Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragya gets upset with Mr. Mehra for Prachi’s arrest

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The Episode starts with Shahana informing Pragya that Prachi is in lock up. Pragya asks her to tell where was Mr. Mehra when Prachi was arrested. Shahana says he was there too. Pragya asks Sarita behen why did he call Prachi, to get her arrested at his house. Sarita behen says may be…Pragya says I can understand everything, he is an owner of the company and Prachi is just an employee. She says they used to call her in every function and treating her like family member, tells that she understands everything. She says if they have thought her as family then wouldn’t have got her arrested. Shahana says Mr. Mehra. Pragya says she doesn’t want to hear anything in his favour.

Ranbir comes to meet Prachi. She says you came to meet me. Ranbir says I came to meet these thieves Changu and Mangu, says ofcourse I came to meet you. He tells that he brought sweets laddoo for her. He says I have stolen it. She asks what? He says I have brought for you secretly. He makes her taste it. Prachi gets emotional and recalls Ranbir holding her hand when lady constable trying to take her out. Yeh Aayina…hai ya tu hai plays….He asks what happened? If the laddoo is bad, I thought you will like it. Prachi says I thought you are upset with me. Ranbir says when you had come to meet me in lock up, you was so angry. Prachi asks why you didn’t call me. Ranbir says I swear that I wanted to talk to you, but thought you will be angry. Prachi says I called you, but you didn’t pick my call. Ranbir says he didn’t get any call or may be his phone is busy. Prachi tells that she is upset with herself. Ranbir tells that he missed her a lot when they didn’t talk for 2 days. Prachi says even I thought about you…a bit. Ranbir says if you don’t like me, get angry on me and get irritated by me then why did you think about me. Prachi looks on.

Shahana tells Pragya that she will come with her. Pragya tells that she will go alone. She says if Prachi had resigned then this wouldn’t have happen. Shahana says they have thrown her out of the job. Pragya says why did they throw her out and says they want to prove her to be thief, says Prachi must have felt bad. Sarita behen says even you wanted her to leave the job. Pragya leaves. Shahana says she didn’t hear me, Mr. Mehra wanted to protect Prachi, actually his sister accused Prachi.

Ranbir says it is difficult for me to praise me. He asks her to tell if she don’t find more irritating now. Prachi says why do you think that thieves are lying and says you must have doubt on me. Ranbir says it was obvious and says you was trapped just as I was trapped in Maya’s molestation case. She says you had only trusted me then. Prachi says you are a flirt but. He says he leaves flirting as she doesn’t like it. He asks her to answer her, if she thinks him irritating. Prachi starts praising him and tells that whenever she was in need, he supported her. She says whenever I was in problem, you was always standing with me. I saw your goodness when I come closer to you. She says if you was not with me then I would have died in bank robbery. She says whenever someone raised finger on my character, you have answered them. She says you trusted me when someone accused me of theft. She says you have so many qualities in you then I don’t see any small bad points in it. Ranbir says you are so good, I didn’t see such a good person like you. He says you are the best. Prachi says nobody can steal to save me. She says I never thought that I will say this to any guy…and says that…I…Ranbir asks what? Prachi says when I was sleeping in night, Shahana said that you are good..She says even I thought and says I….you. Maya comes and asks what do you want? Rhea also comes there and tells that Prachi doesn’t know. Maya says Prachi doesn’t know that you asked money from me to help Prachi.

Sanju comes to the Police station with lawyers and asks Inspector to free the thieves. Inspector says bail papers for them. Prachi is still inside whom Mr. Mehra wants to get free. Sanju tells that he also asked Lawyer about it and tells that Prachi is the mastermind of the conspiracy, trapped my men to steal the money. Inspector asks Constable to leave them and tells that the mastermind is not Prachi, but someone else who is very influential and powerful, else bail papers wouldn’t have been here. Sanju thinks if he shall meet Prachi once, thinks not to meet her.

Maya asks Ranbir if he asked money for Prachi. She says I was mad to arrange it, tells that she would have never agreed. She says she will not leave Prachi. Rhea has brought her there and tells Ranbir that she didn’t know that Prachi was unaware of this. She asks lady constable to take Maya from there. They come out. Maya tells Rhea that she has to return her favour. Rhea thinks Prachi can’t bear now that Ranbir has taken maya’s help. She needed to know this, they will not talk with each other. Prachi gets upset and says you have invited a big trouble. Ranbir says I had just asked and didn’t take money from her. She says you have any idea and tells that they will file dowry case on you and will make you ghar jamai. Rhea comes there and asks her to just behave like an employee. Ranbir asks her to go and says I will decide how she will talk to me. Constable asks Ranbir to come and says meeting time is finished. Rhea takes Ranbir from there. Sanju asks Inspector if he used to stay in Hoshiarpur. Inspector asks the thieves to sign. Sanju asks them to have food and meet him at their place. Ranbir comes there and sees thieves leaving. Inspector tells Ranbir that they are bailed out. Ranbir tells that there is a big game plan. Inspector says Prachi is the accused and asks him to bring bail. Rhea sees Sanju and messages him to go. Inspector tells Ranbir that Prachi was the mastermind then how did someone else got the thieves bailed. Ranbir asks about the guy’s appearance. Inspector tells him. Ranbir comes out and sees Sanju from behind. He is about to run behind him, but Rhea acts to fall. Ranbir holds her. He says he saw saw. She says he can’t be Sanju. She says lets go to car.

Prachi feels bad to scold Ranbir. Pragya comes there and tells that they didn’t believe you, but I will bring the proofs. She says first of all, she will make Mr. Mehra punished and goes. Prachi tells Sarita behen that Maa is thinking him wrong. Sarita behen hopes that they don’t meet this time too.

Precap: Pragya comes to Abhi’s cabin and says you have ruined my daughter’s life and is here. She says if you wanted then she wouldn’t have been in jail. She looks at the chair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. by reading this well still goibg around in circles i thought maya would i guessed wrong. Whole storyline is like tom n jerry…

  2. The same story line which happened for Pragya…. It’s almost one year since the leap started and still neither Pragya nor Abhi came to know about their daughters…. So many lags don’t know what happened to Disha and her son sunny..Aliya did so much to Pragya and now she’s doing the same for her own brother’s daughter since she resembles Pragya!!! Ranbir also will not confess his love for Prachi atleast he shd tell to abhi or to his parents… I feel Aliya’s and Disha’s love triangle for purab is repeating but the characters are different…. For the writers if u want story line just ask the viewers will we give u the idea!!! Ranbir also now becoming like Abhi dumb.. Neither Pragya nor Abhi gonna meet face to face…. If writers repeat the same thing again definitely the serial will loose all its viewers… Writers can bring parents and daughters face to face and pl for God sake change the story line u people are obviously grinding the same flour again and again……. If the story line continues with letting the negative characters winning each and everytime then there’s no use in watching the serial!!!! I have never seen Pragya fighting with pallavi for accusing her daughter and she never comes to face ppl who accuse her daughter she has to do but she never does just will show her anger and when she goes to meet abhi then there will be no abhi instead Aliya will be there and she will challenge and then pragya will become mother sacrifice and will sacrifice everything for her daughter and if at all she comes to know about Rhea loving ranbir and Ranbir Loving Prachi she will ask Prachi to sacrifice her love for her sister same story MY GOD!!!!!!!

    Writers change the story line!!!! You can focus on sahana and Aryan they are cute…

    1. @Lovely
      True, there’s a huge chunk of just repetition going in this serial. It’s not that they don’t have the ideas. It’s just that good positive ideas don’t work on the larger crowd who just ask for some crap of hugs and fights of the fools Prachi and Ranbeer who are nothing other the miniature forms of Abhi-Pragya. Man you are so right! This whole new season is just the repetition of Purab-Bulbul-Aliya love triangle. Even if, we ask for a sensible storyline the writers will not listen because many of the dumbs sitting in the social media platforms ask for the shit which they are showing right now and infact they are getting what they want by showing the shit, their trps are raising, so no point in asking for what we want. We won’t get it because the sensible viewers would be hardly 5% of the whole. I agree with you on your last point, Aryan-Shahana are the cutest ones right now, but do they have any role?

  3. Verma4

    Cannot stand that ET looking Rhea anymore. The fecking arrogance.

  4. same story is going on and on it has turned quite boring and doesnt even makes sense. The fashion show competition whivh was going to happen dont know what happened to it 🙄

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