RadhaKrishn 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ugrapath’s Shocking Decision

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Balram tells Krishna that he knows that he wanted to announce Krishna and Radha’s wedding in a grand way, but could not. Yashoda says it is a good idea, she will give him wedding cards and he can announce around 108 village beating drums. Balram excitedly dances with Krishna and leaves. Krishna also feels happy and waits for Radha. Radha walks to him holding wedding invitation and says there is a problem. Krishna says he is sure she will find solution and asks her to give him wedding card. She runs around and he runs behind her trying to snatch. He gives up and stands. Radha hands him over card. He says it is not special. Radha asks how to make it special then. Krishna says it should have Radha’s hair tresses, her flower and its colours. Krishna says it should have Krishna’s feather’s shadow and bansuri/flute’s music. They both open card and find it according to their description. Krishna says now it looks like Radha and Krishna’s wedding invitation, how did she like it. Radha says it is very beautiful. Krishna does not find date in it. Radha says even that will be fixed, he need not worry.

Ayan tells Jatila that they have to force baba/Ugrapath to use his promise and provoke him. Jatila says she knows how to do that. Radha walks to them and asks where is Ugrapath kaka. Jatila says he is praying at ghat and is very angry, so she should not meet him. Radha says she needs to meet him at any cost and walks to ghat. Ugrapath angrily asks why did she come here after insulting his god, go away. Radha says rain stopped as Devraj Indra is happy on them, she can made a mistake and will apologize. Ugrapath asks then where is Krishna. Radha says Krishna is inside her; according to shastras, better half can apologize on husband’s behalf and she apologizes him on Krishna’s behalf. She touches his feet. He stops her and says she has grown up intelligent, but arrogant Krishna is insulting gods and does not deserve Radha, he is lucky to have her. He further says he loves Radha a lot and can do anything for her. Radha requests him to perform her wedding rituals. He agrees and happily walks with her. Jatila and Ayan watch that and burn in anger.

Nand informs Krishna that they are going to Vrishbhan’s house to fix wedding date. Balram asks does he know who is fixing date. Krishna asks who. Balram says great pandit Ugrapath kaka. Yashoda says Radha convinced Ugrapath. Krishna says love devi Radha can convince anyone. Ugrapath walks to Vrishbhan. Vrishbhan emotionally hugs him. Ugrapath sits to find wedding date. Krishna asks Radha to do something as he cannot stay away from her for long. Radha says in love, it happens and once she starts staying with him in same house, even distance between 2 rooms will look longer. Ugrapath checks shastras/holy scriptures and ssays this wedding cannot happen. Yashoda and Vrishbhan ask what happened. Ugrapath says there cannot be any wedding till 3 months. Radha worriedly asks Krishna what will happen now.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that this world’s end will start by arrogance, me and us, if someone thinks of only himself, then whole world divides; how to stay away from this disaster, answer is kindness, one needs to help each other and if they all unite, end will be far away.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she feels she knows him since ages. Krishna says he will take her to a place where they know each other since ages.
Kans calls asur/monster and orders to stop Radha and Krishna’s wedding.

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