RadhaKrishn 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Emotional Declaration

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RadhaKrishn 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kutila tells Barsana’s best wrestlers are Krishna and Balram, hence Kans also would be eager to meet them. Yashoda tries to speak, but Krishna stops her. Yashoda says she is right. Kutila says everyone should celebrate Krishna and Balram’s farewell with tilak, dance, etc.; Radha wanted to gift kheer to Krishna as she saw curdled kheer in kitchen. Yashoda agrees. Jatila says they will perform Krishna and Balram’s tilak and farewell tomorrow.

Radha continues praying Narayan that she wants to perform Krishna’s tilak and dance with her friends with him. Kutila walks to him and says Krishna is leaving tomorrow and not today, so she can perform Krishna’s tilak tomorrow.

Yashoda asks Krishna why did he stop her from informing everyone that he is a prince and is going to free his biological parents from Kans. Krishna says he wants to be a simple cowherd Krishna for long, but when they find out that he is prince, their behavior will change; he just wants to enjoy his simple life for some more time. Yashoda says she wants to see him off with celebration. Nand says Yashoda is right. Krishna says as Maiya wishes. Once Yashoda and Nand leave, Balram asks how will he fulfill his promise given to Radha that Radha will perform his tilak. Krishna says Radha will perform his tilak for sure.

Next day, Krishna and Balram’s farewell ceremony starts. People chant their names. Jatila tells Ayan that their dream is coming true. Ayan says his biggest rivals are going out of Barsana. Yashoda says her sons are going victorious. Nand asks Ugrapath to perform Krishna’s vibhuti tilak. Ugrapath says Krishna should be performed chandan/sandalwood tilak. Yashoda says her son is like a prince, so she wants his raj tilak. Balram asks if Radha will not perform his tilak. Krishna says she will. Ugrapath is about to perform Krishna’s tilak when Radha walks in holding tilak thali and stops Ugrapath. She says my Krishna’s tilak will be with his prem/love Radha and not chandan or vibhuthi. Jatila shouts how dare she is to call Krishna as his tilak. Ayan yells how dare she show such a shameless act in front of everyone. Ugrapath asks how she is related to Krishna that they should let her perform Krishna’s tilak. Radha says the her relationship with Krishna is of pure love which nobody has, not even Yashoda, Nand, Balram, or anyone else. Balram asks what is Radha telling. Krishna says Radha is telling truth.

Ugrapath shouts at Radha what is she telling. Jatila says she warned him many times, they should consider Radha impure right now. Kutila says they should Kick Radha out of Barsana. Radha says what wrong did she say; she and Krishna had fruit borne by same tree, had same food prepared by Yashoda, Yashoda and Nand consider her as daughter and Balram as sister, if their love is same for her or not. Nand says she is right. Radha says everyone in Barsana love Radha and Krishna equally. Everyone say she is right. Yashoda says Radha is right, so she as Krishna’s mother permits Radha to perform her son’s tilak and if she doesn’t she will not let her son go from here. Ugrapath says a mother permitted Radha and mother’s order is like god’s order, so Radha can perform Krishna’s tilak. Ayan, Jatila, and Kutila get more jealous hearing that. Krishna tells Radha that she is looking same like before with flying tresses..

Precap: Radha requests Krishna to perform last dance with her.
Krishna plays bansuri and dances with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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