RadhaKrishn 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Sacrifice

RadhaKrishn 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Satyabhama asks Radha to remove the last thorn from Krishna’s feet. Radha asks Rukmini to remove the thorn instead. Narad asks if she doesn’t want Krishna to clear Krishna’s pain by touching his feet. Radha asks Rukmini again to pull out the thorn. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why is Radha doing this, what is Krishna up to. Jamvati asks Radha if she is feeling ashamed touching Krishna’s feet. Rukmini asks not to tell Radha anything and removing thorn bandages Krishna feet. Radha coughs up blood. Krishna asks if she is fine. She says yes. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that he cannot see his aradhya in pain. Krishna walks to shivling and prays. Narad asks Radha why she did this when she loves Krishna immensely. Radha says she wants to give chance to everyone and wants Rukmini to experience love and peace. Narad says Radha is sacrificing her love for others. Radha goes aside, coughs up blood again, and prays Mahadev to clear Krishna’s pain as a thorn pricked Krishna’s feet and she is feeling same thorn in her throat. Devi Gauri feels bad for Radha and says everyone knows that Radha loves Krishna the most. Mahadev says Radha’s sacrifice cannot be imagined by anyone else.

Narad reminds Krishna its time to leave for yagna. Krishna stands up with great difficulty and his ashthabhariyas/8 wives offer to help him. Narad asks Radha if she will not help Krishna. Radha says no. Ashthabharis say Radha used to worry for Krishna the most but doesn’t want to help him now, doesn’t he love him most. Radha says she wants to pray Mahadev and will join them at yagna venue. Narad praises Radha for sacrificing her love for Rukmini’s sake. Devi Gauri gets angry on Krishna seeing her leaving Radha alone in pain. Mahadev says she is angry on Krishna as she is Krishna’s sister, but Krishna knows how to reward his loved ones and he will be part of it.

Krishna requests Mahadev to give him immense pain. Mahadev obeys him. Krishna gets severe headache. Radha also feels severe headache. Krishna sits down writhing in pain. Ashthabharis worried for him run around to bring vaidya and medicines. Krishna says he needs tulsi leaves. Rukmini rushes back to shiv temple and searches tulsi leaves. Radha notices her and says they had left long ago. Rukmini explains her whole situation. Radha shows her tulsi plant. Rukmini plucks tulsi leaves and rushes to Krishna. Krishna eats leaves and says he is not yet pain-free. Radha reaches there. Krishna thinks he sent Rukmini to call Radha. Radha asks Krishna why he is feeling immense pain as he never fell so ill before. Krishna says if someone among them applies dust of their feet on his forehead, he will get well. Ashthbharis deny saying they want to be his wife for many lives and cannot do this sin. Radha agrees. They ask if she will do such a big sin. Radha says she is ready to bear hell’s punishment if she can clear Krishna’s pain. She applies her feet dust on Krishna’s forehead and he feels instant relief.

Precap: Krishna tells Mahadev that he must be enjoying putting him in trouble. Mahadev says yes. Krishna says now he will watch his leela. Ganesh ji visits Devi Gauri.

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