TwiNj/TwinRaj Horror Ff: Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (6~Yuvi’s Cheap Trick+Kunj’s Golden Heart)

Yuvi came there when she was lost in her thoughts and tied the sacred thread on her wrist. “You forgot this in the room,” he said and she looked at the thread and then at him angrily. “Yuvraj can I ask of one thing from you? Please?” She asked very innocently hiding her anger, he blinked his eyes. “Don’t order me about each and everything.. please?” She said again with innocence hiding her anger once again. “You can very well see that I can take care of myself, let me live, let me be on my ownself, stop torturing me and forcing me for everything.. please?” She said, he looked down.

“Bachi nahi Hoon main yaar Yuvraj, bari Hoon, shahdi shuda aurat hoon, tumse sirf kuchh saal chhoti Hoon, mujh par bas itna sa ehsaan kardo ke Mujhe apne faislay lenay ka adikaar dedo.. please? Mujhe wohi karne do jo main chahti hoon.. ghutan hoti hai Mujhe jab tum aisay har cheez ke baaray mein order detay ho toh.. Mujhe ye dhaaga nahi pehn’na hai Yuvraj.. please,” she said trying her best to hide her anger and then took his palm and placed the thread in it. He sighed.

“Oh? So you want the right to take your own decisions? Tell me can you walk on your own?” He asked and she looked down getting teary eyed. “I even got the number of the specialist who can make you free of these crutches, should I also not take you to him?” he asked and she looked up at him and then bursted into tears and hugged him. He hugged her back as she cried on his shoulder. “Sorry Yuvraj, I didn’t knew you love me so much, else I wouldn’t have behaved like this with you,” she said cryingly.

He patted her hair. “Enough, no more tears,” he said and she broke the hug and wiped her tears. “Now check this contact, this is the number,” he said handing him his phone and tied the thread on her wrist secretly. She took the phone from his hand and frowned seeing that it is his own number. “Yuvraj! Yeh Kya hai? Aisay kaisay tum Meri feelings ke saath khel saktay ho? Tumko sharam nahi aati?” She asked with tears rolling down her cheeks and he laughed. “Yes, I do feel shameful that being a husband, I can’t even help you this much,” he said.

She sobbed. “What do you mean?” She asked and he took the crutches and kept them far from her. “No!” She shouted, Kunj tried to attack him but couldn’t attack on him because of the thread. “Stand up, and walk towards these crutches,” he said and she shook her head in disbelief. “You know I can’t even stand on my own and you..,” she was cut in between. “Did I say I won’t help you?” He asked and she shook her head and got down the bed and was about to fall on her knees but he held her by her arms and made her stand straight.

“Now walk,” he said and she couldn’t even stand properly and her grip tightened on his hand every second. “What happen?” He asked and she shook her head and took one step ahead by much difficulty and tried to proceed further but fell on the floor. “I can’t,” she said with tears in her eyes. “It’s okay,” he said and made her sit on the bed placing the crutches near the bedside table. “By the way this was to tell you how much helpless and weak you are,” he said and smirked at her and went.

She bursted into tears and buried her face in her palms. Kunj tried going near her but felt getting pushed. She noticed the thread and broke it getting it out of her wrist and threw it away. Kunj made himself visible and came near her. “Tweety,” he said and she lifted her face and hugged him tightly. “He keeps on degrading me, I want to walk on my own, please do something and make it possible, please,” she said crying badly. “First, let me show Yamraaj Yuvraj his original place, then I will solve your problem too,” he said hugging her back.

She broke the hug and he wiped her tears. “Woh khud kitna lachaar or kitna kamzor hai na, ye tum bhi usko batana, jaisi karni waisi bharni,” he said. “Just accompany me,” he said and they went from there.


Kunj and Twinkle came to the room where Yuvi was and Twinkle went forward to Yuvi and sat on her knees placing her head on his knee. “You’re right, I m very weak and helpless,” she agreed distracting him and took off his thread. “But that’s what you think because you are such a jerk,” she said and showed him the thread.

He tried taking it but she burnt it instantly angering him. “What the hell did you do? Are you mad?” He asked holding her arms but felt pushed. “Pagalpana tumne abhi mera dekha kahan hai?” She asked and punched him right on his nose by Kunj’s help. He fell back on the bed. “Now you see, you’re also weak and helpless, dare you to touch me,” she said and he tried to touch her but again fell back as he was pushed. “Yuvraaj Luthra, the weak and helpless man, can’t even tackle a girl, tch tch tch,” she said and walked out of there along with Kunj.


“Well done Tweety,” he said to her. “Thank you, it wouldn’t have been possible without your help,” she said and he smiled at her. “Now as I promised, I will make your legs fine being your ghost friend,” he said and she smiled as he sat down and touched her knees and got his hands down till her ankles mending all the broken bones (if any) or numbness (if any). He looked up at her and smiled. She too smiled back and got down the bed and stood up on her own and smiled.

She neared him but he stepped back encouraging her to walk further. He kept on stepping back as she neared him and when he saw that she can walk, he called her for a hug. She hugged him tightly and happily. “Thank you Kunj, Teri Meri yaari, sab se pyaari. Or dost beshak ek ho lekin aisa ho jo shabton se ziada khamoshi ko samjhay,” she said in the hug, they smiled.

Allah Mujhe Dard Ke Kaabil Bana Diya
Toofaan Ko Hi Kashti Ka Saahil Bana Diya Bechainiyaa Sameyt Ke Saare Jahaan Ki Jab Kuchh Na Ban Saka Toh Mera Dil Banaa Diya
O Saathi Aa Bhi Jaa
In Baahon Mein Ik Dafaa
Toh Sukoon Ho Saanson Mein Be-Intehaa
O Saathi Aa Bhi Jaa
Kar De Bayaan Tu Bhi Zara
Phir Tujhe Nigaaho Mein Main Rakh Loon Sadaa

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