RadhaKrishn 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatila Identifies Gopadevi And Baldev

RadhaKrishn 2nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jatila confronts Gopadevi and says he is Krishna and why did come here, if someone sees him, there will be a big disaster. Radha tries to speak, but Kirtida stops her and asks them to follow her. Vyomesh with Ayan tells Jatila that when they entered Baldevi’s room to catch suspicious woman, Baldevi trashed and kicked them out. Jatila asks is it. Vyomesh says she will use black magic and capture suspicious woman. Jatila stops him and says when she can finish this task easily, why he wants to use weapon, let her do her job.

Kirtida takes Radha and Krishna to a room and asks Krishna why did he come here, does not he know Barsana and Vrindavan are enemies now.. He says he came to stop Radha from doing a mistake. Radha says Krishna is right, he made her realize that she is marrying Vyomesh

in anger. Conversations ensue, and Kirthida suggests Radha to tell truth to her father and stop her marriage with Vyomesh. Radha goes to Vrishbhan who emotionally says he was sending maid to call her, she will live for 100 years and says Vrindavan people have sent gifts for her and whole Barsana will perform her wedding as her guardians. He continues that after him, she will be his legal heir and will sit on Barsana’s crown, he is so proud of her, etc. Radha returns to Kirtida and says she could not tell truth to Baba as she cannot ruin Baba’s dignity in front of whole Barsana. Kirtida asks what about her future. Radha says when parents can sacrifice their future for children, even children can sacrifice their future for parents.

Yashoda pampers Balram and gets emotional. Someone informs Balram/Baldevi that she is called in kitchen. Balram leaves. Jatila walks in calling Baldevi. Yashoda hides. Jatila notices her hiding and realizes Gopadevi and Baldevi are Krishna and Balram, now she will show her drama and expose them.

Radha returns to Krishna and tells she could not oppose her father and Narayan will understand her plea. Krishna reveals that Vyomesh is monster Vyomasur.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a smooth thread can weave clothes and if it is broken, it can be retied, but its length will shorten and its shape changes; similarly love between 2 people changes when they break up and reunite, one should keep arrogance away.

Precap: Radha gets tensed seeing Ayan with his team searching them and asks what will they do now. He says until here is there, she need not worry. He with Radha and Yashoda hides while Ayan searches them.

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