Sirf Tum 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani makes a promise to Mamta

Sirf Tum 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranveer pulling Suhani near him and makes her sit. Suhani says tomorrow is your exam and then you will get degree, Dr. Ranveer Oberoi. She asks if you are serious to get the degree. He says yes. Suhani says even I am serious about your exam. Ranveer says today is our wedding night for the first time. Suhani gives him book in his hand and says your exam is also your first time. She asks him to study, and says she will be back after keeping the trash outside. She smiles and goes out. She hears Mamta crying and goes to the room, keeping the dustbin outside. She sees Mamta crying and rushes to her. She asks what happened Maa, why are you crying, if everything is fine? She asks her if you will not tell your daughter. Mamta says Vikrant ji has thrown me out of his room. A fb is shown, Vikrant and Asha enter the room. Asha smiles as she gets in the room with her bag. Mamta looks angrily at her and asks how dare you to enter my room, and asks her to out. Asha asks Vikrant when will I get wife’s rights which a wife has on her husband’s room, heart etc. Mamta asks Asha not to dare to think all that. Asha asks Vikrant to say. Mamta says you will not mend your ways and asks her to come. Vikrant stops Mamta and asks her to leave her hand. Mamta says this woman will ruin us. Asha asks why? Vikrant says this is my room and I will stay here. Mamta says you can’t leave me like this. Vikrant says you have left me, and says whoever is not with me, is not mine. He says you have to decide with whom you want to stay, else you are making way for Asha in this room yourself. He goes out of the room. Asha gets inside with her bag and swirls, getting happy. She sits on the bed and smiles. Mamta gets sad and cries. She goes from there. fb ends.

Suhani says Ranveer married me, and Papa even now thinks that I have hurt him. She apologizes to Mamta. Mamta says it is not your mistake, and says I have understood that it is that man’s mistake whom I loved, who has betrayed me, he got married without letting me know. She says I had lost so many things in this marriage and now wife’s rights also. She says I have decided that just as my Ranveer gets his rights, I will leave from here. Suhani says this is not about Ranveer’s right, but your rights and respect. She says I have learnt from Ranveer that we have to fight to get our rights. She says she will support her in her fight, as her daughter and asks her to trust Mata Rani. She says we will fight and win too. She says you will get back your room and the outsiders will leave from there. Mamta says I am afraid what Ranveer will do if he comes to know about this, what storm will come? Ranveer gets sleepy and wakes up. He looks for Suhani. Suhani comes to the inhouse temple and lights the diya. She says Mata Rani, I didn’t like to see Maa crying like this. She says make everything fine, I have promised Maa that I will not let Ranveer take any wrong actions, but don’t know what he will do being angry. She asks Mata Rani to bless her so that she can make him understand and they both can fight for Maa’s respect.

Ansh and Honey are sleeping on the bed. Honey kicks him and he falls down from the bed. Honey talks in sleep and asks they were three, why did you come pig babies? Ansh wakes her up. Honey says you would have told me if you want to sleep down. Ansh says you kicked me. She says she used to be scared of Gabbar in childhood and may be kicked him. He says you kicked me like a Gabbar. She promises that she will not kick him again and asks him to sleep on the bed. Ansh keeps the pillow between them and says she shall not kick him again. She says bad guy and rests to sleep.

Suhani comes back to room, thinks his mood seems to be upset, what happened suddenly. She says sorry for coming late and gives him flower. Ranveer says if my Suhani is away from me even for a moment, then I get worried. He asks is he looking angry with handsome face? She says handsome, yes you are. She says she thought to light diya for your exam infront of mata rani. Ranveer says again exam. Suhani asks him to give gift for her muh dikhayi. He says I thought you will take time and ask, and I will bring it. He asks her to ask something. Suhani asks him to leave anger. Ranveer says you know me well, I can’t see anything wrong happening infront of me.

He says I thought my Suhani understands me well. Suhani says I understand and says if you don’t want to give me muh dikhayi gift then don’t give me. He says I want to give you gift, which shall be with you always and give you happiness, like our memories album. She says you want me to change, and the things are changed which is bad. He says he was silent because of Maa and her, when Vikrant brought them here. He says he was silent even during the rounds because of Maa and you. He says we will leave in the morning, just as the sunrise. He asks do I need to be more silent? Suhani says we will not leave from here and says I have promised Maa. Ranveer asks what did you promise Maa. Suhani says I have promised that we will fight for her rights and respect. He says you came just today and made a promise. Suhani says she wants to be a good bahu and has some responsibility towards them. He says you are good bahu. Suhani says Ansh and Asha ji are doing all this, so that Maa and you leave this house, and they want to snatch your rights. She says she won’t let this happen. She asks him to leave her anger and then they will together along with maa, will make Asha and Ansh leave. Ranveer hits his hand on the wall. Suhani finds his hand injured and thinks if anger is your identity then I can’t snatch it. She says you hurt yourself to get excuse for not studying. He says I don’t need any excuse. Suhani asks if you are a hero and says tomorrow is your exam. Ranveer says I have studied for 5 years with this anger. She says she will bring coffee for him. He says no milk and sugar. She asks if he needs anything. He says just you and you, and smiles. Suhani goes to bring coffee.

Precap: Ansh tells that Ranveer will become a doctor when he writes the exam, but he can’t pick a pen or a surgical knife with his hand. Samaira calls Ranveer and asks him to come home fast. Ansh makes Ranveer angry in exam hall. Suhani folds her hand, signing him to write the exam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Vikrant is really a brainless man.being a buisness man he cannot understand that his legal relationship are so true and loyal.since day one ranveer and Mamta both were never interested in fame, money, property.but ansh and Mamta wanted Vikrant name only for his property,fame.what a foolish man.

    1. Exactly, what a foolish man Vikrant is. Ranveer has to finish the exams and put Ansh to shame. Ansh is so foolish. I don’t think he wanted to be a Doctor, he went to that school just to ruin Ranveer’s happiness. He is such a looser.

  2. Every loss ranveer suhani has to face instead of rascal ansh.still he is allowed to come to college where it’s proved he is a criminal murderer.why he not been jailed.suhani ranveer is stopped to become doctor.why that rascal ansh is not mocked in college having married to a mentally retarded girl.she must be brought in college to insult him.suhani Mamta must not stop ranveer too much by beating up that it’s high time he must b beaten black and blue.asha that cheap woman must plead begging on Mamta feet to save him

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