Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update : Pandit Ramphals Enchanted Itter

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori and Vibhu dancing in Angooris house. Tiwari come and sees them dancing slaps Vibhu how dare you dancing with my wife. Vibhu slaps Tiwari says I have same question for you. Tiwari says its not your wife she is Chhaave and some kind of superstitious power drags me to dance with her. Vibhu asks Angoori do you know how to cook crispy lady finger.

Tiwari, Angoori, Vibhu sitting in Uncle Jholkar house. Uncle eating food sees they them says what are you looking at didn’t you see anyone eating food. Vibhu says we got problem and only you can help us. Uncle says I can do anything to to help you for crispy lady finger. Tiwari asks what is your relation with Chhaave. Uncle says same you and this lady got. Angoori says to Vibhu you told they were brother sister. Uncle says so he is also your brother. Tiwari gets shock and says what is he saying and Tiwari and Vibhu start fighting. Tiwari says can you tell something more about her. Uncle says she was very famous lavni dancer we use to do shows and charge 2000rs for one hour, there was a business man of pune called Rahul Kholkar she was mad in her love. Vibhu says then what happen. Uncle says then Rahul ditched my sister and she jumped in river that time Ganpat saved her. Tiwari asks them what happen. Uncle says then she felt in love Ganpat but he was idiot person I don’t know where he ran away, then Chhaave got mad she started behaving like mentally retarded person and started living with me one time she climb a tree and jumped from there and died Uncle started crying. Tiwari asks then what happen. Uncle says then her soul started roaming to find a body. Vibhu says your sister is in my wife body. Uncle gets happy. Tiwari says your sister soul is in his sister’s body. Vibhu says she is my wife snd they both start fighting. Angoori says shutup stop fighting and says we are in trouble so much please help us. Uncle says only one man nac control my sister, Ganpat only he can control her.

Tiwari and Angoori in bedroom discussing from where they can get Ganpat. Chhaave come and says he is my Ganpat and someone tries to steal him from me I won’t leave them. Angoori says it means you were the Ganpat from that time, I’ll not talk to you and leaves. Chhaave says you are Ganpat and now we will get married. Angoori says this is not good this late night she came to my house and stealing my husband, Angoori knocks on Vibhus door. Vibhu open and says what happen this late night is anything wrong. Angoori says Anu is in my house and trying to steal my husband. Ammaji come on rickshaw and says what happen. Angoori says that Jholkar in Anita’s body is troubling us. Ammaji says to Vibhu come here you unemployed and take this bottle this contains enchanted potion by Pandit Ramphal let Anu smell this. Angoori says to Ammaji come lets go inside. Ammaji says no tonight me and pandit Ramphal will be doing hot hawan and asks Pelu to move. Vibhu asks Angoori what is hot hawan. Angoori blushes and leaves. Vibhu says oh my god and goes inside.

Helan in her house finds bottle of potion says its itter it should smell good and open to apply. Vibhu come what are you doing don’t put on this itter, Ammaji gave me its enchanted itter, Chhaave need to smell this and she will be out of her body. Helan says but who will make her smell. Vibhu says I got connection and I have some people who will do anything for me and they are called suicide bombers and they both leaves. Chhaave listen everything.

TMT sitting together near tea stall. Teeka says I feel like this Jholkar will not let us earn. Tillu says because of her we won’t be able to earn much. Malkhan says she always take bigger ratio of money. Teeka says I think so we have to leave this town because of her. Malkhan says to Teeka what are you saying because of her you will leave this city, but where we will go. Teeka says lets go to Dubai and they three discussing how will they go. Vibhu come and says no need to go Dubai I’m here take this itter and let Anu smell it after smelling Chhaave will come out of her body. Malkhan what’s the guarantee that she will come out. Vibhu says this is enchanted by Pandit Ramphal its sure shot, you three are my suicide bombers make her smell if you fail to do that drink it and die.

Chhaave talking on phone in her house with someone. TMT standing on gate listing to her. Teeka says what is happening Anu is talking in heaven. Malkhan says this is not Anu this is Chhaave. Tillu says this is right time lets make her smell this. Chhaave talking and Malkhan tries to make her smell itter but he run back to Tillu and Teeka. Chhaave hungs up call and sees TMT says where are you hiding come here why are your face pale why did you came here. Tillu says came here to sing we composed a song and TMT start singing. Chhaave says shutup and to Malkhan what are you hiding in your pocket take it out she grabs him with stick ne hand and lift him. Malkhan says I got nothing and takes out handkerchief. Chhaave says so this is your practice. TMT says sorry. Chhaave says I’m Chhaave Jholkar I dont forgive I beat and start slapping them and says go away

Vibhu, Angoori and Tiwari sitting together Vibhuti says we can try one more time but it can only be done by Tiwari because you can go close to her and make my wife free from her.

Chhaave and Tiwari dancing. Tiwari tries to reach Chhaave with hanky. Chhaave grabs his hand and says you trying to scam me

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