RadhaKrishn 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shakuni’s Evil Ploy

RadhaKrishn 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna addresses Pandavs, Kunti, and Draupadi that their problems are solved and their bew kingdom’s construction will start soon, so its time for him to leave. Arjun says still Indraprastha is not constructed. Krishna says they need not worry when Vishwakarma is with them, he needed to return to Dwarka as an important task is awaiting for him. Kunti thanks him for his help and says without him, don’t know what would have happened to them. Krishna says it was his duty and tries to leave. Arjun asks how can he leave in the middle. Krishna says they will meet in Dwarka soon. Arjun asks how can he come there. Krishna says he is a brave warrior, but emotional too; fate can make them meet anyone at any time. He greets them all and leaves.

Duryodhan fumes asking how can Pandavs defeat Indra Dev and seek his help in building their kingdom. Shakuni says wicked Krishna’s is the mastermind, Pandavs are just his pawns; they have to defeat Krishna to defeat Pandavs.

Krishna meets Radha and wishes her happy birthday. Radha says she knew Krishna would visit her and wish her happy birthday. Krishna says why wouldn’t he come. She asks where is his gift. He asks her to close her eyes and dorns her flower jewelry. Radha gets happy, but then asks how can she wear them here. Krishna says she will be leaving this place. Radha asks how. He says before that she should ask her question. Radha asks why is he leaving Arjun, she thought Arjun is his dharm sarthi and will be with him always. Krishna says Arjun has headed towards path of dharma, but it is important for him to reach Dwarka soon and Radha should accompany him. She asks reason. He says its about his beautiful sister Subhadra. Subhadra is seen running around in her room. Rukmini enters and asks why she doesn’t want to have sweet while it is her brother Krishna’s favorite dish. Subhadra says she will put on weight and is not like brother Krishna who can digest sweet instantly. Rukmini also laughs. Back to Krishna, he asks Radha to reach Dwarka, he will meet her there.

Duryodhan shows his power by breaking huge stone and defeating many wrestlers at once to please Balram as per Shakuni’s plan. Balram gets impressed. Shakuni enters and says Balram should gift Duryodhan something as promised and asks to get his sister Subhadra married to Duryodhan as Duryodhan is the most competent match for his sister. Balram thinks this must be Shakuni’s plan, but Duryodhan is best match for Subhadra. He agrees and tells Duryodhan let us head towards Dwarka. Once he leaves, Duryodhan asks Shakuni what is he planning now. Shakuni says Subhadra is Krishna and Balram’s sister, a woman can create rift between 2 men, be it sister, mother, wife, or consort; he will make Balram go against Krishna.

In Dwarka, Rukmini suggest Subhadra to become self-sufficient as she has grown up and will soon meet her dream man. Subhadra says she wants to meet her brothers Balram and Krishna first. Rukmini says even she is eager to meet Krishna. Servant informs that someone came to meet her. Radha walks in. Rukmini gets happy seeing her and says she can’t believe its her. Subhadra asks if she is really Radha, she dreamt of meeting her. Radha addresses her as friend and says she came for her work. Rukmini says that means Krishna is also coming. On the other side, Shakuni informs Duryodhan that he has sent his biggest pawn Paundrak Vasudev who is Krishna’s enemy and his doppleganger. Paundrak enters Dwarka. Rukmini gets happy seeing him. He says he will meet her later and will meet Radha first. Rukmini gets disheartened. Paundrak walks to Radha. Radha asks why has he dressed differently. He asks if he should remove it. She says its okay and asks why did he call her here. He says he wants his sister Subhadra married to his friend Duryodhan and she should help him convince Subhadra for this wedding.

Precap: Krishna returns to Dwarka. Balram shocked asks who is the other person. Krishna says his doppleganger who considers himself as real Krishna.

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