Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir angry on Amir and Alina

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Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amir greets everyone and leaves. Alina says where will we live now? Irfan says you people can live with us. Ayesha cries and says I wont leave my house. Kashan and Zeenat comes there. Kashan says we realized our mistakes and want to give house back. Kabir says this is their trick. Zeenat says Salamat gave your house back for free. Shahbaz says give it back to him, I dont need anything from him. Kabir says we will not leave, this house is of Ayesha and Shahbaz, we are not leaving. Zara says to Zeenat that we have anticipatory bail so you cant send Shahbaz to jail. Kabir says Zeenat you took this house with fraud so dont talk about police, my mother will live with pride here. Ayesha hugs him.

Alina thinks that I did nikah with Amir for a cause but I dont know him, I want to

talk to him but I dont have his number. She goes online and finds his ID. She recalls how he saved her and says I want to thank him. She sends him request. He accepts it instantly.

Ayesha says to Kabir that we will not eat Kashan’s food. Kabir says we will earn. Shahbaz says we can start our business. Kabir says sorry I have taken up job in another city, I will go there after a month. Shahbaz says what will you do for a month? Irfan says he will work at my printing press. I need his help. Shahbaz says what he did today has made him my brother so dont say no to Irfan. Kabir says I agree.

Irfan prays for himself and to save him from lying, he thinks that I lied to save Alina’s life but I did lie so I will accept whatever you bring towards me.

Zeenat asks Zara to make her food. Zara says there will be two stoves in this house, you can cook your food. Zeenat says fine, we will eat together. Zara says no, we will eat separately, even our servants cant live with person like you, she leaves. Zeenat looks on.

Scene 2
Kabir is driving, Zara says you are not looking at me. Kabir says you are pretty but I am driving. He asks why she is going with him on job? Zara says I will look after you, you will have time so you can write book, write for youth, which can make them understand religion more. Kabir looks on.

Amir calls Alina and says its your husband. Alina laughs. He says I am married to you legally so I cant see another girl. Alina says then what? Amir says you can come with me for a coffee. Alina says you wait, I will take time to answer. He smiles.

Kabir and Zara comes to Irfan’s office. Zara prays for Kabir. Irfan shows printing press to Kabir.

Amir and Alina are in restaurant. Amir says you took time to answer. Alina says you called me late, why? Amir says I was thinking a lot, you are Kabir’s sister, people might think that I am taking advantage of my favor but then I listened to my heart and saw your message so called you back. Alina smiles. Alina sees Kabir’s car outside and calls Zara. She says we are in restaurant. Kabir sees Amir and Alina sitting in there and gets angry. He comes inside. A cup is about to fall but Amir and Alina holds it, their hands touch, Kabir glares at them. Kabir says we will leave. Kabir leaves. Alina says I will go with them. She leaves with them.

In car, Kabir asks Alina what was that? Alina says Amir wanted to talk about nikah. Zara says it not wrong. Kabir says their nikah is a lie, he called my sister alone. Zara says they were in a public place. Kabir says meeting a na-mehram is haram.

PRECAP- Amir video calls Alina. Kabir comes there so she hides her phone. Kabir comes inside and sees Amir’s video on call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Seriously! A moment of peace and relief and BAM! Angry, hot headed, short tempered Kabir again! Really does this dude never learn….

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Yes, Kabeer is correct…. Alina shud hv been accompanied by someone… also he is a Maulvi so he goes only by what is written in the Qur’an …

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Why do I get the feeling that Shahbaz is somewhat involved in this new plot with Zeenat and Kashan ?? See, look how Qazi Irfan is ready to hand over his title to Kabeer… I really feel that the mastermind behind this new drama is none other than Shahbaz… ?

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