Gathbandhan 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu becomes his old self

Gathbandhan 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya calls someone and says I am here, thank you for helping me, now I will trap Raghu. She ends the call. Dhanak hides. Maya feels someone there but Dhanak hides.

Dhanak comes to Raghu. Raghu tells Dhanak that he wants to give this property to Maya as it’s her husband’s property, we will earn this again. Dhanak thinks that he is so good, she doesn’t deserve it. She is about to talk to him but Maya comes there. Raghu says I wanted to talk to you, you are Sawla’s wife so you have the right on this property, Maya says I don’t care about this property, he gave this to you so he must have done the right thing, I want you all to stay here. Dhanak says we have to find the killer of Maya’s husband, someone must be behind her too so we can’t leave her in this house till we find her husband’s killer, we don’t want to leave you alone. Raghu says you are right, we will stay here till this matter is solved. Dhanak nods. Maya looks on.

Dhanak tells Raghu that Maya is lying. She killed her husband. Mai and Saku hear it too. Raghu says I will confront her now. Dhanak says we don’t have proofs against her, someone is helping her in all this. We have to trap her. Saku says I have an idea.

Scene 2
Maya says to herself that I trapped that Sawla, married him and then killed him to get this property and now this Dhanak is spoiling my plans, I will put Raghu in jail and will get this wealth. Raghu will get a death sentence and Dhanak will be sad for life.

Saku tells the plan to Raghu. Mai says this is risky. Raghu says please trust me, we have to do this. Mai says I am worried about you. Dhanak says we are all with him, we will fight against Maya.

Raghu dresses like his old goonish self. Mai is tensed. Raghu comes there and says now love drama will start. Mai says you look handsome and my old Raghu. Raghu says don’t worry, our plan is solid. Saku says he will make her believe that he is an old Raghu and loves her. Dhanak tells Mai that you love Maya from your heart and you will know what will work or not, will you help us? Mai smiles and says I am with you, I will do anything to throw that crazy Maya out of the house.
PRECAP- Raghu comes to Maya and whistles. Maya is shocked to see his old avatar. Raghu tells Maya that I married Dhanak but you are my real-life partner, will you become my son halwa. Mai and Dhanak hide and hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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