Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update: : Kavya Learns Vyom’s Truth

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 31st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kabir informs Jahnvi that he will inform Shaurya that he will go to army camp tonight and surrender himself. Jahnvi asks what after that. Kabir say let us see what happens. Jahnvi gets photo on pic and nervously picks her mobile phone. Kabir leaves. She picks phone and warns Shay not to send pic or video as it is very dangerous here. Kabir sees Kavya and Aarush walking down and walks to them. Jahnvi takes Aarush away. Kabir nervously tells Kavya that he wanted to tell… Just then lights get off and Chanda chachi entes wearing Sridevi’s Hawa Hawai dress and dances on Hawa Hawaii song.. Family feels embarrassed. After Chanda Chachi’s dance performance, everyone forcefully clap for her. Chanda continues her overacting. Kabir says only chacha can do this. Chanda asks Kabir to come near her while she cuts cake. PK thinks if he had kicked Chanda out after Anil left, he should not have faced such embarrassment.

Chanda then calls for a couple dance. Dhruv and Jahnvi and others join. Chanda gets emotional remembering her husband. PK angrily dances with his wife. Aarush insist Kabir and Jahnvi to dance. They both dance with Lag ja gale ke phir ye….song… Kabir reveals that whatever she knew about Vyom was a lie, he was a traitor instead even after being in Indian army. Kavya shatters hearing that. Kabir continues that Vyom was supporting terrorists and was sharing army’s crucial information with terrorists, he came to know only during their mission. Kavya says he is lying. Kabir says this is the truth and he was hiding it so as not to trouble her and Aarush. Kavya says he should be ashamed to allege his best friend. Kabir says their friendship cannot change truth, he did not have courage to reveal truth till now. He felt he was doing wrong by hiding the fact and even Shaurya knows about it and wanted to inform Kavya, but he stopped Shaurya; tonight he has to return to army headquarters and explain himself; only Jahnvi knows about this truth and know Kavya knows, if she can trust and forgive him, she should and he hopes she forgives him. Kavya forgives him and says Vyom betrayed us all, even then Kabir sacrificed his life to protect her and Aarush, she will trust only him and if he was not there, she does not know what would have happened to them. Kabnir says their question is same, but they will not get answer ever; he has to go to army headquarters as Shaurya must be waiting for him. Kavya cries hugging him. He part ways and leaves while she eagerly looks at him. Song continues in the background.

Precap: PK shouts that Kabir betrayed by marrying a widow and accepting her child, he is a traitor. He tries to throw Kabir’s photoframe, but Kavya stops him.

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