Qayamat Ki Raat 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan tells truth to Raghav

Qayamat Ki Raat 2nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav sees Karan running. Vaidahi thinks if he is witch then he will take his real avatar when he touches that ring. Raghav runs to Karan. Karan hugs him and says they are scary, they become lizards, please take me from here. Raghav makes him sit in car. Karan sees Sanjana and Viraj hiding there, they smirk. Flashback shows how Sanjana grabbed Karan, Karan says I wont tell anything. Sanjana says you will tell truth, you will say that Raghav and Vaidahi wants to hear, dont lie, tell them truth and be Raghav’s friends but you have to be on my side, I have to get Raghav and you will help me get him. Viraj says he is Raghav’s close friend so he will help Raghav only. Sanjana says no he will help me. Viraj says I dont think so, he will try to finish you with Raghav so kill him here. Karan says no dont kill me, I will do what you people say. Sanjana says then promise to not break my promise. Karan says I promise. Sanjana says if you break it then I will break you and kill you. Flashback ends. Karan goes with Raghav and Vaidahi.

Raghav brings priest in house. Family asks him to come inside. Priest says there is some shadow on this palace. Mom says do something about that. Priest says we have to bring God idols in house and do havan, just start bringing Gods in this house. Raghav and others bring Gods there. They start bhajan. Sanjana and Viraj comes out. Sanjana says Karan is scared so he will do what we say.

Priest says to family that there is a solution for this, we have to complete for they left in last birth. Family says we are excited for wedding. Priest says there is a wedding date after two weeks. Sanjana calls Karan and asks him to come outside.
Karan comes out and sees Sanjana hanging from gate, she says you have to help me get Raghav and then you will be free. Karan says Raghav and Vaidahi are getting married. Sanjana says I wont let it happen, Raghav is mine. Sanjana says your work has started. She gives him ash and says make Raghav drink it.

Karan comes in house and strikes with a servant, ash paper falls from his pocket. Karan scolds him and takes ash from there. Vaidahi notices it.
Priest tells Shekhar thats there is witch shadow in this house, we have to get rid of her. Vaidahi hears it.

Vaidahi comes to Karan and asks why he is tensed? what are you hiding? Karan says nothing. Vaidahi says I saw that black ash in your pocket, give it to me, we are already facing too much. Karan gives powder to her. Vaidahi says witch gave it to you? He says no no. Vaidahi says I will find out myself, she leaves with ash.

All family members are planning for wedding.
Vaidahi gives powder to Priest and asks can you tell me what is it? Priest says witch sent it to make Raghav be on her side if it dissolves in water. Karan hears it to. They see it doesnt dissolve. Karan recalls how Sanjana gave him fake powder too. Vaidahi stops Karan and asks why he had black powder? Karan says you are doubting me? I will leave if you want, he leaves. Vaidahi says sorry to Raghav. Raghav says I will talk to Karan.

Raghav says to Karan that I am your best friend, how were you talking to Vaidahi? Karan says she was doubting me. Raghav says you are my brother, she just want nobody to be hurt. Raghav says dont worry about it. Servant brings coffee for Raghav. Karan coughs. Raghav puts coffee down and goes to get water for him. Karan mixes ash in his coffee. Sanjana sees it on her screen and says now Raghav will be mine.

Raghav takes water from lounge and goes to Karan. Karan has mixed powder in his coffee. Raghav says you dont need water anymore? He says no and gives him coffee. Vaidahi have brought lunch and says sorry to Karan. Raghav says he is fine now. Vaidahi takes coffee from Raghav and asks him to eat food first. Karan says let him have coffee. Vaidahi says you drink coffee, she forces him but Karan throws cup there. Priest comes there. Priest pours water on it and it starts burning. Priest says this was sent by witch to grab Raghav. Raghav says to Karan that you did it with me? Karan says I am sorry, she was threatening me. Sanjana sees all this and says I will kill him now. Karan says to Raghav that she will kill me. Vaidahi says you could have talked to us. Karan says I am sorry. Priest says I feel something. Sanjana sends a bat to them. It enters room and becomes fire. Priest says she is trying to attack us. Fire becomes evil person. Priest asks them to run. Family nears noise too.
Evil power starts attacking priest and others. Priest says he is dangerous.

PRECAP- Sanjana sees Raghav and Vaidahi romancing and says I wont let them become one. She wakes up Kalasur. Kalasur says I am back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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