RadhaKrishn 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhargavi Learns About Bhrigu’s Plan

RadhaKrishn 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Srinivas and Bhrigu establish Natraj idol before starting judging participants at Padmavati’s swayamwar. Bala asks Vasu why did he make his biggest enemy as the judge of the competition. Vasu says he heard Padmavati’s wish of marrying Srinivas, hence he suggested that Srinivas be made a judge as a judge cannot participate in the competition. King Akash asks Srinivas to start the competition. Vidya informs Bhargavi that Padmavati has organized a dance competion during her swayamvar. Bhargavi thinks Padmavati will marry a prince or king, so she need not worry worry.

Prince present their dance in front of Srinivas and all fail. Srinivas laughs judging them. Vasu thinks he will not let Srinivas marry Padamvati at any cost. The day ends. King Akash announces that the competition will continue tomorrow. Bhargavi tells Khyati that she heard princes are judged on the basis of dance at Padmavati’s swayamvar. Khyati says king selected Bhrigu and Srinivas are the judges. Bhargavi is surprised to hear that and says Srinivas will be more recognized by the king then.

King Akash thanks Srinivas for accepting his request to become a judge of the competition. Srinivas says he is not needed as Bhrigu is well experienced and can judge the participants with his knowledge and expertise. Akash praises Srinivas, irking Bhrigu. Back to his room, Srinivas tells Govindraj that he is tired after judging the competition. Govindraj suggests him that Bhrigu is already angry on him and hence he should just nod yes to Bhrigu’s decisions. Srinivas refuses.

Bhrigu returns home and tells Khyati that he wants to talk to her regarding Srinivas. He says he got suspicious of Srinivas’ behavior. Khyati asks why he thinks so when he himself saw Srinivas’ compliance. Bhrigu says he is sure that Srinivas’ prediction will go wrong soon, then he will force Srinivas to leave Venkatgiri. Bhargavi hears their conversation and thinks her doubt that Bhrigu is acting and thinking different and she should alert Srinivas about Bhrigu’s intention. Bhrigu walks to her and asks her what is she thinking. She says she prepared food for him. He gets emotional recalling her childhood events. He says since he has to accept royal hospality, he will send Srinivas to have food with her and Khyati.

Precap: Bhargavi waits for Srinivas till late night. Srinivas marries Padmavati.

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