Gud Se Mitha Ishq 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari Gets A Marriage Proposal

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel asks Kaju to sign the complaint form against Phool Singh. Phool Singh requests Kajal not to sign the form. Kaju signs the form. Phool Singh warns Kaju with dire consequences. Inspector warns him that he will be in jail forever if he troubles Kaju and tells Kaju that she has to visit police station often for her statement. Neel says they will. Phool Singh says Kajal will repent for her act soon. Neela sks her to ignore Phool Singh and assures that he will protect her always.

Back home, Neel searches for his laptop to attend a meeting. Soniya helps him find his laptop and informs him that Jaidev has arranged an alliance for Pari. Neel questions Jaidev who says the boys’ family watched Pari’s performance and proposed the alliance to him. Neel enters and hearing about the alliance gets sad.

Pari prays god to send her husband soon. Kajal visits her and informs her that bod heard her prayers and sent an alliance for her. Pari jumps in happiness and shares her happiness with everyone. Dev walks in, and Pari shares her happiness with even him. DEv tells Neel that he is happy for Pari, but feels suspicious about the alliance as why would anyone get alliance for a mentally insane girl. Neel says he is right. Dev then expresses his concern in front of Pari’s family. Dadaji says even he felt same. Dev says marriage for Pari means getting ready in new clothes and enjoying a feast. Rajat says the boy’s family knows everything about Pari, only then they sent alliance for her. Jaidev says he thought they would be praising him, but instead are doubting his intention.

Nutan cries emotionally thinking about Pari’s marriage. Jaidev says he will invite the family in 2 days. Neel asks if he met the boy first or not. Jaidev ges angry on Nutan and says he doesn’t like outsider’s intervention in his family issues. Dev says whatever he says, he is just worried for Pari’s future. Pari gets angry on Dev and says he is a bad man. Nutan comforts her. Jaidev tells Dadaji that the boy can stay in their house after marriage. Pari says she will go to her sasural instead. Dev says they should go and meet the family first before they come here. Pari asks him to not interfere when he couldn’t bring alliance for her and says she wants to marry tomorrow itself. Jaidev asks her not to speak when olders are talking. Pari says she will shy. Nutan says she will pray god for the marriage.

Dadaji says as Dev said, they should meet the boy’s family first. Jaidev says he will call them tomorrow itself. Pari says she wants to get ready for tomorrow, asks Soniya to give her golden comb. Soniya agrees. Pari asks Bhoomi to give her makeup kit. Bhoomi hesitates, but Dhruv asks Bhoomi to give to to Pari. Bhoomi thinks she will not give her imported makeup kit. Dadaji invites Dev tomorrow. Dev prays god to show them all the right path.

Precap: Kajal takes juice for Neel and laughs seeing him sleeping with mouth open. He pulls her towards him, and their eyes lock. Bhoomi asks neel why he is so possessive about Kajal.

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