me that your faith on me will never waiver. He promises her. They do Bappa shapath

like their childhood. He kisses her on her forehead. The car driver right behind them honks. Vin jokes that everyone is jealous of their romance. She smiles.

Urvashi lights a candle and looks at Rudra sleeping peacefully. She looks at the mask and the necklace. One face has so much valuable! I knew that I have hit jackpot when I met that oldie but this is more than what I had imagined! I will get 1.5 lacs per month if I work for that oldie but if I make him (Rudra) mine then I will get anything every day! Truth is going to come out one day but I should earn as much as I can till then! I will earn both from that oldie and her son! she smiles looking at her necklace.

Siddhi thinks I did all that to save my wedding. My path might be wrong but a thorn can be used to pluck a thorn. The drama will only last tonight. Everything will be fine tomorrow.

Urvashi decides to not let go of this opportunity. Manjari and Siddhi started this drama but I wont let it end now! My drama will continue till tomorrow. Do come!

Next morning, Rudra wakes up. He looks at Urvashi and some images of last night pop up before his eyes.

Siddhi wakes up with a start muttering that her planning got ruined. Vin asks her if she is fine. What planning are you talking about? She lies that she had planned a surprise for him which he found out about. This is why I panicked. He smiles. I have started troubling you in dreams too. She smiles but is tensed thinking how Rudra will react after finding out the truth. Vin rests his head in her lap. You do not take much rest. Do you sleep well? She thinks it isn’t possible owing to the circumstances. She lies to him that she sleeps in the afternoon when he goes to shoot. Get ready for the shoot. He kisses her on her forehead and goes to freshen up. Siddhi thinks if Rudra knows the truth by now then he can come and create problem anytime. He will create a havoc!

Rudra takes Siddhi’s name. He moves the hair away from Urvashi’s face but she wakes up just then and covers her face. Rudra wears his vest and asks her what happened. She says I wont show you my face like that in the morning. Close your eyes. He gives in. She checks on him and then tells him to find her with closed eyes. He says how I can see with closed eyes. I am opening eyes. She refuses to end this drama so soon. She continues looking for the mask while Rudra is getting impatient. She turns her back to him the moment he opens his eyes. She turns to him with her hands still over her face and then moves her hands aside. She is wearing the mask now. Rudra smiles. I felt restless not seeing you for that much time. He is surprised to see the necklace still around her neck. I know you don’t want to part with the necklace that I have gifted you. She reveals her bare ears. He suggests taking her out for shopping. I will get you new earrings today. I have to also tell everyone about our wedding. There is a knock on the door. He thinks it might be Vin but it turns out to be Manjari. Manjari asks him why he thought so. Rudra says Siddhi is in my room since yesterday so I thought he would have come to check. Manjari realises Urvashi hasn’t told her truth to Rudra yet. Where is she? Rudra reminds her that her name is Siddhi. I am anyways going to tell everyone about our marriage today. She asks about her necklace on the pretext of getting it polished but he offers to bring it to her later. I will bring it after some time. Manjari wonders if Urvashi will ever return her the mask or not.

Siddhi prays to Bappa worriedly. Vin tells her that Sahil has been calling him non stop. I told him to wait but he isn’t lisening. Let’s go. Siddhi runs outside to talk to Manjari. What did Urvashi say? Manjari shares that she hasn’t told the truth to Rudra yet but he is surely head over in heels in love with her. It should have come out by now but it should come out by evening. Siddhi is worried about everyone’s reactions but Manjari is sure they will find a solution. Where are you off to? Siddhi shares that they are going to Vinu’s friend’s house for Ganpati puja. Manjari finds it sensible. Vin calls Siddhi so she goes back inside.

Rudra decides to announce his wedding before everyone in the evening itself. He collides with Vin. they both ask each other if everything is fine. Rudra is puzzled as to why he isn’t bothered about Siddhi. Rudra asks him if he is going out. Vin nods. Siddhi and I are going for Ganpati puja. Rudra suggests him to leave Siddhi here. I have to make an important announcement. Vin asks about it but Rudra insists that she should be with him. Vin wonders what cannot be completed without Siddhi. Rudra and Vin begin to argue a little over it. Gauri wonders how to manage the situation and diverts their attention to Ganpati puja. Gauri heaves a sigh of relief as they both head to different directions.

Urvashi gets ready in a saree. She is still wearing that necklace and bangles and compliments herself on her beauty. I will get that waist belt from that oldie today! She looks at Siddhi’s mask. Oldie and Siddhi must be thinking that I will step outside without mask. It wont happen though. She wears the mask. I am thinking a little differently from you guys. You both gave me this mask for your own benefit. Now I will wear it or take it off for my good.

Precap: Kundra family is gathered for Ganpati puja. Siddhi and Urvashi come there as well. Gauri makes Manjari look at Urvashi. Manjari looks at Siddhi and Urvashi in panic.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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