Beauty & The Beast (YEH JAADU HAI JINN KA-ROSHAN FF) Part 3

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Hey everyone!!!! I did post part 2 so if you guys haven’t than go ahead and check it out!!! I mentioned in last part that this series will most likely have 100+ parts because I am trying to go slow so the story fits together perfectly and isn’t rushed!!! Roshan scenes will be coming soon!! Please keep loving and supporting me !! Thank you all and let’s start with part 3!!!



“Roshni get up! We’re going to be late for school” she hears a voice say as she woke up terrified of who it might be. She slowly opens her eyes to reveal her older sister Farah, making her sigh in relief. Farah looks at her worried.

“Did I scare you?” Farah whispers

Roshni was about to say no when Farah added “and be honest” making Roshni nod yes

Farah hugs her sister making Roshni tense

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to” Farah says as she breaks the hug

“it’s okay” Roshni whispers as she bit her lip

Farah nods

“Well then get your lazy ass up and let’s get ready for school” Farah says before leaving

Roshni sighs as she grabs her teddy bear and hugs it seeking comfort and calmness

“i hope he doesn’t show up” Roshni says as she then gets up and walks straight into the bathroom, making sure she locks the door

***Remember in the first part I said when the sensitive parts come, I will bold the words, well here it goes. If you guys feel uncomfortable than you may skip the bolded words***

She comes face to face with her bathroom mirror. She cringes at the sight of herself.

“i’m so ugly and unattractive. Nobody will like me” she thought as she gets her razor and rolls up her sleeve.

She then places the razor onto her arm before dragging it along her arms as blood comes out. Roshni sighs in relief. It’s been two days since she hadn’t cut herself as she needed to feel some relief. Cutting a few more times she then went to get showered and dressed.

She decides to wear something loose but comfortable as she wears jeans, blue t-shirt, and a black hoodie before walking downstairs to see her parents in the kitchen. Hearing footsteps Raziya and Abid look up to see their daughter walking downstairs. Farah comes over as she went to say goodbye to her parents.

“see you mom. Bye dad” Farah says

“bye Farah, take care of yourself and Roshni” Raziya says

“and make sure she eats” Abid adds

Farah nods as Roshni comes over and hugs her parents

“bye mom bye dad” Roshni whispers

“bye sweetheart, have a good day” Abid says

Roshni nods as Farah gives her bag and with that Farah drives to school

Farah and Roshni arrive to school as they wait outside for the principal. Roshni is constantly taking deep breaths. She was scared. Scared to see new people, afraid of what they might say about her. Scared that Jai would be in this school and waiting for the perfect moment to grab her and take her away. Roshni was so deep in thoughts that she jumps up in surprise when Farah places her hand on her shoulder

“it’s okay. I’m here. Everything will be okay” Farah says.

Roshni nods as then Farah’s phone starts to ring. Farah rolls her eyes

“bet it’s mom again” Farah says while taking an exaggerated sigh

Roshni giggles making Farah smile before answering her phone

“Mom, three calls for my first day is a little over-doing” Farah says

“Everything is fine….Roshni’s fine. Everything, except a pen, oh my god I actually forgot a pen! Okay, okay I gotta go, love you…” Farah says as she disconnects her phone and looks at Roshni

“do you have a spare pen I could borrow?” Farah asks

Roshni checks her bag and sighs

“no, I don’t have any pens” Roshni says

Farah was about to say something till the principal came over. Roshni quickly sees him and slightly hides behind Farah

“The Farooqi’s correct?” The principal asks

Farah nods as Roshni looks at the ground as she fumbles with the end of her hoodie. The principal looks at Farah

“My sister’s just really shy” Farah says to the principal as he nods in understanding

He then leads the girls into the school and into the English room. Roshni’s heart begins to quicken as the principal looks towards the class.

“Class, these are our new students, Farah and Roshni Farooqi. Please do the best to make them feel welcome” the principal says before leaving

“why don’t you girls take a seat” the teacher says

Roshni and Farah nod as they walk down the class to see two empty seats beside each other. Roshni sits down and is biting her lip while looking at Farah to see a boy with black hair and tan skin turn around and give her a pen. Farah looks at him surprised before whispering “thanks….”

Roshni turns towards the teacher when a boy with fluffy hair hands her a pen. Roshni looks at him before slowly getting the pen.

“T-T-Thank you” she nervously stutters out

“No problem” the boy whispers before turning back around. She then carries on listening to the teacher

After class, Farah and Roshni were walking down the corridor trying to find their lockers as Roshni hides behind Farah so she wouldn’t grab attention from being the new girl.

“Ah, here’s my locker. And your locker is over there” Farah says as she points towards the opposite direction where the boy who gave Farah a pen looks at them. Farah blushes before looking back at Roshni. Roshni looks at the boy before looking at Farah

“do you like him?” Roshni asks

Farah blushes, confirming Roshni’s assumption

“kind of, but I don’t even know him” Farah says

Roshni was about to speak when she notices a girl with light brown hair coming their way making her quickly hide behind Farah. Farah looks at Roshni confused before turning around.

“This jacket is totally killer. Where did you get it?” The girl asks

“my mom was a buyer from a boutique back home” Farah answers back

The girl smirks

“and you are my new best friend” making Farah smile

“my name is Farah” Farah says

“Aisha” the light brown replies. Aisha then notices someone cowering behind Farah

“and whose this?” Aisha asks. Roshni peeks over Farah’s shoulders

“this is my younger sister Roshni” Farah says. Roshni loops her arms around Farah’s as she looks at her

“H-H-Hi” Roshni stutters as she nervously looks at Aisha. For some abnormal reason, Aisha felt a calm and peaceful aura radiating off from Roshni as Aisha’s eyes soften.

“Hi Roshni” Aisha says

Just then Aisha’s boyfriend Imran comes over and kisses Aisha

“hey beautiful” Imran says. Aisha giggles, before looking back at Farah and Roshni

“so this weekend, there’s a party…” Aisha starts out

“a party?”

“yeah, Friday night, you should come” Imran says

Farah felt Roshni tense as she replies “oh, we can’t, it’s family night on Friday…but thanks for asking”

“we?” Imran asks before he notices Roshni hiding behind Farah. He shrugs it off as he looks at Farah

“you’re sure? Everyone’s going after the game”

“you mean football” Farah asks

“we won national championship last year” Imran gloats

“because of the team captain!” Aisha says and kisses Imran

Roshni stood behind Farah, feeling uncomfortable by the scene

“we practice in a few minutes. If you don’t have anything else to do…” Imran trails off

“well, I was going to…” but Aisha cuts Farah off

“perfect! You’re coming!” So after a few minutes Imran leaves to get ready for football and while Farah and Aisha were talking Roshni sneaks off to her locker

She then sees the fluffy hair guy who gave her his pen earlier and decides to give it back. She walks up to him and taps on his shoulder making him turn around.

“Hey” the guy says. Roshni bit her lip as she hands him his pen

“T-Thank y-you” she whispers

The guy shrugs

“no problem, happy that I helped” he said

Roshni nervously smiles as she notices the guy Farah has a crush on

“Y-You’re the g-guy my s-sister likes” Roshni stutters out

The guy looks at Roshni surprised

“She likes me?” He asks

Roshni nods

Farah’s crush shakes his head

“I’m Asad” he says as he shoves his friend who is intensely staring at Aisha

“And, um, I’m Azhar” Azhar introduces

Roshni looks at the ground

“Roshni” she whispers. Asad, for some apparent reason is able to hear someone’s heart rapidly beating. More precisely Roshni’s heart as he looks at her confused. Roshni notices Asad’s intense staring

“I-I have t-to go. Bye” Roshni says before she runs back to Farah, who was unaware about Roshni’s temporarily disappearance. Farah turns back to Roshni as she smiles

“come on Roshni, we’re going onto the fields” Farah says. Roshni nods and latches onto Farah’s arm as her, Aisha, and Farah went to the field


That concludes part 3!!!! I am really loving writing this fanfiction!!!! I apologize for no roshan scenes again this part but I promise just wait for a few more updates!!! I am taking this story slow and putting pieces together. You’ll soon see roshan scenes!!! Love you all and see you guys in my next part.

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  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    It was really good! But, you know, I am just waiting for Roshan scenes..I am a die hard fan of them..
    Anyways the ff was just superb…waiting for next part eagerly!

    1. Mira106

      Thank you!!! I’m waiting for Roshan scenes too haha!! A little while longer and you’ll see them soon 🙂

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